KMS v.1.2.152 ~ Golden Temple, Silent Crusade, and Dojo Revamp

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The patch that very recently hit KMST now came to the real server! Golden Temple was added and Silent Crusade/Mu Lung Dojo were revamped. Nothing really changed from the KMST patch, so this is basically rephrasing what I said. Oh and Valentine’s Day events weren’t added yet.

Silent Crusade

Silent Crusade questline now starts at level 75. The whole point of the questline now is to unlock the ability to fight a boss in your chapter to obtain your rewards. The different chapters have different monsters, rewards, and level requirements. You need to do the quests first to get rid of the locks, and afterwards you need to defeat those bosses to advance.

The rewards are:

Chapter 1 (Level 75+):

  • 10 Silent Crusade coins.
  • 10 Justice Coins.
  • Apprentice Hunter Certificate:

[+1 All Stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP]

Chapter 2 (Levels 95+):

  • 15 Silent Crusade coins.
  • 15 Justice coins.
  • Silent Crusade Weapon Scroll (open it to get a 100% scroll that gives the stats of a 60% one).
  • B Ranked Hunter Certificate:

[+2 All Stats, +200 MaxHP/MaxMP]

Chapter 3 (Levels 115+):

  • 20 Silent Crusade coins.
  • 20 Justice coins.
  • Silent Crusade Mystery Mastery Book (random mastery book for your job).
  • A Ranked Hunter Certificate:

[+3 All Stats, +300 MaxHP/MaxMP]

Chapter 4 (Levels 135+):

  • 30 Silent Crusade coins.
  • 30 Justice coins.
  • 80% 2-star Equipment Enhancement Scroll.
  • S Ranked Hunter Certificate:

[+1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +3 All Stats, +400 MaxHP/MaxMP]

The shop was also renewed, easier to access. Also, don’t know if this is new but you can trade the equipment through storage once. The new shop is at the last tab:

Mu Lung Dojo

Mu Lung Dojo was changed once more. There are now 3 different rankings (Normal, Hard, Ranking) and they’re level restricted (90+, 120+, and 130+, respectively).

What sucks is that now it’s not a challenge anymore for lower-leveled people. Normal mode has only 10 stages, Hard has 20, and Ranking has 40. Normal or Hard can be done a total of 3 times a day, Ranking is separate but also up to 3 times a day.

The PQ is now different, you probably have noticed that weird sign (the monster’s drawing has disappeared!). That’s because the monsters summoned, except for the last stage, are random. That does not mean that you’ll need to fight Manon in stage 1, no. It picks a random monster and adjusts its HP/EXP/etc.

The procedure is still the same, there’s a BOSS monster every 5 rounds, and you go to a resting room after those 5 rounds.

Random monsters may also drop belt scrolls, which you can use on your Mu Lung belt.

Last stage, as I previously mentioned, remained the same. Still the ultimate fight against Mu Gong Merit (or whatever his name is)!

I’m stuck in normal mode, so he’s WEAK. Destroyed him in 5 seconds.

I feel so accomplished:

And the rewards… Well, they remained the same for Ranking mode, and there are still those temporary belts, but only one thing was added for Normal mode:

WTNE (What The Noob Equipment)? +2 All Stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF.

Hard mode gets a lot of benefits, though.

After each PQ, you’ll get a grade (SS/S/A/B) based on the points you earned. You can earn points by finishing quickly or getting these bonuses:

You will then get nooby prizes that last for 7 days! Yay! They are:

SS Rank:

Sogong’s Panda Decoration*
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
Number of upgrades available: 0
Required Level: 90
+100 Weapon DEF
+100 Magic DEF
+6 STR
+6 INT
+6 DEX
+6 LUK
[Time limited]
[Time limit cannot be extended]
+1 Weapon ATT
+1 Magic ATT
+200 MaxHP
+50 Charm EXP

S Rank:

Unoolan Panda Decoration*
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
Number of upgrades available: 0
Required Level: 80
+75 Weapon DEF
+75 Magic DEF
+5 STR
+5 INT
+5 DEX
+5 LUK
[Time limited]
[Time limit cannot be extended]
+150 MaxHP
+25 Charm EXP

A Rank:
[3 lulBuffs, +30 ATT/10 speed for 1 hour]
B Rank:
[10 lulPowerElixirs. Do they really have to last for 7 days?]

*Don’t be fooled, those are actually eye accessories.

Golden Temple

Golden Temple was added again, and it is now for levels 115+ (dammit D:).

This is a new, PERMANENT theme dungeon. There are quests and such, and it’s a (supposedly) good training area.

The new area has new exotic monsters (in case you care, the only thing that changed from the KMST patch was Ravana’s HP):

Wild Monkey
Level: 118
HP: 101,000
EXP: 1,884

Mama Monkey
Level: 119
HP: 103,000
EXP: 1,912

White Baby Monkey
Level: 120
HP: 105,000
EXP: 1,940

White Mama Monkey
Level: 121
HP: 107,000
EXP: 1,968

Blue Goblin
Level: 123
HP: 111,000
EXP: 2,024

Red Demon
Level: 124
HP: 113,000
EXP: 2,051

Strong Stone Goblin
Level: 125
HP: 115,000
EXP: 2,078

Mighty Stone Goblin
Level: 126
HP: 118,000
EXP: 2,122

Level: 128
HP: 125,000
EXP: 2,226

Level: 130
HP: 116,798,500
EXP: 186,430

Blue Goblin
Level: 125
HP: 115,000
EXP: 2,078

Red Demon
Level: 125
HP: 115,000
EXP: 2,078

Strong Stone Goblin
Level: 125
HP: 115,000
EXP: 2,078

Intel Captain Monkey
Level: 122
HP: 5,450,000
EXP: 99,800

Level: 130
HP: 516,798,500
EXP: 1,904

To fight Ravana, you need 10 sunbursts and have completed the quest line. Level 130+, 6~8 people, 5 times max per day, 30 minutes cooldown, yadaa yadaa yadaa.

When you complete all the quests, you’ll get this medal:

Investigator of the Golden Temple
Number of upgrades available: 0

Required Level: 120
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
NPC Price: 0 mesos
+350 MaxHP
+350 MaxMP
+100 Accuracy
+100 Avoidability
+5 STR
+5 DEX
+5 INT
+5 LUK
+1 Weapon ATT
+1 Magic ATT
+100 Weapon DEF
+100 Magic DEF
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]

^Along with a Mystery Mastery Book. And when you kill Ravana, it may drop either the old Ravana Helment (+18 all stats, other stuff) or the new one:

Ravana’s Golden Crown

Number of upgrades available: 8

Required Level: 70
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
+12 STR
+12 DEX
+12 INT
+12 LUK
+80 MaxHP
+80 MaxMP
+80 Weapon DEF
+80 Magic DEF
+12 Accuracy
+12 Avoidability
NPC Price: 1 mesos
+40 Charm EXP
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
[Scissors of Karma may be used]

This is way more stylish, so I might have to think hard when I get my helment^^.


I’m just going to list them down…

  • Golden Temple: Ravana Crown always gets a hidden potential, 1.5x EXP coupon when you finish the questline, 2X drop rate of Sunbursts, and you can fight Ravana 6 times a day.
  • Silent Crusade: The Justice Coins rewards were actually a part of the event. Silent Crusade belt/pendant have an Epic hidden potential.
  • Mu Lung Dojo: Belts have Epic potential and FREE justice coins (3 for Normal, 4 4 Hard [cwutididder], 5 for Ranking).

Oh look, it’s another leveling event.

  • 100- -> Level 5 times.
  • Level 100~119 -> Level 4 times.
  • Level 120~134 -> Level 3 times.
  • Level 135~149 -> Level twice.
  • Level 150+ -> Level once.

The rewards are 1 Justice coin and 1 1.5X EXP coupon.

  • 2nd/3rd/4th job advancement: Get 60% weapon scroll (for 1/2-handed weapon for Weapon ATT or 1-handed for M. ATT). Also get a Mystery Mastery Book at 4th job.
  • Justice shop: Equipment have an Epic hidden potential, pet ATT scrolls are sold (you can buy up to 7), 30-day fairy pendant added, and PQ bag was added.
  • 2 coins can be obtained from doing 3 PQ’s/reaching 15th level of Nett’s Pyramid.
  • Lame Hot Time Events:

2/4 -> 2 star Equipment Enhancement Scroll, 2 1.5X EXP coupons.

2/5 -> 2 1.5X Drop coupons, 2 1.5X EXP coupons.

2/11 -> Box that has Android/Android heart (temporary), 2 1.5X EXP coupons.

2/12 -> OMG stop with those… 2 1.5X drop coupons & 2 1.5X EXP coupons.

2/18 -> SP reset scroll, 2 1.5X EXP coupons.

2/19 -> NO. NOOO.

Other Changes

  • Mu Lung’s map changed, Golden Temple is included.

  • Traveling was made easier in Orbis/Eos tower, ropes were added (pointless because…).

  • The rocks now accept mesos to be teleported to any floor in Orbis/Eos tower. 15k… Pretty expensive but better than scrolls!

  • Sell equipment for levels 50~70. About time…

  • New NPC added to Temple of Time. She can teleport you to the three parts of Temple of Time. She also owns a pot shop in Temple of Time.

  • This is like the Aswan NPC, random scrolls/recipes/etc. are sold for 10k here.

You can obtains those^. That includes the White Angelic Blessing recipe :|.

Welp, that’s all for today. I hate Wednesdays, there are always big updates in both GMS and KMS. Speaking of those, so many ridiculous down times -_-. And GMS doesn’t even work for me (client outdated?!).

And I will keep counting down, 3 more days till KMST!


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22 comments on “KMS v.1.2.152 ~ Golden Temple, Silent Crusade, and Dojo Revamp

  1. I know why GMS isn’t working.
    You probably used self-patching, so that maplestory will be v.106, but because the maintance is today and wasn’t 2 days ago, only today maplestory will start work to you.
    its still v.105, not 106.
    The maintance that was, was because of stability issues( Nexon do maintance when they dont need because they found stabilities issues form little holes, and when it needs maintance, because of big stabilities issues/login issues/event issues, Nexon thinking that everything is fine).

    • It’s not up yet :|.
      EDIT: There’s a downtime now!
      EDIT2: YES! IT’S UP! The website at least, the downtime is 09:30 ~ 11:30.
      EDIT3: Okay, over. Now it’s up, yay :).
      Sucks that I have to go in 10 minutes :O.

      • lol, sadly, I dont have KMS account, so i cant even try to enter, but good for you Shakar, and plz post the news from KMST fast πŸ™‚

  2. A part of the skeleton dogs’ foot is covering “KMS”

    just wanted to point out but other than that everything looks good. Love the new theme.

    Although I do miss looking at Hilla to the right of the screen.

    • I actually did that on purpose; the first thing you see in this blog is a post about KMS, because I mostly talk about KMS updates. ‘GMS’ is visible to make the user know that it’s more than just KMS, it’s also GMS.
      Although, now that I think about it, it’s kind of stupid. I might change it.
      As for the background, I’m still wondering what to put :|.

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