GMS v.1.05 ~ New Year Events

I haven’t talked about GMS for a long time, but now KMS is pretty boring so that’s the perfect opportunity. A couple of days ago, I told you about the Lunar New Year events added to KMS. Well, many events were also added to GMS! Let’s go over the events~ ALL THE EVENTS ARE UNTIL JANUARY 31ST UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.

Pink Zakum Raid

Apparently, the OS4 crew created a Pink Zakum to let off stress (?!).

At 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 P.M., you’ll get an invitation above your head.

Obviously, you’ll be sent to a waiting room:

Now just wait till the minute is up and you’ll be sent to fight Pink Zakum!

Pink Zakum was poorly made, you can tell it was rushed. Only the ‘stand’ animation is pink, the rest is the same as the original Zakum.

The damage you deal is always 99,999. The fight is actually pretty challenging, he constantly stuns/darkens you, even 1/1 at some points. If you die, you revive in that map so don’t worry!

Once you’re done, if you successfully defeated the Pink Zakum, you’ll get 1Pink ZakumBox (no space in between) and 1 Teleportation rock.

A box for those who will be remembered as PinkZkum.

Double click it to get your reward. You can either get a Zakum Chair or a Pink Zakum Helmet:

The stats are bad, but I must admit, it’s pretty stylish:

I predict there will be another event like this… Except for BROWN PINK BEAN:

Evolving Ring III

There was Evolving Ring I in Big Bang, Evolving Ring II in Chaos, and now, they’re coming out with a third and better one. Even though the icon is especially purple and pink for Big Bang, they still didn’t change it :|.

To get your Evolving Ring, go to Gaga and click on ‘I want a ring.’ You’ll get a level 0 one, and you’ll have to wait for an hour for it to evolve to level 1. I suggest NOT equipping it, because I heard people having issues because they did so.

After level 1, click on ‘I want to upgrade my ring’ once a day and Gaga will ask you to hold this for an hour:

After one hour, this notification will show up:

And yay you got the potion~

Go back to Gaga and ask him to upgrade your ring.

Every upgrade will boost your ring’s stats by +1 on all stats and +1 Weapon/Magic ATT. There are 10 levels, and therefore the final output is:

That’s actually much better than the Dark Angelic Blessing Ring o_o. On the last two days of the event, ONLY if you upgrade your ring, ANY ring will become tradeable. Start farming rings~

Oh and also, I think it’s a glitch but, after waiting 1 hour, I could upgrade ALL the rings in my account, not just the one that belongs to the character I waited 1 hour to upgrade. That makes the event so much easier^^.

Daily Gear Giveaway

Basically, Gaga will give you a random [cheap] Cash Shop item that you’d never buy even if they were giving away for free, and they are just a waste of inventory space.

New Year’s Gift Box

Copied KMS’s Christmas events… Towns are decorated with Happy New Year monsters. You’ll be able to click on some of them, and if you do, they will drop a New Year’s Gift Box:

And yeah you’ll get something useless. Secret recipes/personality traits/potions/buffs.

Legendary Black Dragon

The black dragon you’ve seen at the top of this post is a part of an event. They spawn in many different maps, and are kind of annoying actually. The quest will want you to kill those big dragons and get their wings.

Collect 50 and click on the light bulb at the side.

The reward is EXP along with a Legendary Black Dragon Gift Box.

The box contains Legend Coins, personality traits potions, and Legendary Black Dragon Ring (+1 All Stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Weapon/Magic DEF, +20 HP/MP, tradeable between your account).

The dragons are level 24 so, ew.


Gaga thinks he’s so good at Rock-Paper-Scissors, but you have to prove him wrong and lower his self-esteem as much as possible.

For the first quest, he’ll ask you to collect 20 Rock/Paper/Scissors cards from any monsters.

Once you’re done, the fights begin! You get to verse Gaga as many times as you want, and although it says you need to do it on 8 different days, Nexon screwed up and you can do it all in one day~

That’s quite a bit of Legend Coins and scrolls (enhancement scrolls, mostly) for defeating Gaga so many times. You’ll also get the Luck Trophy, which I completely disagree with because, in my case, it’s PURE SKILLS.

Can You Resist?

No. I cannot resist. I cannot resist those dumb hold-an-item-for-30-minutes-and-get-a-noob-reward events.

>Get the statue.

>*30 minutes later* Get nooby EXP :/.

2X EXP/Drop Events

And I thought it was shameful of ME to bring people in here by shameless advertising. As usual, GMS held 2X EXP/Drop events.

They already passed, not that it should matter to you because there will probably be another one next week or whenever Nexon messes up.

Well, that’s all for the events, now one more announcement.

On the second week of March, you will not be able to make a new character of those jobs. This will totally fail but whatever. They didn’t exactly specify why on their article, but don’t worry I know exactly why:

Greetings, Maplers!

As you probably have heard from awesome bloggers like shakar96, we are getting prepared for the March update “Union’s Advance.” Now, as you know, we can’t exactly do something exclusive, so we’ll just copypasta information from the KMS source. That means that we’re too lazy to re-design the character creation screen to include Dual Blades, Cannoneers, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers. Therefore, it will be like in KMS, ‘time-limited’ classes! You won’t be able to create them because we don’t know how to add the buttons! Sooo, make your Dual Blades now and buy all the necessary skill books NOW!

The M00ple Team

Want to get ready for the restrictions? Buy Some NX Today!

Don’t worry, nothing will happen to existing characters.

Oh and last thing, KMST related. The signups for the 1st term (of 2012) of KMST are up. Follow these instructions, except the link for this term is Signups end on the 24th so hurry!

Hopefully I’ll get in this time, so I can be the first to test more lame (and repetitive) events!


UPDATE: From the MapleStory website:

Alliance Rising is the Union’s advance patch.

Therefore, the March update is actually the release of Phantom.

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51 comments on “GMS v.1.05 ~ New Year Events

  1. phantom is in march?! AWESOME!! its a few months wait though
    Im kinda sad that they dicide to get rid of the dual blade and the legends classses like kms did
    Moople team…..Moople

      • No shakar,they were cows.
        They mistaked their game “maplestory” for “moople story”
        But you fixed it!! πŸ˜€

      • I’d like to ask you this.

        GMS and KMS are 5 months apart as of now. KMS’s Legend ended on 8/20/2011 (the final update), and ours ended on 1/18/2012 (5 months). Then, KMS had 2 months of nothing (which is the Sports Day) until 10/26/2011 where they had Union’s Advance. So, 10/26 + 5 months=3/26, rounded to the nearest Wednesday, 3/28 (or 3/21), which is in the middle/end of March.

        Like you said, if Union is in March and April and Phantom, which immediately (yes, this is true) follows Union, then how can it come in July? If it does, what will we get in May and June?

        It should be this: Phantom was released on 12/29/2011 in KMS. Add 5 months: May 29, 2012. Round to nearest Wednesday: May 30.

  2. Ohh Shakar i effin love your trolling skills!!! You are totally right about the Moople team, they really suck. Nice work on your blog and keep trolling!!!!

  3. Find it funny they said DBs weren’t going to be time limited and then they come out with this BS. I don’t think the classes have a much of an impact on the server specially when we’re damage oriented. Oh, well.

  4. Lol i didnt know abot evo ring 2 in chaos. lolz. Amyways, Shakar is there a way i can contact u? i have a question that i dont wanna do on here. Thanks!

  5. “Oh and also, I think it’s a glitch but, after waiting 1 hour, I could upgrade ALL the rings in my account, not just the one that belongs to the character I waited 1 hour to upgrade. That makes the event so much easier^^”
    Wait what?!!!

  6. Glitch with the can u resist quest:
    accept quest, and sell trophy. forfit quest (because the trophy is in the shop it wont dissapear). reapet 10 times. accept the 11th trpohy and rebuy your other 10. wait 29-30min. congrats, u just got 11 legend coins (and 10%+ exp)

  7. At least the cashfags will always have Evan and Mechs to bandwagon. Still…Slayer wasn’t much good while it lasted due to all those bugs and glitches, some of which still haven’t been fixed like Fail Meta

  8. they should can the pink zak raid cause mostly everyone is gett xp trats and that is lame. I really want the chair and the help cause they llook cool.

  9. Lol SHAKAR! U made me soooo happy! I was dreading the wait for Phantom! BUT, instead, its in March instead of what I thought (MAY). !!! U a pro? Come to scania… Join GUCCI.

    • lol, i wrote it below, its the Union patch that was after the Demon Slayer patch in KMS, so probably Phantom will be released between the end of April-end of May

      • there is a small Union patch (in GMS its called Alliance Rising), that is the 4th part of Legends Update, that contains Akarium too.
        But the big Union patch is called Union’s Advance, which probably be on the middle of March, when the Dual Blades, Cannoneers, Mercedeses, and Demon Slayers are become Unavilable to create

      • umm, you might be right too, if the 3 Legends refers to 3 parts of that Union’s Advance, then its Union’s Advance, and then, as shakar wrote, Phantom will be released in March! πŸ™‚

      • i think nexon meant cannoneer, mercedes, and demonslayer when they said that thing about the three new legends

      • Nexon didnt told us if they meant to the characters of the Legends Patch, or they meant the 3 parts of Union’s Advance, so we actually dont know what is this patch, Union’s Advance, or the 4th part of the Legends Patch.
        Basically, you can think whatever you want, but we will have to wait and see what is this patch, and can only hope that its Union’s Advance! πŸ™‚

  10. hi shakar
    im a new blogger and im writing about only gMS
    I started today and I would like to use your website as a source of information for gMST as I am not in it

    I loved your maple global interpretation
    And I don’t think phantom is in March
    Phantom comes with the justice patch
    Before we get phantom we have to get the thief pirate revamps

  12. lol, KMST are testing something new:
    Golden Temple
    Just this time, its not time-limited, its a new theme doungon area, with maps that continues after the city.

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