KMS v.1.2.151 ~ Lunar New Year Events

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It’s been a week since my last post, and in that week there was another patch of KMST that added these events. I didn’t feel a need to discuss them since they would eventually come to KMS, and I hate reporting about things I can’t test.

I do realize that the patch was yesterday. However, there were so many down times afterwords that I couldn’t get to test anything out.

Soo, Lunar New Year events! Don’t start arguing with me about Chinese New Years events and such, Korea same some of the same holidays. So I’ll just keep it as Lunar New Year.

Some of the events are the same as last year if you remember. Let’s just cover them again~

Stick Collecting

Cassandra will want you to go around and pick sticks. It works like the archeologist event, pick those up and you’ll get points:

You can get -1~5 points from each. All you need to do is get 200 points and you’ll receive 1 Legend Coin. Or 5,00 for the event card thing.

Defeat the Black Dragon

At XX:05 and XX:35, you will get an invite to be sent to fight the Black Dragon.

^Yeah waiting room.

And five seconds later…

You will then get 2 Justice Coins.

Booh, so creative.

Collect the Ingredients

Oh look, it’s this event again… Kill any monsters your level and get 20 of those ingredients.

Give it back to Cassandra and she’ll make you soup (and you’ll also get 1 Justice Coin, max is 5 per day). The soup has different stats based on your level:

Level 30 and below: +20 Weapon/Magic ATT, +500 HP/MP.
Level 30~70: +20 Weapon/Magic ATT, +1,000 HP/MP.
Level 71: +20 Weapon/Magic ATT, +1,500 HP/MP.

^Lasts for 30 minutes. Wow, HOW original.

New Year Wishlist

Let’s move on to another boring event. Basically talk to the Black Dragon and tell him what he wants. He’ll then let you choose an item from the following:

Choose your desired item and hold this for an hour:

After an hour you’ll get what you wanted. Yay.

New Years Gift Boxes

Meh, just kill monsters around your level and you can get those boxes:

And the rewards are:

  • Justice Coin.
  • Bunny chair.
  • 30-day Money bag mount.
  • Black Dragon Earrings (+1 All Stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots).
  • 70% scroll for Black Dragon Earrings (specific stat).
  • 20% scroll for Black Dragon Earrings (+1 all stats, +1 ATT).
  • Pots.

Hot Times

More Hot Time events… There will be a really lame one on the 21st:

On the 21st, you’ll get a Positive (?) Chaos Scroll. On the 22nd, a 1.5x EXP potion.

On the 28th, the rewards will be the Black Dragon Shoulder (+2 all stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots) and a 3X EXP coupon (for 30 minutes).

The 29th will have the same 3X EXP coupon reward, but in addition to that you’ll receive a 100% potential scroll.

Oh and Ariant’s map changed:

Oh look, Aswan.

That seems to be it, I hate patches that only release events. The events are always so repetitive…


P.S. – I hit level 110 (at Monster Carnival so I missed the level up). After doing a really annoying quest, I got the Roll of the Dice!

I wish they would have distributed 1 SP into it. Oh well, I’ll have to wait till level 111.

P.P.S – I recorded a video of my player at Aswan. However, I’m having some issues with VirtualDub so I can’t upload it yet.

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18 comments on “KMS v.1.2.151 ~ Lunar New Year Events

  1. Those events seem okay. GMS also got some events as (sort of) part of the Lunar New Year. A Pink zakum event with a pink zakum helmet that is nice (but with medicore stats 3/3/3/3) and a pink zakum chair. I click on event that sounds similar to the Christmas event. Plus Evolving Ring III with great stats

    • Here are the quests:
      -> Go to Rien to talk to Lillin.
      -> Go to Ereve to talk to Neinheart.
      -> Go to Ludibrium to talk to some Silent Crusade kid.
      -> Kill 150 Death Teddies. Go back to the kid.
      -> Kill 100 Phantom Watches, 10 Thanatos’s (freaking annoying), and 10 Gatekeepers (keep stunning). The kid again…
      -> Oh my gosh kid I will smack you… He wants you to kill another Thanatos, but a boss one. Annoying as hell, your skills are always locked or low accuracy.

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