Happy New Year & Anniversary!

Today is the first day of 2012! Happy new year everyone! Hope you had/have fun (but stayed safe)~. And see? The world didn’t end, I knew that was all false from the start^^.

January 1st marks another holiday, this blog’s anniversary! Yep, it all started last year, on this same day. It has changed so much :).

In one year, I…

  • Received more than 1,400,000 views.
  • Read more than 3,750 comments.
  • Wrote 96 blog posts (this is the 96th, and NO this wasn’t intentional :D. Pretty cool).
  • Uploaded 27 videos, with 230 subscribers and over 220,000 views.
  • UploadedΒ 7,696 files (mostly images). πŸ™‚

Thank you everyone who’s been following me until now! Today is the beginning of another great year.


P.S. – I uploaded a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel. First one is of my Thunder Breaker:


And my Phantom~

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9du9P5Soe4%5D [youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2UsAXCXHPk%5D

P.P.S. – I updated my Phantom Guide to the latest version of KMS and I also added the storyline. Skill builds will be added soon!

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47 comments on “Happy New Year & Anniversary!

  1. Happy New year and Anniversary to u shakar
    Hope you will have great days ahead
    i will continue to support ur blog πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Blog-day! I originally found you when spadow quit and was looking for a replacement, but your not a replacement! Your an improvement! Keep up teh good work, and I might just give you an orange potion!

  3. congratulations max good job and happy new year! 2nd to set things straight the mayan calander ends on 12/21/12 but that doesn’t mean the world will end it’s just a new age and new calander for the mayans and even if people die the world will not end cause that would mean the planet earth ends meaning it goes bye-bye, vanishes.

  4. sharkar is there any skill for phantom that increases there attack and avoidability but decrease defece kinda like the pirate stile thing for corsair? i’m to lazy to look and it make sence…. idk why it just do

  5. MR.SSS . Shakar have been providing us with Info….


    YOU CAME AND READ THE BLOG YOU DUMB ****. And you laugh after you read and say it is stupid … doesn’t that make you stupid? lol IDIOT MR.SSS

      • Bro shut up you faggot, get a life seriously, who goes on to a blog and then just insults it for no reason o.o obviously someone with way to much time on their hands.
        He isn’t hurting anyone with his blog, he’s doing it for fun, don’t like it? Leave.

        NO LIFE~

      • Heyy you sss umadbro? you just can’t stand shakar having fans or people just saying that max is cool and stuff? I support Max and Shakar but seriously just coming to someone else’s blog and just starting to say **** about their blogs? Go make yourself your own blog and see if it’s nice that people just come and tell you your blog is crap?

  6. Guys, guys:
    Enjoy life, and maple, with our new cool (and hope balanced) Phantom Hero.
    By the way, I got a feeling the Pirate Hero will be something related to Brawlass Punches, cause I don’t see new weapons on files, and we already got 3 Pirate Ranged classes vs 2 Pirate Melee classes. Or either it could be a hybrid ^^.

  7. LOL ! anyway have a look at Mr.SSS he came back and reply. That shows he is a constant visitors here who is get information but failed to share.

    Perhaps he is jealous that he cant even start a blog leave alone recording a video lol !

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