Happy New Year & Anniversary!

Today is the first day of 2012! Happy new year everyone! Hope you had/have fun (but stayed safe)~. And see? The world didn’t end, I knew that was all false from the start^^.

January 1st marks another holiday, this blog’s anniversary! Yep, it all started last year, on this same day. It has changed so much :).

In one year, I…

  • Received more than 1,400,000 views.
  • Read more than 3,750 comments.
  • Wrote 96 blog posts (this is the 96th, and NO this wasn’t intentional :D. Pretty cool).
  • Uploaded 27 videos, with 230 subscribers and over 220,000 views.
  • Uploaded 7,696 files (mostly images). 🙂

Thank you everyone who’s been following me until now! Today is the beginning of another great year.


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