KMS v.1.2.149 ~ Justice Part II

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After numerous re-balancing patches that happened in KMST, our thief hero Phantom is finally released to the test server!

Although most of the data was already in the KMS WZ, the patch was pretty big. It also contained another video, which I will show you below. I won’t start off with the skill changes first, there were no changes from the last KMST patch (except two skills, one was a beginner skill which you shouldn’t care about and one was Phantom Charge, delays were lowered from 690 ms -> 540 ms). Also, Monster Park and PQ’s were revamped, as they were earlier in another KMST patch.

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No point in me going over the class again, so I’ll just redirect you to my Phantom guide (which I’ll update soon with the full storyline).

New Year’s Events

Since New Year’s is coming soon, a couple of events were added. Not too many at all.

First of all, they replaced Santa’s stamps with Black Dragon Orbs:

Trade 100 of those for 1 Justice Coin.

In addition, they replaced Santa’s Magical Box to New Year’s Bag:

Open it and you can get the following:

  • 1 Justice Coin.
  • 1.5X EXP.
  • Black Dragon Badge Box (from which you can get the Black Dragon Badge, shown at the bottom. Stats are random).
  • Elixir of Fortitude (+10% all stats for 2 hours).
  • Warm Abdominal (belt, +2 all stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF. Bonus for Phantoms: +2 Weapon/Magic ATT).
  • Traveling shop (or whatever it’s called).
  • Black Dragon Transformation Potion – Transforms you into:

  • Potions.
  • Personality traits potions.

There will also be a massive amount of 1.5X EXP given. Every 5 levels from level 50 till level 100, you’ll receive a 1.5X EXP buff.

Hot Times

4 Hot Time events will be taking place~, this weekend and next weekend. First off, from every Hot Time event, you have a chance of getting the above rewards^. There’s the Justice Badge (+10 all stats, +10 Weapon/Magic ATT, +125 Weapon/Magic DEF, +10 Speed, +20 Jump), but more importantly, the White Angelic Blessing ring!

Anyway, the first Hot Time Event will take place on December 31st. The rewards are:

You’re 100% guaranteed to get:

  • Raven Persona (+10 all stats, +200 MaxHP/MaxMP, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF. 3rd & 4th job Phantoms also receive an addition +10 DEX/LUK, +30% MaxMP, +5 Weapon ATT).
  • Character Slot Coupon (7 days).
  • Love letter/Justice letter.
  • 20 Justice Coins.
  • 1 Personality trait potion.
  • Level Up Potion.

Second one will be at January 1st:

  • Level 80 cane (88 Weapon ATT, comes with Unique potential).
  • 30-day Fairy Pendant (bonus EXP thing).
  • 1 Personality trait potion.
  • Love letter.

Third one is on January 7th:

  • Mystery Mastery Book (for Phantoms).
  • SP Reset Scroll.
  • 1 Personality trait potion.
  • Love letter.

Final one is on January 8th~

  • 1.5X Drop (1 hour, expires in 3 days).
  • 1.5X EXP (1 hour, expires in 3 days).
  • AP Reset Scroll.
  • 1 Personality trait potion (what’s with those?).
  • Love letter.

2X EXP Events

On Hot Time events, there will be 2x EXP from 1 P.M. – 4 P.M.

Other Changes

  • PQ’s were changed:

Monster Carnival – Level 80+.
Ghost Ship – Level 120~159.
Henesys PQ – Level 50+. New Rewards:

A Rice Cake on Top of My Head
Required Level: 30
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
+1 STR
+1 DEX
+1 LUK
+1 INT
+40 Magic DEF
+40 Weapon DEF
Number of upgrades available: 7
NPC Price: 1 mesos
[Cannot be traded]

Rice Cake Topper
Required Level: 40
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
+70 MaxHP
+50 Weapon DEF
+50 Magic DEF
Number of upgrades available: 7
NPC Price: 1 mesos
+2 STR
+2 DEX
+2 LUK
+2 INT
+40 Charm EXP

Kerning City PQ – Level 50+. New Rewards:

Squishy Shoes
Required Level: 30
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
+1 STR
+1 DEX
+1 LUK
+1 INT
+15 Weapon DEF
+15 Magic DEF
+3 Speed
Number of upgrades available: 5
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
[Scissors of Karma may be used]

Ludibrium PQ – Level 50+.
Ice Knight PQ – Level 50+.
Balrog PQ – Stats changed, all the difficulties were merged, can enter in any channel. Level 45+ and 1~6 people can enter. Shoes and scrolls require less leather.
Monster Park – Levels changed, monster stats changed. Level 60+, and the modes go all the way till level 200.

  • Ludibrium/Sleepywood/Orbis/El Nath/Omega Sector quests were changed.
  • Level Up guide added, the Maple Admin will help you level up.
  • Dungeon Tickets were added for Zakum, Horntail, Pink Bean, Cygnus, and Von Leon. They basically let you bypass the daily limit (up to 5 times per day).
  • Justice Shop was expanded, now you can get a permanent Pink Bean chair!


There will also be a Hot Time event on the 31st… That’s everything for now. I’LL UPDATE THIS POST TOMORROW (like always).


P.S. – My Phantom is currently level 20~ I have to make some changes to the beginning video, so it will be uploaded tomorrow.

P.P.S. – Since I opened over 50 of Santa’s Magic Boxes, I received a Level Up potion and a 100% potential scroll:

I’m now level 109 and 60% πŸ™‚ Almost 110!

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46 comments on “KMS v.1.2.149 ~ Justice Part II

  1. I finally get this video, was kinda confused at first.

    But this is pretty much the return of Phantom.

    The reason Mercedes, and Athena are the only ones that recognizes him is because of they’re long life being elves. Aran losing his memory wouldn’t.

    I believe this has something to do with claiming cygnus as a false empress, or something along those lines.

    Then Phantom shows up comparing the current cygnus to the previous one or something.

    Kinda hard to figure out more from just the video without understand what they’re saying.

    and First…..

  2. It is not Cygnus but Aria on the video. I was confused because of the knights but I am sure I heard the word ‘Aria HwangJe’ – ‘Empress Aria’ in English. I could be wrong, but…

      • (Shake head, and sigh’s…)

        watch the video again, it’s cygnus. Aria only shows up in phantom’s small flash back.

        This is present time, Phantom returning. If it were the past more people would recognize him.

        At the end you see phantom giving cygnus wut Aria wanted to give Phantom at the end of the other video.

        Must have been some type of royal treasure or something. Watch them both together Cygnus hair styles are very different, and the hair pieces they have are different as well. Cygnus have a feature hanging from her hair piece,and Aria having two strings hanging from hers.

      • Oh, my bad, wrong post/video (thought you posted it on the ‘Happy Holidays’ post).
        Yeah you’re right, that’s exactly what happened on this video (the most recent one). You can tell because he’s looking at Cygnus and he sees Aria.

  3. Stupid Question:
    Does the Elven people view the Phantom as a “hottie”? It kinda looked like Athena Pierce (maybe Helena; don’t know) and Mercedes were looking at him like they found their boyfriend (or really dear friend).

  4. You’re so slow getting to 120. Why the hell is it taking you so long? I get that KMS doesn’t have the Haunted Mansion year round, nor CBD, but still I’ve gotten to 120 In 2 weeks, only playing an hour and a half a day, playing “KMS style” (w/o Haunted Mansion mobs, CBD, nor LHC (Since GMS kept the party play)).

    • Well, when u play as Mercedes, in a quest at lv29, she unites with Athena Pierce and she tell her a lot of things, including the fact that she met Aran again, that he lost his memories and somehow he’s fighting for their side. And that was b4 Phantom came back, so it makes sense that she didn’t seem surprise to see Aran there. The weird thing is that Aran didn’t seem surprise after seeing Phantom. (pretty sure he got all of his memories back, though I haven’t played past 3rd job yet) :))

  5. If you were to steal Magic Guard (I’m assuming that you can) would it be better to steal a higher level or a lower level one because having 85% of the damage being taken from your mp if you have a low max mp kinda leaves you potting constantly.

  6. i love how you excited about lv110. it always took me 1-2 weeks to get from lv110-120. yesterday, i whent with my guild to lhc and got from lv110-123…. now im lv135 XD

    • As I previously said, it’s an accomplishment for me because I pretty much quit MapleStory and I never hit 4th job before. For someone who rarely plays and never hit 4th job, getting to 110 is a milestone.

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