KMST v.1.2.414 ~ More Skill Changes

Only one more day till Phantom hits the real server, and so there was another patch in KMST which made changes to Phantom, again.

A little disappointing, I thought it was finally Aswan. Oh well, let’s go to the skill changes~

KMST v.1.2.413 -> KMST v.1.2.414


High Dexterity
New Feature! Also increases your Dodge Rate by 20%.

New Card! Guardian Card: +100% DEF.

Phantom (1st)
Quick Evasion
Dodge Chance Bonus Decreased (30% at max level -> 20% at max level).

Phantom (2nd)
Call of Fate
Required MP Decreased (25 at max level -> 21 at max level).
Amount of Enemies Hit Increased (2 -> 3).

Blank Card
Damage Increased by 20% (140% at max level -> 160% at max level).

Phantom (3rd)
Coat of Arms
Required MP Decreased (35 at max level -> 30 at max level).
Damage Increased (210% at max level -> 225% at max level).

Phantom (4th)
Damage Increased (570% at max level -> 600% at max level).
[Same thing for dummy skill]

Card Tempest
Amount of Enemies Hit Decreased (10 -> 8).

Other Changes

  • Phantom’s mounts were finally added:

^150% speed, 120% jump.

^190% speed, 120% jump.

  • New Cash Shop outfits for Phantom:

  • New Cash Shop effects:

  • New Phantom tutorial-related stuff:

That’s everything for the most part, there were also a couple of new maps added that are related to Phantom’s storyline, Francis the Puppeteer map, for example.

T-1 day till Phantoms, so exciting :).


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46 comments on “KMST v.1.2.414 ~ More Skill Changes

  1. I can see that there were another skill symbol changes. When Phantom will come out on KMS can you plz make a page with skill descriptions like you did with the Legend jobs???

  2. D’aw you took off the useful links?? Was it because you had the mindset of a 14 year old and got ip banned again? lolbutthurtkids.

      • You tell me to shut up when you you’re complaining about being mistreated by rude accusations?

        You went into a thread, tried to challenge the guy who essentially built the website and kindly gave us ton’s of information, and your excuse is “I’m not scared to be obnoxious”? The reason why you were PERMABANNED, thank god mind you, was because you not only did not see you were [b]wrong[/b] but challenged the admin saying you like to troll. What did you expect to accomplish? You thought you were going to replace fiel?

        Let me explained what happened, you challenged someone over petty things, not even related to you, took offense to the specific context of a conversation you weren’t apart of, tried to play hero and ended up wetting yourself. I don’t think there was one person who stood up for you, and it’s because you were in the wrong, and rather apologize, you further escalate it by stating you like competition.

        Based on your actions, and your lack of problem solving ability, that mind you, a monkey can establish touching an electric doorknob twice has consequence, (though you laughably admit to being banned 41 times, which is like touching the same door knob 41 times), so I wouldn’t say the reason was off anymore than fact.

        It’s disgusting you go to a website that has delt with more history and BS only to be challenged by some wannabe spadow, only to advertise his own website showing no consideration, maturity, and frankly any manners what so ever. So please reevaluate your accusations so you look less like a hypocrite.

      • I didn’t try to replace Fiel, I’m too busy with my own life as it is, why the heck would I want to take an extra job?
        I honestly don’t think it’s such a big deal that I got banned, as you stated, I got banned from many sites many times before. I do like to troll, and what I accomplished was self satisfaction.
        And I really never had Southperry under Useful Links, stop BS’ing. I never put it up because I never liked the community in the first place. If it took the admins of that website so long to ban me, it shows that the community is unstable and weak. I also didn’t like the ‘Oh look, let’s all feel inferior to the awesome chinchilla dude because he can code better than us!’
        If you have nothing more to say, just go away. I can see the thread just fine, I’m not IP banned yet.
        This is the last I will talk about this issue, any more comment regarding that will be deleted. I will be available on my E-mail/Basil account/YouTube account/Leafre Account.

      • KHAINIWEST seriously you need to shut up.. im for certain people have better things to do than read a post that wants to make you look like you know how to type..(alot…) so hop of this blog will ya?

    • I lol at you. Looks like you’re more butthurt than him. He’s been banned on several forums. Do you really think he will get upset or butthurt from southperry? Think again.

    • Seriously… Why go out of your way to throw salt on injuries? It’s very clear that this is an issue that (a) has nothing to do with you and (b) doesn’t seem likely that he would want to discuss.

      Rather than trolling him and insulting his intelligence, give him some space and let him do the work that he expressed such pride towards in the first place. Besides, SP has always been a site filled with people of the somewhat rude and “highbrow” persuasion.

  3. Shakar some people just dont understand O_O
    But true fans are here for yoU!! Keep working and dont let these silly things get in your way =D!!! Thanks for Everything you do here we all appreciate it !!

  4. I thought they would be nerfing them, but I guess I’m wrong.

    I really can’t wait for them. Haha. I hope they are as good as they look. ๐Ÿ˜€

    what I wanna know is why did they take so long for the mount to come out. o.o?

    • Ignore him, after some previous events, I find you to be more mature then some other bloggers. I read all the blogs currently running because it a different point of view :D. Also, your blog is great, this guy has a small weaner so he’s angry about it and he decided to insult you to get his anger out.

    Um… Would you understand what would happen if (God please forbid) shakar96 and everyone else decided to not do a KMS blog? Honestly, I can only imagine a fraction, but the result of such an would be:
    – “…Plz c0m3 back and do m0re bl0gging DX…”
    – Everyone that did KMS blogs would shut down the site forever.
    – New Spadow wannabes appear out of nowhere spouting terrible information, claiming that their information is completely accurate.
    I would not understand what you honestly think, but I would probably rant and get eventually banned from the internet from every single person in the world. (exaggeration)
    To shakar96:
    I’m sorry for bringing up the matter, but I feel that this opinion be made widely known-ish. I, do not understand the actual emotions you would feel, but I can imagine what it MIGHT feel.

    • I’d rather have no content than inaccuracies and discrediting situations.

      “- New Spadow wannabes appear out of nowhere spouting terrible information, claiming that their information is completely accurate.” It’s blatantly obvious that this has been going on since the end of his era. Shakar tried to seize the praise of the mourning Spadow followers and took one too many falls.

      • I agree with your comment about the “… no content than inaccuracies and discrediting situations,” but I honestly feel that shakar96 is doing his best to supply content on a level very similar to Spadow, if not the same content. I don’t understand if “…seize the praise of the mourning Spadow followers and took one too many falls” apply to shakar96, but I think that he is trying to help make “the fall of Spadow” not as harsh.
        And would you rather have millions of people annoying the hell out of you as they spout info that completely contradicts to info that you have personally discovered? A few of these many bloggers seem to be taking serious to spreading this information.

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