Happy Holidays!

[This isn’t my picture, credits to the original uploader]

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you…

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hannukkah!

Happy Kwanza!

I don’t know any other holidays, haha.

Also, the KMS website was updated! A new video was added, explaining his past:


UPDATE: Subtitles added! Click on CC (Closed Captioning) to see them!

You can see Phantom, Shinsoo, Aria, and Freud in that video, they’re all related to his past. We can piece together the storyline now (we already know the storyline, but something are clear now). Aria was his lover (“the death of a close friend caused him to choose the path of becoming a hero,” it was her), and the blessing that woke him up was from her (even though she was dead, her spirit was alive).

Aria was like the empress of Ereve, you can tell because in the video she was suspicious of him trying to steal the Treasure of Ereve from her. In the video, she also described a meeting with a Black Mage general, who is obviously General Hilla. We saw that meeting in the storyline. She died, and Phantom goes to Freud to ask to join the heros.

Many years later, SHE was the one who woke Phantom up in Ereve using her blessing of some sort. Phantom is now ready to protect the Maple World again!

Yeah, cool story. Anyway, Phantoms are coming really soon, only 4 more days! So exciting!

Well, enjoy your holidays! Stay safe and have fun!


P.S. – Isn’t it weird that there’s no snow now in Christmas, but we had snow in October?

18 comments on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Yeah the resin there is no snow is cuz there is some build up of cold air in the arctic and it can’t get down
    When it builds up enough
    It will come with vengeance
    I’m in Canada
    We have snow
    Just the temperatures are really off
    It’s 8 C

  2. Shakar96 probably lives in the NorthEast of the US. I live in Massachusetts and it snowed on Halloween and we didn’t have power for a week. Lol.. -.-

  3. Nexon should really make a maplestory anime (another) but with less chibish characters so people would watch it and play the game.
    And merry christmas to you too shakar 😀

  4. So Phantom loses his chance at a happy ending, only to be woken from eternal slumber so that he can run heroic errands for a dead lover who’ll never be able to provide him an ounce of pleasure while still serving as a constant reminder of his greatest failure.

    Sucks to be him.

  5. there is a maplestory anime, but the anime sucks. It needs a Reboot with the 5 heroes of maplestory, Resistance, Cygnus Knights, Dual blade and cannoneer branch

  6. I see, so the story line was the meeting between General Hilla and Empress Aria..
    Well, so from the storyline we can’t actually know how it ended and we aren’t given a hint that Phantom actually fought with the black mage and that Aria woke him up, oh well, they didn’t end the storyline yet..
    Happy Holidays Shakar96!

  7. “Aria is dead. She’s not here anymore. But in my heart, and on my cool airship, her spirit still lives on!”

    *manly tears*

  8. So let me see if I understood. Phantom liked Aria, but Aria died. He was sad, so we talked with someone that he would be a hero. And that someone would help Phantom,right?

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