Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #5

There was a minor patch today that just recently ended, and with that came another entry of Inkwell’s Diary.

Inkwell didn’t leave us with so much information:

모든 것이 베일에 싸인 그녀의 정체는?!

What’s the identity of this mysterious woman??!

But… Where have we seen this woman before?

Is that her? General Hilla from Aswan?

Or maybe I’m completely off and it’s just a random girl from Phantom’s storyline.

Anyhow, we’ll get more information very soon. Those entries are kind of exciting, always so mysterious.


UPDATE: There were a couple of minor patches in KMS. They:

  • ‘Nerf’ed’ Von Leon. The required level for the quest line was lowered and some monsters’ HP was lowered.
  • Normal Attack Speed increased.
  • Reactors can now be used using skills, not just regular attacks:

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37 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #5

  1. Maybe general hilla is phantoms lover o-o and after got frozen she turned evil,
    “Hilla dedicated the entire city to the Black Mage. In return, she received eternal power, youth, and beauty.” she’s probably like 700 years old waiting for phantom 😛

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. got hacked… I tried to go on, but a random page appears that says. Pwned By KiLLerMiNd and KishanPatel. I googled KiLLerMiNd and found out that he is some random Indian hacker…

  3. Hey can racial skills stack like the cannoneer 5% hp/mp 15 all stat and the mercedes 10% exp both on my bucc at the same time? really don’t wanna make a mercedes to 70 just to test, and then turns out i cant ya know

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