Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #4

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We already know what the new job is. We know everything about Phantom, so why do I keep posting about Inkwell’s Diary?

Well, since we know everything, we can pretty much put the pieces together.

12월 9일, 메이플월드의 한줄기 빛이 될 영웅, 팬텀을 보았다!
멋진 외모와 화려한 스타일로 모든 이의 마음을 훔치는 괴도, 팬텀!
12월 29일! 팬텀을 다시 만날 생각을 하니 벌써부터 기대되는걸!

December 9th, a hero is swifting through the light of the Maple World, saw the phantom!
The thief steals everyone’s hearts with his great looks and gorgeous style, the phantom!
December 29th! Phantom, we will meet again. I love surprises!

Okay, let’s review every entry and see what we can make out of each.

Entry #1. Who is this guy?

This NPC looks a lot like him. His name is Sue, and he’s a Brigade General. Where have we heard that name before?

Right, it is Orca’s twin. Seems like it will be in Phantom’s storyline.

Entry #2, thief/pirate revamp.

Entry #3, this is the airship that takes Phantom home.

We understand all the entries now! Yay.

On my thief/pirate revamp post, a lot of you were confused on what the beginner skills were. Well, there they are^; they’re just mounts.

However, from what I heard, thieves and pirates will receive mounts. Could it be possible that those are the mounts they’ll receive? I mean, those would work great as mounts. And, after all, Corsair by definition is a ship (look it up).

Also, I noticed that on my Mercedes guide I made a HUGE mistake. I included everything BUT THE UNICORNS. Yeah, what a fail. The first one is the level 70 unicorn and the second is the level 120 one.

Oh and lastly, PvP was closed. It was announced a little while ago, but I forgot to say so. Nexon already announced a revamp to PvP last summer so it’s obviously for that reason.

Phantom is pretty cool. Here are some videos I found on YouTube, none of them are mine. Credits to the uploaders:

[youtube: [youtube: [youtube:


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37 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #4

  1. Wow, do you know what it means? No more Holy Shield slaves!
    I bet you there won’t be a single Phantom without HS in his arsenal.

  2. How is it that this person “” in the video is using both a crusader and gunslinger skill at the same time?
    Correct me if I am wrong, i’m not sure.

    • Phantom can still use skills even if the adventurer is not in the map (just steal and store in the skill management window). Also the crusader skill, combo attack, is 3rd job skill while the gunslinger skill, rapid fire, is a 4th job skill. He can use one skill from each job level.

    • KMS never made a requirement of Cash Shop Skill Books. Those were made by GMS, no surprise there.

      It would be impossible to answer your question if GMS would have it, but KMS does not have CS Skill Books.

      • Word of advice from a Graphic Designer/Web Developer,
        Your blog has come a long way from when it first started, Shakar; at least aesthetically. There is a one thing you should remove though.

        That snowman at the left side is incredibly distracting when reading your blog. You’re better off not having any background when comes to your blog as it distracts readers from what they actually come to see.

  3. I’m having a really hard time liking this new job. IMO it destroys the party jobs, like, who wants a bishop in their party now? >_> They should limit this skill-steal thing to attack only skills.

    • Ah,but there’s a catch.The phantom can only steal skills upto level 20.Only when phantom reaches 4th job it can get them to level 30.
      Plus you can steal 3 skills from 3rd job.You would be wasting a skill by having hs.

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