Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #3!

Nexon Korea surprised us two days ago with the ‘Justice’ video, now they’re giving us more hint on that new job/whatever will be released this winter.

This is getting exciting! More clues every day~ I’m personally getting really excited every time I see something new on the website or in the WZ, taking one step towards the source of the knowledge I seek.

Anyway, on today’s entry Inkwell included the picture at the top and wrote the following:

2011년 12월 2일, 무심코 올려다본 하늘에 떠있는 의문의 비행선을 보았다.
누가 타고 있을까? 어디를 향해 가는 걸까?

December 2nd, 2011. Involuntarily, I looked up at the sky and saw a mysterious flying ship.
Who’s is that? Where is it going to?

Try to make out what the ship is and how it relates to a new job^^. Try to piece the pieces together…


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72 comments on “Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #3!

  1. reminds me of the cygnus ship o.o it got the timu(i think thats what they are called) feathers and the green and goldish thingys

  2. here ill do for you guys
    the thief hero is coming
    he is in the justice trailer
    it indeed is evan cuz how the shit would freed know there is an update this winter>
    that is probably the thief hero’s ship he takes from where ever to victoria
    the thief hero is most likely a summon type class
    notice how none of the heroes are actual classes
    they have thier own fighting styles
    the person we first saw in inwells diary is infact the same person we see in the justice trailer
    he proably has something to do with being part of the black wings
    he probably is a double agent of sorts
    that is all i know

    • Finaly I have been telling everyone on Basil and youtube that it is Evan not freed cause he is dead and how would he know about a update that is coming now. Ihad the top rated comment on spadow’s YT video for 2 days or so… and I kept getting flamge that it wasn’t Evan.
      Stupid people are stupid

      • Wait what? I thought the person in the vid was freed since he was wearing freed overall o.O
        Dont flame me if im wrong :X

      • I don’t care. I STILL think it’s Freud. Who cares if Freud’s dead or not. He was still featured in the Mercedes trailer (Don’t deny it. The trailer took place during the fight with the Black Mage. Find the FULL trailer. Spadow doesn’t have it). There are things called flashbacks. The person in the video was wearing longer robes than the official design than Evan meaning it is Freud’s overall. And the biggest one is the voice. How in the hell would a young boy get a deep voice? The oldest Evan can be should be around his early to mid teens, but that’s still pretty young to have a deep ass voice.

      • kinda new they were going to make a dual gunner but in this case this class use a magical bow that fire as fast as gun would, so i wouldn’t really call it a rip off, nexon just need to fix some of the class’ skill.

  3. i think that the new hero or what ever will bring with him a whole new place and thats how the ship to that place will look like….and december secon in korea is tomorow isnt it? is that means that tomorow it will be realesd in KMST or something? what do u guys think?

  4. I notice a few similarities between the video character and the new black wings member that looks like Orca. Namely their sharp violet eyes and wavy hair. Mercedes may also have a role to play in this, given she has a history with Orca. Obviously the ship has some sort of relation to the video character based on appearance. When observing the last line of Inkwell’s entry “Where is that ship going to?”, one plausible explanation about bringing the heroes to the present world comes to mind- time travel. Of course, this is just speculation, but it would perfectly justify for the presence of a mysterious-looking vehicle that came out of nowhere. It should also be noted that when the video character’s tarot cards lighted up, they had a similar appearance to the thief-only weapons found in the extractions. So, whether or not cards serve as the main weapon, we can’t rule-out the possibly of the “new hero” being a multi-weapon user, or a jack-of-all-trades if you will. Again, this is speculation, but it’ll be interesting to see how far the outcome deviates from these expactations.

    • Nice speculation, except one thing – the thief only weapons have nothing to do with it. Also, we don’t really know who that Black Wings guy is, I really doubt the thief hero was a part of Black Wings.
      EDIT: Also, the guy in the video looks like he’s a part of the Resistance. Maybe a new Resistance character will be released and the thief hero is pushed for later.

      • Well those are the weapons:

        My current theories: The person in the video is a Resistance member, the guy we saw in the first entry.
        Or maybe he’s the thief hero’s assistant? Maybe the thief hero will not even be released, they added the ID’s ‘for teh lulz’.

      • Could be, whose to say? Except the other video character kind of seemed more like Freud than Evan to me. God knows what they’ll do with those weapons, though.

      • i dduno but I THINK that the thief hero will be working inside the black wings to take em out from the inside…
        just my idea but its possible
        and why would evan be talking to a resistance
        and if it was resistance, why would they add a new ship?
        and new job ideas
        i think the thief only weps have something to do with it cuz they all have golden energy version of them…
        -just sayin-

      • wow man u got a point!!! idk about tha whole “attacking the black wings from inside” but i think u r right about the ship..

        i think that the thief hero was in the black wing but betrayed them.
        and since in the card it has angels, maybe he is in a new orginization called WHITE WINGS!!!!!!
        and i think the multi weapon user is nice….
        i was hoping for chain with blade at the end but i guess this is good too as long is our weapon isnt just cards…

  5. Hmm my theory is that there will be a new place where the Theif hero is, Blackwings went looking for him and found him, Cygnus people exploring find the Theif hero, Theif hero comes to ‘our’ side. Complete guess btw

  6. I think it’s the ship that it’ll take us to new job land… (Like with aran, we have to go to Lith Harbour take the ship towards his land 😛

    • I think they will use the same trailer but with the actual voices
      Cuz if u notice near the end the thief hero says something but we can’t hear it

  7. What if the job is a kinda like a bounty hunter or something like that? (I just related it to the boat.. I know there were cards but who cares, I’d love to see a bounty hunter!)

  8. do you think there is a possibility of the thief hero being a relative/cousin/younger sibling?/romance/ect/ect/etc/ of Cygnus or…………………of Orca/ or another charcter?

  9. Orbis’s Goddess – Minerva Related which was in the picture in the trailer.
    Also in the trailer the Evan was in a ship with the mysterious man.
    Obvisouly new island will be released that will allow us to fly through that ship or that ship is the new island.

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  11. I’m thinking that maybe the ship is some sort of time-traveling ship. In the future Henesys, Someone built it to try to bring back the hereos from the past to stop the Black Mage and Evil Empress. When they got to the past, Aran and Mercedes were already frozen, and {I forgot Evan Heroes Name} was dead. The only hereos left were the thief hereo and Pirate hereo, so they took them. When they found the pirate hereo, he was in a comatose, so that would explain why they wouldn’t be released at the same time. You would start out in a flashback, like all the hereos, and in it, you would go and find the pirate hereo, find he was in a coma, but alive, carry him, and then he would see the ship, and hop in. Then he would wake up and find himself in bed, with some sort of servant dude there, and the servant would be all like, “bad dream” and then thief would be like “ya, a flash back.” The first ten or so levels would take place in the ship, training in artifical training places built with futureistic technology. His home place would be the ship. Then once the pirate hereo wakes from his comatose (when they are released) the Black Mage would be released as an enemy.

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