Inkwell’s Diary – Entry #3!

Nexon Korea surprised us two days ago with the ‘Justice’ video, now they’re giving us more hint on that new job/whatever will be released this winter.

This is getting exciting! More clues every day~ I’m personally getting really excited every time I see something new on the website or in the WZ, taking one step towards the source of the knowledge I seek.

Anyway, on today’s entry Inkwell included the picture at the top and wrote the following:

2011년 12월 2일, 무심코 올려다본 하늘에 떠있는 의문의 비행선을 보았다.
누가 타고 있을까? 어디를 향해 가는 걸까?

December 2nd, 2011. Involuntarily, I looked up at the sky and saw a mysterious flying ship.
Who’s is that? Where is it going to?

Try to make out what the ship is and how it relates to a new job^^. Try to piece the pieces together…


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