GMST v.10 ~ Legends!

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Yesterday, GMST was opened up once again for its testers to test the upcoming update, Legends. Although it’s currently very glitchy (they left almost everything in Korean), everything was already released in 1 patch. That does not mean, however, that it will all be released in 1 patch in GMS.

Anyway, aside from the release of the 3 new classes, there were some other changes. Read on to learn more.

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Cannoneer/Mercedes/Demon Slayers

Those will most likely be released in separate patches, but they’re all out in GMST.

I pretty much explained the classes in my KMS posts (which you can find under ‘Recent updates’ at the right), so there’s nothing to explain here really.

One thing that changed a little bit were the skills. Here are the new skill tables (I fixed them):

[ Cannoneer Skill Table]

[ Mercedes Skill Table]

[ Demon Slayer Skill Table]

The storylines pretty much remained the same, except for some minor changes:

Orca -> Orchid.

Akyrum -> Arkarium.

Oh and Demon Force changed to Demon Fury. Sounds better^^.


If you read my KMS/KMST posts, you know about the Legend festival. For once (get excited), GMS changed it by a little bit.

On the right, you’ll see this thing:

Trophy? Double click it:

I have a feeling this will be a new concept for future events. Basically, those trophies can be obtained if you do event quests. Collect trophies to get Legend Award Coins.

The coins can be traded for pretty much everything that was in KMS’s Legend shop, except instead of having both Randolph and Lucia handling their own shops, they were merged and now only Randolph sells stuff (Lucia, temporarily, can be found in FM and sells stuff for Legend Coins. He shouldn’t be there, though).

There seem like there are tons of other events, but none of them are released in GMST. Seems like you will be loaded with Christmas events, though.

Oh and the Legend ring event and 1+1 event are effective. All the others are not.

Profession Skill/Quests Revamps

This is the SAME EXACT as the KMS revamps. Instead of repeating myself, read about it HERE.

Other Changes

I’ll basically list KMS changes first.

[1st update]

  • Nautilus Harbor was changed. Also, maps’ designs were changed and new maps added.
  • Athena’s house moved, Athena changed to Helena.
  • Golem Temple changed, Flaming Mixed Golems were added.
  • Move Quickly system added.
  • Potions stack up to 300 (Alchemy -> 400/800).
  • Racial skills.
  • I’m not sure if 20% speed was added to everyone.
  • Game option + System option were combined (it’s glitched).
  • FM TV was not added yet, but the data is there.

[2nd part]

Nothing, really.

[3rd part]

  • Legendary potential rank was added.

Now, non-KMS related:

  • When you do quests and an NPC or a map is described, there’s a hyperlink. You can click on them to open the world map and find out where the map/NPC is.

  • We’re getting character slots. You can relax now.

Nothing much to say about GMST, now for KMS:

It’s a preview for the December update, something associated with December 8th, at 11:00 A.M. On that day, we’ll know who the mysterious person in the video is.

I don’t understand why the video is necessary, it explains absolutely nothing. Well, let’s wait till December 8th?


P.S. – How do you like the new theme?

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106 comments on “GMST v.10 ~ Legends!

  1. Am currently at my granddad’s, will probably get home in less than half an hour. I’ll proceed to download it and check them out.

    It’s gonna be SO AWESOME

      • Nexon isn’t going to release all Legend jobs at the same time. They stated that Cannon shooter will be released first, then after some time the other 2 jobs. You could make all 3 of them in Tespia just for testing puposes. Why would they keep reopening Tespia every 2 weeks wiht every new job. THey wouldn’t so they relase them all at the same time in TESPIA. Why do you think that in the teaser trailer it only shows Cannon shooter and not the other 2 ? -,-

  2. -What-
    The Legends Update Contents, which include:

    Demon Slayer
    Legends Shop
    Legends and Holiday Events
    Revamped Profession System
    Updated Equipment Enhancement System
    Revamped Battle Mode

    Pretty clear, all the three classes.

  3. Regarding the video, when the Thief Legend tossed the card to Evan, who are the two people in the picture o__o?

    A translations would be nice :<

  4. wow that is way too fast, the thief/pirate revamp is on the 5th and the new thief on 5 days after that, what are you thinking, nexon? I wont have time to train my sin, bandit, and brawler to level 70 to get mastery books in time……………….

  5. I think the ‘guy in that video’ is actually a girl. I also think that she may be the theif hero and uses cards as weapons. Think about it a theif hero that uses a new weapan ‘ similiar to mercedes, even the trailer is similiar (kind of) with the original evan hero( forgot name) and they talk however this may only be a preview but it kinda makes sense if you think about it. Anyway thats what I think and once again AWESOME post Shakar keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  6. lols “leaf tornado” for that mercedes 3rd job skill. wonder if TCPi (pokemon) will get mad for copying… πŸ˜›

    the updates look pretty awesome though, thanks shakar!!

  7. It’s a preview, not an update. The update will probably hit KMST, not KMS on December 8th since it will be “revealed” on Dec 8th.

    The time frame between now and Dec. 8th is too thin for testing a new job.

  8. I thought the video was a preview for the thief hero and that they’ll have a sneak peak for it on the KMS site. O.O? That person with the cards could be the thief hero. And the other one is Freud! -__-” I don’t believe it’s Evan since the voice is too deep for a young boy.

  9. In the GMST skill table, why are some of the stats messed up? Is it just me? I’m seeing 950% all stats for Maple Warrior, 500% HP increase, and skills with odd %s.

  10. i think one of the guys in the trailer is evan the other is nothing to be interested in, probably some thief telling evan that they are stronger now and can kill him if they want to.

    in short: don’t get your hopes up

    • i thought it looked more like Cygnus. But yeah it could be… though the dude looks a lot like the guy from the journal entry from the black wings…
      Hope we get an interesting story, even if its not a new class.

      • It’s Mercedes and Freed being happily together. Btw, Freed is the original name for him. Freud is just what gMS made for him.

      • the guy who threw the cards….i can make out who he is… didn’t u see his clothes get exposed a little…there white….so its NOT the guy from journal entry anyway they only said its okra (however u spell it) twin brother… and the guy from journal entry looks like okra but its not the justice job or watever but if u want to know whoever he is u should probally look for somebody with those white clothes(its the journal entry guys clothes looks like it but there black) if u do find somebody with those white clothes dont assume its him just look closely at the face to see if his face looks like okras but remember twin brother

        p.s the woman in the card is mercedes dont u see and the other one idk it may be freed or somebody idk

  11. Okay, I’m RETARDED.
    commons[commonsCount] = dir.Name;
    commonVals[commonsCount] = ((WzStringProperty)dir).Value;
    And guess what I forgot to do? Set commonsCount to 0 -_-“.
    Re-extracting, will be up in a sec.

  12. hey am i the only one who doesnt get the free equipment box for cannoners?
    and y did they take away cody T_T
    i was gonna skip 10-30, train to ~50 cody my way to 70, play another ~20 levels, then get to 120.

  13. Shakar, is that chick/guy the new thief? IDK if you have any clue, but maybe that is a new character that uses cards as weapons.

  14. no wonder it took so long to download…they put all of it in!
    Though i have to redowload since at 98% my dad somehow canceled the download T_T

  15. Could you make a post or update on all the working events, or at least in more detail? Any any clue of the events that arent out/working?

    The new theme is nice, but the snow man on the side is really annoying me. Y U NO MOVE MR.SNOWMAN?!?! stop staring at me…..

    • Legit, the events I described are the only ones that work in GMST. Nexon didn’t release any of the other events on that list.
      And I think the snowman is cute :).

  16. Hey Shakar i heard that it was possible to get an android from the legend shop, but in the kms one you didnt really explain what the recipes were. I read somewhere on basil that it WAS possible to buy androids in the legend shop. Can you confirm?

    • I can confirm you that you can indeed get androids from the legend shop i just checked a few moments ago, you can buy either normal androids male or female for 5 coins (coins are easier to get, i expected them to be painful to get) and deluxe androids male or female for 10 coins, they also sell hearth recipes of all kind even gold and crystal hearths.

  17. Demon Fury is lame, sounds like Dragon Fury from both Evans and DKs.

    And omg why did they change Athena to Helena.. that totally messed her character up.

  18. Nice post as always Shakar ^^
    Somehow I’m not THAT excited for Legend Update in GMS, maybe cause I allrdy played all characters in KMS πŸ˜›
    Can’t for more info on Justice though @,@

      • i completely agree
        this a complete fail on nexons part
        either add the event or add it in shops
        i mean mercs get the lv 10 15 20 25 dual xbows and all the magical arrows
        and cannoners dont get anything….

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  21. I cant play because i cant open the launcher, and if I enter for the maplestory page, start the download of the game, sorry for my bad english.

    • 1 – Open Notepad.
      2 – Type the following:

      START MapleStoryT.exe GameLaunching

      3 – Go to File -> Save As.
      4 – Change the ‘Save as type’ to ‘All files’. Navigate to your MapleStoryTespia folder, and save it as:


      Use that file to open Tespia.

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