KMS – Inkwell’s Diary: Entry #2!

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This diary seems to be following the KMS patch pattern; always updating on a THURSDAY. I might as well just not check it till it’s Thursday^^.

Anyway, today’s entry showed a sneak peak on the new Pirate and Thief jobs after the revamp! Still no hints on the Thief Hero and this mysterious dude, maybe next Thursday. Yay~

2011년 11월 23일, 새로 태어난 도적과 해적을 만나다!

이들이 메이플월드에 몰고 올 변화의 돌풍! 벌써부터 기대되는걸!

November 23rd, 2011, met a newly born thief and pirate!
All these changes will make the Maple world a blast! I love surprises!

Those skills look awesome! If you didn’t figure it out, it’s in the order (from left to right, starting from the top) -> Night Lords, Shadowers, Corsairs, and Buccaneers.

I can’t wait till the revamp comes :).


P.S. – The Little Indian Event started in KMS.

P.P.S. – I got a brand new computer 🙂 It’s pretty crappy (slow as heck), but better than having no computer at all.

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58 comments on “KMS – Inkwell’s Diary: Entry #2!

  1. ARE U SERIOUS!!!!

      • i dont understand…
        how is that not the new job?
        there are pictures of skills which i think we all never seen
        and plus the thief picture is holding a star and a dagger 0.o
        i was really hoping to be chain with blade attached to the end like ninja assasin! or the skill chain of hell
        that would be awesome

      • edit: (idk how to edit my post so im posting another one 😦 )
        sry, i didnt read what you wrote. now i understand that its the revamp, not the actual hero. well i stlll have my hopes for the thief hero 😀

  2. Well those skills definately look interesting, but will they allow the pirates to compete with other jobs? Brawlers are close to the bottom, it not at the bottom, of the DPM and i wonder if these skills will help them be at least in the middle.
    ^possibly outdated.
    Would be awsome if they kept making new weapons for new classes, though making a new one for every class would be a little much. Wonder if the theif and pirate heros will have new weapons, or use old ones?
    Though this proves my point that i had. They are choosing which hero class comes next by using victoria. They started at warrior then mage so here was my hypo thesis:
    Perion-Ellinia- Nautilus/(-)Henesys-Kerning-Nautilus or
    Warrior-Mage- Pirate then/or Archer- Theif- Pirate (if it didnt appear before)
    well that was a long post XD

  3. Lol the bucc remind me of naruto rasengan :p.

    About shad all the skills were expected for me.

    The Corsair o.o looks fun , sure i am waiting for the patch to be in tespia after 2 weeks or tho.

  4. looking closely at the picture, the theif has a dagger in the back hand is also throwing a throwing star? sounds interesting…

    • I said that before they even release the full body picture , since they released the revamp picture i was it seems he hold dagger in his other hand , and now here they show the full body pic.

  5. What if its like, a fifth job?!? :O That would be cool! Probably not though, especially for pirates and thieves, pirates came out last. That is neat, although I just made a UA Brawler yesterday, so I kinda don’t want them to change yet. Oh well, it will be 5 months before this comes to gms.

  6. man, maybe its a clue to pirate and thief legends!!! I always wanted to know what were Legends goin to be!
    also, you heard GMS will be hosting a 2x drop/exp all the thanksgiving weekend starting 2morrow?

  7. is that just photo shopped pictures of pirate??? they are really disappointing they make no sence all pictures of pirates are nothing but the octopus skill just in a diffrent form…. X.x please tell me its just a photo shop?

  8. For some reason i think the 5 skills are simple of one skill and the artist want to pick one of them ?
    As example for shadower he is trying to change assaulter and made 5 simples of the new one to pick one , and same goes for bucc.

  9. i dint really think they would change EVERYTHING (but the name). this seems awsom, but i dont know if old school players will like it as much. hopefully they fixe the balance issues and not just make them flashy. NL need a 2nd job mobbing move and Brawlers would benifit from a dmg boost

    • it looks like diffeent versions of the same skill, some octopus attack for corsair, some beam (with a naked dude standing by u?) for bucc, glowing exploding kuni/shuriken for NL, and multi slash n’ dash for Shad

      • the naked dude is there because the artist wanted to see what the skills would look like with and without transformation

  10. From what I can tell:

    NL: they appear to emphasise the use of explosives. The chinese word in the 3rd skill and 5th skill means “explode”. Also, from the 2nd skill, that scroll seems to resemble the DB’s “monster bomb” skill. On the other hand, I feel that the skills are not separate skills and appear to be drafts for a single skill. They all comprise of a single star packed with explosives and thrown at the enemy. My guess is that there should be more to see for the NL for time to come.

    Shad: again, every skill bears a certain resemblance to each other, showing a assaulter/boomerang step-ish attack (perhaps a redesigning of those skills?). Yet, from the last skill, we can also infer that that skill is a re-design of the skill “savage blow”, as that skill still retains the chinese characters from that skill (cut the sky until it bleeds). Also, the 2nd last skill appears to be a continuation of that skill, following up with the chinese word for “kill”.

    Captain/Valkyrie: skills appear to depict a barrage of sorts. Much octopus use here. On the other hand, 2nd last skill resembles one of the mercedes’ skills. My guess here is that it might be based off the design for mercedes, as she bears the most resemblance for what they want to do here.

    Buccanneer/Viper: lazers, simply put. My guess here is that the buccanneer/viper summons a energy entity to help charge up a powerful attack. Of course, from my contextual knowledge, based off Dragon Ball Z and this time, Naruto.

    To conclude, my inference is that these designs merely depict various ideas for skills. This is based off evidence of an underlying, but narrow theme unifying these skills in each design. For further analysis and evaluation, it would be rather silly and myopic to make gameplay so repetitive and simillar. Thus my inference holds in this context.

  11. Wow i meen wow. I honestly never liked thiefs other than hermits but now i think i kno what character will take my last spot. Why is the thief holding a dagger and a claw? and what is in the pirates hand. THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS! nice things get nerfed and we all kno they future.

  12. Nice, I’ve always wanted a thief that attacks with a star (if it does) with out throwing it. (Slashing monsters)
    I really hope it doesn’t throw stars AND use daggers, that would be lame.

  13. Wow, I’ve always thought of Shadowers having a Skill that combines Savage blow and Bstep/Assaulter, might they call it Savage Step? 😛
    And Buccaneers are finally Super Saiyans having real energy attacks instead of the pitifully small sized energy ball 😉

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  15. I think that new dude is a black wings… i mean if you pay close attention to the cape you can see the black wings logo or atleast i think it is o_O

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