KMS – Minor patch, website update, & GMS Cannoneer events

It’s only been two days since the KMS patch and there was already another patch, a minor one. The patch only changed one skill:

Enrage: Damage Bonus Increased (40% at max level -> 60% at max level).

Basically, they restored the damage bonus back to what it was. To some of you, this isn’t so exciting right? Well, there was also something else that was added to KMS, or at least it’s website, that might excite you.

That is the KMS website. Under ‘News’, there’s a new page called Inkwell’s Secret Diary.

All it has inside is one picture, that drawing of some guy which I showed at the top of this post^^.

Who could that be? Well, from the clothes, I know it’s a Black Wings member. He has the same clothes as Orca…

Could this be someone like Demon Slayer (a retired Black Wings general)? Or, perhaps, it’s the thief legend, maybe Nexon can piece together a storyline that would make sense to us.

Or… A new boss? Well, who knows… The only thing that the author of that diary entry (supposedly Inkwell) left was:

2011년 11월 17일, 시크함을 한껏 머금은 의문의 블랙윙을 보았다.
과연, 이번 겨울에 다시 만날 수 있을까?

November 17th, 2011. I saw a Black Wings member today.
Question is, could I meet him again this winter?

This winter? It will come with the thief/pirate revamp? Mystery… The diary will probably be updated frequently, and I’ll be sure to check it (if I can remember) and get more clues.

Anyway, let’s move on to GMS events~ Haven’t talked about those for a while.

Cannoneer Welcome Party

From November 16th till November 30th, there will be a Facebook event in which you will have to refer your friends to ‘Like’ the MapleStory page.

The ultimate goal is to reach over 700,000 likes by November 30th. If that happens, and it will, there will be a 2X EXP and drop event for a total of 8 hours on December 2nd and 3rd.

This doesn’t really have anything to do with Cannoneers… As we already know, Cannoneers will hit GMS on December 7th, long after that 2X event.

Also, if you’re able to get your Cannoneer to level 10 within 2 days (which you can… Also by 2 days I mean by December 9th), receive an exclusive decorative item.

Seeing how they left it like that, without specifying what the item is, don’t have high expectations. You’ll just be disappointed when you find out it’s something lame.

GM Legendary Prep Event

On November 19th and November 20th, GM’s will be popping up in random towns and host some of the good ol’ GM events.

If you don’t know what they are, here’s a list:

Confidence Courses: GMs will be opening special maps where you will run confidence courses. Can you keep up or will you fall behind because you were too tired?

Physical Fitness Drills: GMs will randomly buff players. We expect you take those buffs and go out there and slaughter monsters!

Training Sims: GMs will randomly summon monsters in towns. We don’t necessarily expect you to win these battles, but we do expect you to fight!

Pretty lame.

Oh look, another 2X EXP/Drop event…

Saturday, November 19, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern)
Sunday, November 20, 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific (5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Eastern)

Same dates as the GM event. Your thoughts -> They better not distract me while I’m grinding…

Do you like Thanksgiving? Do you like eating turkeys? Do you like the Macy’s parade?

Who cares? Neither does Nexon. Do you want a gift for the holiday? Well, all you have to do is dedicate every minute of your life from now till November 27th doing surveys.

The surveys can be found in this post, you have to log in and you will get your appropriate link.

After wasting a lot of time on it and raging against the computer, you have the slightest chance of winning one of the following prizes (if you’re just starting now, don’t even bother. You lost):

1st – 375,000 NX
2nd – 150,000 NX
3rd, 4th, 5th – 75,000 NX

Yeah, it’s based on how many surveys you do. Fill out a thousand surveys or more so you can get 350,000 NX… Where on any other survey website you’d get double the amount.

And if you lose, oh, what a waste of time. Could have done the same thing in any other survey website and actually earned something out of it.

That seems about it for GMS, now I’ll go back to KMS (well, KMST) for just one thing.

[This isn’t my video, credit to the uploader]

The Little Indian Event. On my last post, I told you I’ll discuss it when it comes out in KMS.

Well, it didn’t come out to KMS yet but I’ve got better nothing to do anyway.

From what I see (in the data files), it’s a (damn) book event. That might be the first and last book event I’m actually excited for.

Anyway, every 30 minutes when the clock strikes XX:05 or XX:35, you will get a letter above your head that will ask you to come to protect the Little Indian from the tigers, as shown in the video.

It seems to be a pretty long party quest, the tigers seem to be pretty strong. I also heard that it gives great EXP!

The whole point of the PQ is to kill all the tigers to rescue the Little Indian. The amount of kills you have will be shown in that board^.

You have 5 minutes to kill all the tigers in the map. You don’t want to get that^ because it will hypnotize you.

Rescuing the Indian boy, as I previously said, is a part of a book quest. The rewards are actually pretty sweet (don’t have exact amounts but I know the general rewards UPDATE: I’m stupid, looked in the wrong place. Added~):

Rescue the kid x times…

  • 1 time – 30 Power Elixirs.
  • 5 times – 1 Courageous Indian’s Call: For 30 minutes, your Weapon and Magic ATT will increase by 20/30/40 (random buff) & one useless medal above your head.
  • 10 times – 60% Scroll (you select any Weapon/Magic ATT scroll).
  • 15 times – The only reason I love this event, Indian Riding Hog (30 days + another useless medal above your head):

180% speed, 120% jump!

  • 20 times – Incredible Chaos Scroll.
  • 25 timesLittle Indian Boy’s Belt (and another useless medal above your head):

Little Indian Boy’s Belt
[Time limited]
Required Level: 30
Required STR: 0
Required DEX: 0
Required INT: 0
Required LUK: 0
+30 Weapon DEF
+30 Magic DEF
+2 Weapon ATT
+2 Magic ATT
+7 STR
+7 INT
+7 DEX
+7 LUK
+120 MaxHP
+120 MaxMP
Number of upgrades available: 3
NPC Price: 0 mesos
[Cannot sell to NPC’s]
[Can be traded between accounts using a Share Name Tag]
[Cannot be potential’ed]
[Time limit cannot be extended]

Oh and lastly, GMS added a page for the ‘Legends‘ (not ‘Legend’, it’s plural in GMS) update, you can find it HERE.

Yeah, interesting stuff! Seems like it’s going to be another interesting winter!


UPDATE: I forgot the most important detail… The Little Indian event will be going on in KMS from 11/24 till 12/14.

Also, there’s another event that will be added ‘soon’. The name is Winter Only! Snowboarding Event. It will be going on from 12/1/2011 till 1/1/2012. I only know what the rewards are:

^Those will be given, but they’re not new. Another snowboard that will be given (it’s not new either, but it has a new ID/stats) is the good old Maple Snowboard. Its level requirement is 85, has 90 Weapon ATT, 7 slots, and a ‘Normal’ speed.

45 comments on “KMS – Minor patch, website update, & GMS Cannoneer events

  1. Well, at least they restored Enrage, it’s already bad as it is to get it even worse, but still i’d like to send them an email with the reason why i think it should be a switch-like skill, you know their e-mail?

  2. wow the guy in the front may be the new legen i’ve been waiting for like 1/2 year, or its another boss? well only Nexon knows.
    I wont waste the time i can be chattin with my guildies or trainin or meching or even mining doing surveys.
    2day’s the 2X event, and as every 2x event ill be chattin and minin cuz im not good at KSin and you can get banned cuz of it.

  3. i suspect that if that pic is the thief legend that he hid among the black wings for 100 years and i now noticing his freinds are returning

  4. the thief hero is probably hiding among the black wings for the last 100 years and now notices his freinds are alive and goes out to help them.

    • Why do you think that.. there is clear evidence that there is new data for a thief HERO, it’s job ID is Legend… now we get new news about a possible new job.. So a godop asumption is that this is the thief job who’s ID is already in the data

  5. The guy looks like eckhart, maybe it’s his brother.

    Other thoughts: can you please add me as your referrer in a app called “apptrailers”? Its a legit app that let’s you get gift card of your choice over time by watching commercials. My name is Yahboiiii. You get 5 points if you refer me by the way. Thank you if you do it.
    It’s a app in the app store. You won’t get any viruses.

  6. the new thief probably isn’t a legend. The correlation to a legend seems to illogical to believe. I’m betting that this new thief is most likely a resistance thief. Quote me on this one, when I come out correct Shakar.

  7. Lookie here Herp[ies], even Shakar states above that he isn’t sure if it’ll be a new character. He suggests that it might even be a new bosses. Before you tell anyone what to do, check yourself before you wreck yourself BRAAAH!

      • Here is a fine example of how you make yourself look like a complete and utter fool.
        GG, Russell.
        Maybe actually reading what is said is helpful.
        And not acting like a know-it-all prick when you don’t, in fact, know what you’re talking about.

  8. enter inkwell’s secret dairy, there is a new picture and under it is written:
    2011년 11월 23일, 새로 태어난 도적과 해적을 만나다!

    이들이 메이플월드에 몰고 올 변화의 돌풍! 벌써부터 기대되는걸!
    google translate:
    November 23, 2011, a new born meets rogues and pirates!

    All these changes in driving a blast of maple in the world! I love surprises!

    for a short cut:
    just click on the new picture on the left

  9. Shakar on ellin forest there is a sneer peak of the thief and pirate changes
    In the kms talk section
    Just thought u should know if you don’t allready

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  11. Man, if only KMS had a UA exploit right now… enjoy seeing the new class. 😛
    Highly unlikely, but that would be awesome if there was one.

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