GMS Legend Update – Coming December 7th!


Yep! It seems like it’s right around the corner. After reading this article, I am now sure it will hit GMS on December 7th!

No videos were uploaded by Nexon yet. However, the video at the top is the official video for Legend. That’s right, Nexon, from what I heard, partnered with and together they presented this video. This video was not uploaded by me, though. Full credits to XgrantwallsX, owner of, for uploading the video.

Oh and another video I found on the article is that silly class audition. The video of the auditions for Cannoneers is public:


That is also not my video, credit to the original uploaded (I don’t know who he/she is).


P.S. – If you don’t know what Legend is, look on the side. It’s the one with the angel’s wings and 3 new jobs!

23 comments on “GMS Legend Update – Coming December 7th!

    • the cartoon animation is beast.


      Can’t wait until Legend update to make new classes…but then again it’ll be like Big Bang and we’ll have to deal with OP KSers again.

    • Well it says it will “begin” on december 7th, and a 1 big patch wouldn’t begin on a date, it would basically be done for on a date. So probably 3 patches.

  1. I knew it would be out earlier than when these videos came outl in gms there are 2 cannon shooter event quests, and all major events such as gt ended dec 6. Common sense points to that dat3e. L>demon slayers

  2. in the first video, at 0:51 the third one from the left is a dit but what about the 3rd one from the right? in that row of characters none of the job appear twice so the 3rd one from the right can;t be a dit too so what is it?

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