KMS – Pepero Day Events

It’s been pretty boring lately, absolutely no updates or new revamps. New [small] events were added little by little, but I really didn’t think dedicating a post for them was necessary. Nothing better to talk about, though, so I’ll just talk about the new events (and I’m not excited)~

The events that were added are for the Korean day (not even a holiday) Pepero Day, which is basically a day of chocolate sticks (11/11 -> 4 chocolate sticks! This year it will be 6). The events will run from November 10th till November 16th.

This is pretty disappointing so don’t get excited…

Log on everyday and you’ll receive 2 Lover’s Chocolate Sticks and 2 Chocolate Sticks 1-hour 1.5x EXP coupons.

The chocolate stick gives you 11 on all stats & speed for 1 hour.

There will be a Hot Time event on November 12th at 2:30 P.M. The reward from this Hot Time event is a Weekend Special Chocolate Stick Medal.

Why is it called ‘Weekend Special’? On normal days, it adds +2 on all stats, +50 HP/MP, and +1 Weapon/Magic ATT. On weekends, however, you will get additional +4 all stats, +150 HP/MP, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, +30 Accuracy/Avoidability.

The medal only lasts for 60 days. Boo hoo.

This is all for Pepero Day events, really. Lame, I know, let’s move on from lame events to even lamer events (wow, the enthusiasm is killing me)…

Uh basically stay offline to get extra EXP. Your EXP bar will turn yellow whenever you get 30% extra EXP. Hover your mouse over it to see how much time you have of the bonus EXP.

There’s also a maximum of 45 hours of 1.3X EXP of this event. Yeah… Oh and this event is called ‘Maple Returns’… You’re just too much to handle.

Yeah that’s all for this useless update. Sorry, I just can’t stand seeing 10 days of no updates…


UPDATE: There will be a server maintenance which will remove the Sidekick System (it sucked anyway). It will also increase the drop rate of Familiar cards by 10x and Familiar cards of monsters 70+ will be available from monsters.

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12 comments on “KMS – Pepero Day Events

  1. Oh, I feel you Shakar, I know what you’re going through. The wait for the November Update is killing me inside like a parasite.

  2. Well, I remember when it took 6 MONTHS for new updates. Those times were the worst…
    Besides, the wait for Legends in GMS is worse then waiting for the rebalancing in KMS…in my opinion, anyways. Demon Slayer can’t come soon enough!

  3. Hmm Shakar u have any news about thief/pirate revamp
    (im wrried cuz it says EVERYTHING is changing)
    yeh and my main is also a DB and a corsair so i am VERY worried about DB since we were somewhat very op and i dont wanna be xtremely nerfed o.o

    Thanks ❤ 🙂

  4. The sidekick system sucks?
    It was good. Good leech system
    A level 15 could go to mp3/jesters and afk there while a 120 CK or some other high level char killed them. You would get to level 30 in around 5 mins. Then from 30 to 70 in about 1hr?
    That was the reason they removed it. >.>

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