KMS Revamped Classes Poll – Results!

Over the past few days (since October 4th), KMS held a poll on which class you think should be revamped next.

The choices were:

  • Resistance
  • Heroes/Legends
  • Adventurers
  • Cygnus Knights

And the final results:

Out of 183,805 votes:

  1. Adventurers (91,782, 49%)
  2. Heroes/Legends (38,341, 20%)
  3. Resistance (31,450, 17%)
  4. Cygnus (22,232, 12%)

Hurray! That means that we will get the thief/pirate revamp next. Darn it, Cygnus won’t get revamped :(. I don’t know if we will get all those other revamps, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

Oh and there was a patch in KMST, v.1.2.405. Some stuff that changed:

  • New mode for Nett’s Pyramid PQ – Hard mode. It’s for levels 100~119 :).
  • New ‘Boost Up’ event. Create a new character and get a 30-day fairy pendant (that gives you extra EXP, the one that normally lasts for 1 day), get to 50 and get a pair of Boost Up Glasses (level 50, +3 all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, time limited, untradeable but a Share Name Tag can be used to trade within your account), and finally at 70 you’ll get Boost Up Earrings (level 70, +4 all stats, +70 MP/Weapon DEF, 5 slots, untradeable but you can use a Share Name Tag).
  • 3 Boost Up Hot Time events, in KMST it was October 8th, 9th, and 10th at 2:30 PM. The rewards were 10 Sports Coins along with Construction Scroll, which is similar to the Legend Construction Stone. It teleports you to any town you choose.
  • Ellin Forest Explorer medal added (level 105, +4 all stats, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +160 HP/MP, +90 Weapon/Magic DEF, +7 speed, +1 PVP ATT).
  • New ring for what I’m guessing will be another book quest – Epineah’s Ring (level 105, +2 all stats, +50 HP/MP, +45 Weapon/Magic DEF, +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +15 Accuracy/Avoidability, untradeable).


P.S. – Happy Columbus Day (another day off :))

UPDATE: They changed the image now to this:

Hot Time Event on 10/15 and 10/22!

49 comments on “KMS Revamped Classes Poll – Results!

  1. cool, i always wanted pirate revamp but i’m not sure if thief needs revamp they are already OP 0_0
    I think knights of cygnus need more the revamp than adventures. Anyway, i liked the results

    • Are you kidding? Thieves are OP? They’re at the bottom of the dpm chart. The only classes that do less damage are pirates and bishops.

  2. Lol at 1st i saw that picture of mech and i saw revamp… i was like uh oh… then i saw this phew, but i do wish hunter hunter to be stronger, and i want cygnus…. also needs to make db strong >:) i jsut want db to be over powered >:)

    • Seriously DB even more strong? lol…
      And what is the point of revamping KoCs? they are only usefull for one thing that is the 24att buff and to make a UA, nothing else and getting to 120 isn’t that hard.

      • exactly why they need a revamp. because they aren’t used for anything besides mules, so if we revamp them, they’ll be more useful.

      • Yes, they’re only useful for those right now, that’s why they NEED an revamp.

        To make them something else more than “stay rotten after 120”.

    • There was a poll on GMS before the big bang patch. It asked which features do you want in the next update. Every feature that was in KMS big bang was an option. SO MAYBE THEY ARE REVAMPING EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME TO FINALLY BALANCE THE GAME :OOOOO

  3. about yer question up there sharkar …
    i want theif hero or pirate hero to be relesed next but i think that nexon will relese the theif ressistence guy first becouse that would even out the player numbers
    (4 warior 4 mage 4 bowman 4 pirate and 3 theif rite now) and there is a possabilaty that there will be no players besides that cuz the explorers (db cs) are pirate and theif so nexon may just not have rest of heros come back or more seprate explorers

  4. why so late .. there are multiple other blogs, like Max’s blog, informing people about this way earlier … this is what kind of annoys me .. you are always a little bit late .. NO OFFENCE AT ALL MAN, I mean.. I’m not creating blogs so I’m happy that you do it, seriously, that is why I check on you 😉

      • He probably thinks your late because max posted this when the poll was still going on. But sometimes you are a little late, but still a good blog.

      • What I mean is .. you are late telling us about the poll. Not saying that you are late with the result.. But man, don’t take it seriously, I’m sure you have other things on your mind, and that is a good thing

  5. shakar i have a question, how does the dominator pendant work? what are its clean stats? how much does each “twisted piece” add? how many slots including hammers? im very confused on this matter. i need to know precise information. thanks buddy!

    • i think they should add second element cygnessers {some of my ideas: frost mage, earth warior,toxic bandit, eco archer, aqua shooter,}
      revamping the old ones too.
      nexon also needs to revamp wild hunters after jump there strong points did not compair to the explorer hunters and marksmen and after gms jump 73% of there attacks have a 5% chance of crashing the game when used 😦 . and meh pirate nearly unplayable now cuz everyone elce is more powerfull DX

  6. Wow flaming and trolling all over Shakar’s blog. Anyways pirates and thieves don’t really need a revamp. I mean maybe Nightlords and Buccaneers but only a little. Corsairs and Shadowers should be nerfed if anything. I’d be happy if they just reduced the points needed to max everything in my Marksman job. Combine Spirit Link with Marksmanship plox for both Marksman and Bow Master. Then combine Evasion Boost and Elite Puppet. Even if you made the new combined skills take 30 SP to max that’d still save us 25 SP. Thanks ahead of time Nexon! Lol..

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