KMS v.1.2.142 ~ Sea of Fog & Nett’s Pyramid Revamp

This was originally the post for KMST v.1.2.403, but as I explained in my previous post, I wasn’t able to talk about it. There was also a patch yesterday in KMST, v.1.2.404.

Today, however, came the patch that revamped Sea of Fog and Nett’s Pyramid. I got to level 120 on my Demon Slayer in KMST especially for these PQ’s πŸ˜€

Anyway, I’ll be describing the changes made to these PQ’s. There are also new events I want to talk about.

Nett’s Pyramid

^In KMST and in KMST ONLY it was 4 modes: Easy (Level 30~49), Normal (Level 50~69), Hard (Level 70~89), Hell (Level 90~119), and Chaos (Level 120+).

HOWEVER, they changed it by now:

Nett’s Pyramid is now divided into 1 mode only, for levels 60~89. Because of that, I didn’t get to try it out (nobody wants to PQ).

Also, this PQ has party bonus EXP!

Anyway, the PQ’s system was totally changed! It’s a bit different from what it was in KMST, though.

There are 4 platforms with a portal on the right from which monsters come out.

Your goal is to kill all the monsters before they reach the left side and hit the obelisk:

There will be 20 rounds of monsters, or 20 waves. Every time a monster reaches the obelisk it loses 1 life. Once it’s down to 0, you’re dead.

The score is for you to buy buffs. Well, not really buffs since they are used to attack monsters and such (for example, the last one kills the 20 monsters closest to the obelisk).

When you finish you’ll get a certain amount of Nett’s Emblems. They can be traded for new rewards (level 80+):

Immortal Pharaoh’s Belt: (200 Nett’s Emeralds) +1 Weapon ATT, +2 Magic ATT, +55 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots. Karma’able.
Immortal Pharaoh’s Shoes: (250 Nett’s Emeralds) +2 All Stats, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed/Jump, 5 slots.
Immortal Pharaoh’s Ring: (300 Nett’s Emeralds) +2 All Stats, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP. Lasts for 7 days only.

And guess what? They come in a set called the Immortal Pharaoh Set:

For equipping 2 items: +3 All Stats, +120 Accuracy/Avoidability.

For equipping 3 items: +5 Weapon/Magic ATT, +5 All Stats, +200 Weapon/Magic DEF.

What sucks about the new PQ is that it can only be done 5 times a day. And what sucks even more is that you need to be in a party of 4. Yay 😦

Oh and again, the monsters’ stats depend on your party’s level average… These are the default stats (if your party’s level average is 30… Which it can’t be but whatever):

Level: 30
HP: 100
EXP: 6

Pyramid Skeleton
Level: 30
HP: 150
EXP: 7

Giant Scorpion
Level: 30
HP: 1,050
EXP: 13

Level: 30
HP: 900
EXP: 12

Mummy Priest
Level: 30
HP: 4,200
EXP: 35

Pharaoh Yeti
Level: 30
HP: 15,000
EXP: 110

Level: 30
HP: 1,400
EXP: 16

Pyramid Skeleton Commander
Level: 30
HP: 2,000
EXP: 20

Pharaoh Snake
Level: 30
HP: 2,750
EXP: 25

Pharaoh Mummy
Level: 30
HP: 672,000
EXP: 4,668

Yes, they removed the Giant Skeledog and Giant Mummydog.

Sea of Fog

The PQ is the same exact thing as it used to be. Only differences:

  • It’s for levels 90~150 now, and the monster’s level depend on the party’s level average.
  • New UI… Pretty straight forward:

  • New rewards (for level 105, come with a hidden potential):

Navy Captain’s Gloves – +1 Weapon/Magic ATT, +6 All Stats, +25 MaxHP, +45 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots.

Navy Captain’s Cloak – +4 All Stats, +80 MaxHP/MaxMP, +45 Weapon/Magic DEF, 7 slots.

Must I really say that they’re a part of the Navy Captain Set?

For equipping 2 items: +5 Weapon/Magic ATT, +75 MaxHP/MaxMP, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF.

The way you get them is using 100 Cape Pieces (for each):

^On the right are the cape pieces. When you win, you get 2. Lose and get 1 :O. You also have a chance of getting that cape.

  • Monsters will change according to the party’s average.

Other Changes

^Maple Admin. About time they changed her πŸ™‚

^Shops can now hold 6 people. Also notice the glove with the hidden potential, right now it’s glitched in KMST.

^New button was added. What is it for? Well, it’s for a new system called Event Cards:

Complete as many events as possible to get a card to add to your collection. When you hit a card with a reward in it, you’ll get that reward.

And lastly, Owl of Minerva lets you teleport to any place in FM even if it’s not in your channel.

Alright cool, now for events!


Golden Pig Dream

Uh, this is another one of those bosses that spawn at a certain time in many maps.

The golden pig will spawn at 8-10 PM on weekdays and 1-4 PM on weekends.

It will drop a box:

And you can get:

  • Golden Pig Belt:

+2 All Stats, +250 MaxHP/MaxMP, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots. Obtaining this belt will add an Event Card.

  • Golden Pig Scrolls:

25% Belt for Weapon/Magic ATT – +1 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT (50% chance to destroy the item).
60% Belt for Weapon/Magic ATT – +1 Weapon/Magic ATT (50% chance to destroy the item).
30% Belt for a specific stat – +4 of that stat (25% chance to destroy the item).
Enhancement Scroll, 100% Potential Scroll.
50% working Vicious Hammer.
Golden Belt Chaos Scroll 60%.

Growing Garlic

Basically all you have to do is get 30 garlics from monsters:

Now give it to him:

Just kidding… Just click on the event quest thingy and you might get:

  • One of the following coins (RARE):

NPC them for:

Wonkey Coin: 30,000,000 mesos.
Cassandra Coin: 50,000,000 mesos.
Gaga Coin: 100,000,000 mesos.
Inkwell Coin: 200,000,000 mesos.

  • Now, 100% you’ll get buffs:

And you’ll also get a 2x EXP coupon.

Next event for this garlic business:

Hold this thing for 1 hour. Rewards:

September 30th: Miraculous Chaos Scroll.
October 1st: Lucky Day Scroll – Increases the success rate of the next scroll you use by 10%.
October 2nd: 2 Star Equipment Enhancement Scroll – 80% to bring the item to 2 stars of enhancement.
October 3rd: Clean Slate Scroll 20%.
October 4th: Miraculous Chaos Scroll.


^First part of it, you get weapon boxes and other rewards for reaching certain levels.

^Second part – You have to hold on to these bananas for 30 minutes and you’ll get a buff:

Other Events

This isn’t out in KMS yet but it will be soon enough. Basically you’ll get a letter above your head at certain times and you’ll be sent to fight this monster.

Nothing special, really. Just that there will be a big celebration:

^[Click to enlarge]

There are other events in KMST whose theme is sports… I’ll talk about it when it comes to KMS.

Oh and I never got to talk about this event, the 8 days of presents event:

You basically have to log on to get free NX items (that last for 7 days).

You will get one 7-day Pedoshop on September 21st and September 28th, 5 Owls of Minerva on September 22nd, 24th, and 26th, and 5 Safety Charms on September 23rd, 25th, and 27th.

Well, that’s everything for today. I’ll try to upload videos of all the revamped PQ’s, if I find people to PQ with +_+.


P.S. – To all Jewish people out there, happy Rosh Hashana! If you’re not Jewish, well, enjoy your long weekend!

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25 comments on “KMS v.1.2.142 ~ Sea of Fog & Nett’s Pyramid Revamp

  1. hi shakar can u explain more about the new kms potential system/make a guide ?

    cuz u know the new legendary potential system is coming to GMS soon

  2. “Nett’s Pyramid

    ^In KMST and in KMST ONLY it was 4 modes: Easy (Level 30~49), Normal (Level 50~69), Hard (Level 70~89), Hell (Level 90~119), and Chaos (Level 120+).

    HOWEVER, they changed it by now:”
    5 modes…

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