KMS – Autumn Emerged Sweetheart Event

ABSOLUTELY NO UPDATES IN KMS/GMS. It’s killing me… Only yesterday a new event emerged in KMS, Autumn Emerged Sweetheart Event.

Just to show you how desperate I am for topics to blog about, I’ll be blogging about two events whose types are the ones I hate most.

First Love is for Everyone!

Well actually, this quest is not new. It was added to KMST a while back but there were no rewards aside from EXP.

Anyway, guess what type of event it is?

YES, ANOTHER BOOK EVENT. The book is not visible in-game but you get the quest and rewards every day.

Talk to Cassandra and collect 20 of these everyday:

A picture of her lost love, LOL. Now rewards:

  • 1 Day: Useless medal above your head (첫사랑을 찾습니다, I found my first love):

  • 2 Days: 20 Power Elixirs.
  • 3 Days: 60% Accessory scroll for a specific stat (STR/DEX/INT/LUK).
  • 4 Days: 15% Accessory for Weapon/Magic ATT.
  • 5 Days: 2 more of those^.
  • 6 Days: Chaos Scroll.
  • 7 Days: Exciting First Love:

[Face Accessory] +3 STR/DEX/INT/LUK, +50 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots. Permanent + can be transferred via storage if you use a Share Name Tag (kind of like Scissors of Karma that was added during the 3rd update of Jump!).

  • 8 Days: Pink Bean chair. LASTS FOR 30 DAYS :(.

Yep, sucks. I might actually get the Pink Bean chair… Probably not… No patience to get 60 items from monsters every single day for a temporary chair.

Love Tracer for Cassandra

Gaga will give you another quest, and guess what it is?

And guess how long you have to hold it? Huh? Take a WILD guess?

30 minutes! How did you know?

Oh and the reward! Take another CRAZY guess what it might be.


For levels 30 and below: +20 ATT, +500 HP, +10 Speed.

For levels 31~70: +30 ATT, +1,000 HP, +10 Speed.

For levels 71 and above: +40 ATT, +1,500 HP, +10 Speed.

Summary: More trite events + temporary Pink Bean chair.


Well, hopefully GMST will come really soon to test out Ascension. Until then, just know that there is nothing new in neither KMS or GMS.


P.S. – I was so bored that I played GMS a couple of days ago. I didn’t log on for a while so I got a Vicious Hammer from the log out event. I’ll give it away to anybody who claims it (in Broa. Also, since I can’t transfer it, you’ll need to trust me with the item you want to hammer).

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52 comments on “KMS – Autumn Emerged Sweetheart Event

  1. My hammer.
    Gift to Lmmarawr.
    I have no past experiences with nx, so if you need my user ID its removed
    Dont ask. thtats when i was young.
    Still no thief reconstructing.

  2. lol, I’d take the hammer usage xP but I’m not a big scroller, I’d probably waste the slot on a 100% scroll or something xD
    So I probably wouldn’t be a good choice xP

    Anyways yeah, things have been too quiet lately >< and it's gonna be a good week or so til anything good happens in GMS Dx

  3. The 30-minute buffs aren’t actually that bad. 40 weapon attack? Cmon! That’s actually worth it.

    Also I have enough proof that Ascension is on the 28/29th of Sept. Then you’ll have stuff to blog about.

    • Btw, my Ign is BeanieBenjiC in Broa.
      And…Anyone have suggestions on what I should hammer? o.o I didn’t even finish scrolling my staff yet =P

  4. That face accessory seems useful if you’re too lazy to make one :D.

    May I ask what level you have to be for the event? And why would you have to store it, unless you can’t do it on more than one character?

    Wonder if gMS will get it with Ascension (don’t think so), since it will still be Autumn by the time it comes :/.

  5. @NyceMan

    random lettter from nexon that i got a few months back that stated the next 7 players they would make and somthing about tespia not being available. cannon shooter mercedes and demon slayer were also on it.

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