MapleStory Ascension – GMS Jump!

[Credits to XgrantwallX of Broa, owner of MapleTimes for the image. This image is NOT official.]

Wow! After a while of no updates in neither KMS nor GMS, there’s finally something big on the horizon!

I’m going to repeat myself again and say that the image above is NOT the official image for GMS’ Jump! update. Well, we might want to get used to calling it Ascension…

Hold on, what are you talking about?

I guess you weren’t around for a while or just didn’t read about KMS at all…

Jump!, which will be Ascension in GMS, is a 3-part revamp that will rebalance warriors, magicians, and archers.

I talked about Jump! here, and I talked about all its parts as they were released.

In addition, you can check out the skill changes page for specific info on the changes. Only the changes that were made to warriors, magicians, and archers will be introduced in this patch.

Aside from skill changes, there are other changes that people rant about. One of them is the removal of additional EXP for being in a party at LHC/Future Henesys. No worries though, Monster Park is just as good.

Speaking of Monster Park, I need to upload some videos… Err, might actually wait till it’s out in GMST or something.

WOAH ZOMG YES MY F/P WILL BE #1 HAHA SUCKERS COME SU… Wait, how do you know that Jump! is soon and will be called Ascension? That image is FAKE!

I actually had doubts about this as well. ‘Ascension,’ weird.

However, it seems like Jump! will be indeed called Ascension. Nexon said that Ascension sales will be added during the maintenance on their maintenance update notes. So yeah, it seems like it’s coming soon.

Since Jump!… Err Ascension is coming within the next few patches, that means that your Christmas gifts may include Cannon Shooters, Mercedes, and Demon Slayers!

Well, prepare for Ascension! BUY SOME NX TODAY (yeah… no). No really, Karma Koins Cards were made especially for you to avoid the embarrassment of buying NX. Right now is the best time because there’s an EXCLUSIVE sale on hair/face coupon that NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE NOR WILL IT COME AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.

Oh and I forgot to mention, Zenith, Arcania, and El Nido will now have MTS. Yay πŸ˜‰

And I know I was joking around about the Cash Shop events. It’s unfortunate to say that all the events that came to GMS lately were Cash Shop related, but no worries! Ascension will bring all the events from KMS to GMS.

That includes all the damn book, 30-minute item holding, and useless medal above your head events. Hooray.

If those events will actually come to GMS, yay for you. But trust me, you’ll get sick of them pretty quickly.


UPDATE: It’s official:

From the ashes of Chaos comes Ascension! Yep, Ascension = Jump!.

UPDATE: More info on Ascension. It will be different from Jump!:
– It will come in one update.
– Party zones (i.e. LHC, Future Henesys) will still give additional EXP for parties.
– Weddings are now easier to do, the quests are easier. Also, the old 30/100-Days Vows Wedding event is now a new feature for married couples (not an event).

This info was found on a recent Dev Blog.

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59 comments on “MapleStory Ascension – GMS Jump!

  1. After a while of no updates in either KMS or GMS, there’s finally something big on the horizon!*
    After a while of updates in neither KMS nor GMS, there’s finally something big on the horizon!*

    Sorry, but double negatives annoy the heck out of me.

  2. ASCENSION?! That name sounds like ASS!!!! In fact I’m just gonna call it ASSension.
    Hmmmm… I wonder when EMS in getting Assension….

  3. finally… Finally… FINALLY!! πŸ˜€

    *anxious mage that have been waiting forever for this* ^3^

    this is gonna be awesome and amazing, i really hope the book event includes maple warrior books! i know its a long shot but meh… one could only hope :S

  4. huray jump!

    i’ve been waiting for jump before i train up a spearsman cuz from past experience i no that
    adventurers are a pain in the **** to train now that bb is out and they are being sooooooo left behind.

  5. Ascension >> ascend >> jump! πŸ˜€

    @ the post above, the Ascension sale (all of which expires in a week) consists of:

    1. Miracle Cube (11) – 8,400 NX (Reg. 12,000 NX)
    2. Premium Miracle Cube – 2,500 NX (Reg. 3,100 NX)
    3. Scissors of Karma – 2,100 NX (Reg. 3,000 NX)
    4. Platinum Scissors of Karma – 2,800 NX (Reg. 4,000 NX)
    5. Pam’s Song – 10,200 NX (Reg. 14,500 NX)
    6. Item Megaphone (11) – 7,800 NX (Reg. 13,000 NX)
    7. Shielding Ward – 9,000 NX (Reg. 11,900 NX)

  6. @Skeletor303
    It’s the same pic that was used for KMS’s Jump Update.. Just with english translations. We will not be getting Thief/Pirate Updates during this patch.

    That’s the Legend Update.. Probably to arrive sometime around Christmas.

  7. we may be getting thief and pirate updates similar to how we got a extra update in chaos

    i doubt it but you never know with gms lol

    legend update =3 really wanna play a Mercedes =3 who my guess is will come with the event ware they remove all the Christmas stuff cannon shooter will come when they add it and demon slayer will probably come in a similarly time compared to Mercedes as mechanic to battle mage

    cannon shooter COOL!
    Mercedes AWESOME!
    demon slayer … hm… cool i guess, but i am not that interested they sound kinda boring

    does anyone elce feal this way?




  8. awesome that means if they keep there promises (witch they don’t cuz they promised that they would be completely caught up with Korea by January 2011 and they had not even finished with big bang then and Korea had done chaos already but oh well) we should be getting the first (at least) part of legend by Christmas (unless they do legend in one update to in witch case i don’t know)

    p.s. has anyone else noticed that sharkar isn’t commenting on this post much?

  9. Well a bit late, but it was obvious Ascension was GMS’ version of KMS’ Jump update as the Ascension Sale graphic on the log in was no other than Mary the Ticket Maker from Monster Park.

    Nice of the DEV Log to be informative for once! Party Bonus retained due to the community’s complaints eh?…. Well what about those CWKPQ and HT Complaints? =P

  10. “Aside from skill changes, there are other changes that people rant about. One of them is the removal of additional EXP for being in a party at LHC/Future Henesys. No worries though, Monster Park is just as good.”

    I hate to say it, but you got this part wrong.

    According to the website, specifically , GMS will still have the bonuses for LHC and stuffs, PLUS those in Monster Park.

    Just pointing it out for those who are angry. πŸ˜›

  11. hmmmm a lot of mean ppl here shakar is doing a great job and ppl just acuse him of things….

    shakar haters will hate
    trolls will troll
    Just give them a big HUG

    OT: i love this!!!

  12. oh so thats lhc when i trained my level 120+ guys well… 90% of them were from before big bang so it probly didn’t exist then



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