KMS v.1.2.400 ~ Dojo & Monster Carnival Revamp

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Description: Both Cannon Shooter and Demon Slayer like Mercedes, but Mercedes likes Demon Slayer more. Cannon Shooter is heartbroken :D. Lively Mercedes + Depressed Demon Slayer, ‘opposites attract.’

There was finally a patch in KMS and the recent revamps we discussed, Mu Lung Dojo and Monster Carnival, were released!

Actually, they made some major changes to Mu Lung Dojo since it was released in KMST, the different modes are actually different now.

Mu Lung Dojo

I’m going to steal most of the info from my other post.

You can only dojo 3 times a day and you have to be level 90+. There are 4 modes; Easy, Medium, Hard, and Ranking. Ranking is the hardest one and it’s for people who want to be on the ranking, the top 50 people.

The ranking is based on time, how quickly you finish it. Instead of the normal dojo countdown, there’s a timer and the countdown is the green bar:

You have 10 minutes for each round… The people on the top 50 will get special rewards. The ranking resets every week and the rewards last for 1 day. If you stay on the top 50 you might get to keep them! The rewards are:

^Top 1Hero’s Gloves: +30 All stats, +20 Weapon/Magic ATT, +250 Weapon/Magic DEF, +200 Accuracy/Avoidability.

^Top 2~10Mu Lung’s Gloves: +25 All stats, +15 Weapon/Magic ATT, +200 Weapon/Magic DEF.

^Top 11~50So Gong’s Gloves: +20 All stats, +10 Weapon/Magic ATT, +150 Weapon/Magic DEF.

As you know, there are 5 rounds before you hit a resting room. Every time you hit that 5th round, the boss will be called a ‘BOSS’:

The boss will drop a certain amount of Mu Lung Tokens:

The tokens can be exchanged for one of the new belts!

Yellow Belt – +6 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +60 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots. 50 Tokens.

Blue Belt – +8 All Stats, +3 Weapon/Magic ATT, +90 Weapon/Magic DEF, 3 slots. 100 Tokens.

Red Belt – +10 All Stats, +4 Weapon/Magic ATT, +120 Weapon/Magic DEF, +100 MaxHP/MaxMP, 3 slots. 200 Tokens.

Black Belt – +13 All Stats, +6 Weapon/Magic ATT, +180 Weapon/Magic DEF, +150 MaxHP/MaxMP, 4 slots. 250 Tokens.

They each come with a hidden potential and they all last for only a week. You cannot obtain the old ones anymore since you cannot gain points from each level.

Monsters don’t drop buffs/potions anymore, the NPC at every rest room will give you them.

What’s the difference between each mode?

Aside from Ranking Mode, which as I previously said is the hardest and the one that counts for the Mu Lung Dojo ranking, there are now differences between each mode.

One of them is the amount of Mu Lung Tokens ‘BOSS’ monsters drop.

Easy – 1 Token
Medium – 2 Tokens
Hard – 3 Tokens
Ranking – 5 Tokens

Another difference is the monsters, obviously. Here’s a full chart:

[Data on New Mu Lung Dojo, New Different Ranks, Click Here!]

Yep, now it looks cool. Now it’s a large chart :D.

Oh and I heard rumors that Lie Detector Tests are not available anymore in Ranking Mode. Don’t trust it yet, though.

Let’s move on to Monster Carnival now.

Monster Carnival

Again, already talked about it here and I’ll just repeat what I said basically. I still don’t have the info on all the monsters…

Here’s what basically happened – Monster Carnival 1 and 2 were removed but merged into one Ani-like PQ for everyone level 30+. You will get that^ invite between 8:00 and 12:00 A.M. every time the time is XX:15 or XX:45.

You’ll be sent to a waiting room and then you’ll join a RANDOM party of 3. You will also be paired off with another RANDOM party of 3. That means Trade Wins is not possible now.

Anyway, the monsters will be based on the party’s level. The monsters shouldn’t be too strong for you since you joined a party that’s around your level.

The monsters will drop Maple Shiny Coins. You can trade them for:

Spiegelmann’s Luxury Cape – [Level 70] +2 All Stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots.
Spiegelmann’s Red Bow Tie – [Level 60] +5 All Stats, +55 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed, +3 Jump, 3 slots.

Which are parts of a set, Spiegelmann Luxury Set:

For equipping 2 items: +3 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF.

For equipping 3 items: +5 All Stats, +3 Weapon/Magic ATT, +200 HP.

Huh? 3 items? Yep, there’s a 3rd item to the set which is unobtainable from Monster Carnival. It’s available from Monster Park:

Spiegelmann’s Mustache – +5 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots.

Oh and for a limited time, you can obtain the old Spiegelmann’s Necklaces (using the OLD Maple Coins):

Same thing for Dojo by the way, in case you have leftover points.

Anyway, the CP system was also changed.

It’s no longer about which team gets the most CP, it’s about which team kills the most monsters in 10 minutes.

However, there’s still CP. You gain a certain amount of CP from each monster and you can use it:

  • [F1, 100 CP] Summon a random monster for the enemies.
  • [F2, 200 CP] Random – +20% ATT for 30 seconds for you OR sight restriction on someone on the other team.
  • [F3, 300 CP] Random – +20% DEF for 30 seconds for you OR slow someone on the other team.
  • [F4, 400 CP] Random – 2X EXP for 30 seconds for you OR seal someone on the other team.

In addition, the person who has a high amount of CP gains more EXP. To keep up with that, like PvP, there’s ranking:

Not very different from what it was in KMST, only a little bit. I’m preparing a big post on events, the ones that I missed while I was away. I’m also planning some other cool stuff so stick around :).


UPDATE: Hime is letting everyone change their user ID’s because of the MTS hacking issue. For more information:

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41 comments on “KMS v.1.2.400 ~ Dojo & Monster Carnival Revamp

    • Collect 20 of:
      (letters) from monsters, open up a golden watch to get a shiny golden watch, use it, kill as many golden pigs in that map and get eggs from them, open them and you might get good scrolls (even Chaos Scrolls).

  1. Mercedes totally gave up on freud…like “nope dont want u”
    and went for demon slayer….(<–doesnt demon slayer have a name???)

  2. Wait, so if you can’t you any potion in dojo, and the monsters don’t drop any potion, and you can only buy HP potions… What about the mp?
    You can’t use mp pots, you can’t get mp pots, how can you fight eithout mp? O.o

  3. Little oversight on the use of “depressed”, here. I get your point in using “depressed”, but “depressed” assumes that said depressed person has little value for life, even his/her own. Depressed =/= gloomy. Also on that note, the best kind of elf is a dead/undead one, which is probably why I don’t like Mercedes…

    Anywho…as far as prizes go, the Dojo is taking a turn for the worst. The belts are nice and stats are better; but let’s face it, time-limited items are a waste of time to chase. The new Dojo belts are worthless, as are the gloves (if you don’t stay within the top 50). Personally, I don’t see much point in the Dojo, so I probably won’t even swing by there unless I run out of things to do.

    As for Monster Carnival, the revamp will probably be interesting enough to try. The items don’t really impress me, but they’re not bad for people who have trouble getting their hands on decent equipment.

    The picture of Mercedes and Demon Slayer is showing any and all guys how it’s going to be at marriage: *insert whip snap sound effect here*

    • He’s both, actually. But also, it seems like the belts can be time extended (GMS doesn’t have this but KMS has an hourglass in Cash Shop that extends those items… One of those things that have been there for ages but GMS forgot to copy). The gloves can’t be, though. So yeah it kind of sucks.

      • No he’s not, lol. A key point to being depressed is never enjoying anything *gestures towards picture*, as whipped by Mercedes as he is, Demon Slayer looks pretty content. He’s is solemn, but is by no means depressed.
        Anywho, the hourglass CS item just proves my point. Spending and spending to keep an “okay” item around definitely has far more cons than pros; but Nexon has to make money somehow, right?

      • I guess you’re right. In his storyline they make him seem depressed (he’s NEVER happy) but here they just wanted to put a big smile on his face :D.
        And as for the hourglass thing… It’s a little different in KMS… People LOVE to buy stuff at the Cash Shop, that includes:
        – Clothes. They’re permanent so they buy tons of outfits.
        – Extra inventory slots to store their clothes, LOL.
        – ZOMG OWLS (the FM is too big -_-“).
        Other stuff that they can sell in FM for mesos or just use ‘for teh lulz’… They make a WHOLE lot of NX anyway. They could have made it permanent :(.

  4. “Little oversight on the use of “depressed”, here. I get your point in using “depressed”, but “depressed” assumes that said depressed person has little value for life, even his/her own. Depressed =/= gloomy.”

    soooooooooooooooo agree

  5. whatever he still get best role

    cookie slime

    level: 98 hp: 99999 mp:9999
    slime who got hyperactive cuz of azalea and randomly leveled up 90 times!

    ok im kitting

  6. King steroid Chuck Norris cookie slime
    Level 195 hp: 15,000,000 mp 999,999 exp 57,000,000
    Attacks, Jump, Kicks you out of map, and automatically kills every one in map
    Drop: Cookie,Cookie Throwing Stars,Slime on Steroids (pet)
    Location:Cookie land

    … I have way too muxh imagination

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