MapleStory Adventures – WARNING!

The MapleStory Facebook app MapleStory Adventures had its Closed Beta, well, closed and it’s finally out!

DON’T GET EXCITED YET. I know there’s an event that if you reach level 5 on MapleStory Adventures, you’ll get EXP and Mesos. However, it’s really dangerous to do so!

They want your Nexon ID and Password. Apparently, there was a really bad screw-up and when you enter them, your account gets hacked.

Many people logged on to their accounts right after to find that they have no meso or no items left.

There have been many reports on MapleStory forums. I can’t really tell if they’re lying but, better safe than sorry, right?

Don’t panic though! The event goes on till September 4th so there’s plenty of time for the glitch to be fixed.

By the way, my flight is tomorrow! Err 12 hour flight, but I’m finally going back home…


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59 comments on “MapleStory Adventures – WARNING!


    • LIES. Wtf you don’t get hacked. Honestly, I connected mine and everything is exactly where it is. Plus, it’s nexon’s game I don’t think Nexon would hack it’s own users. Because if they did, then they’re retarded. Common Sense people. Seriously.

  2. They’re probably just trolling. I know a few of my friends who’ve done it and their items and meso are still there. Better tell them to be on the lookout though =/

    • Thing is, I’m not so sure if Facebook is the problem here.
      A small edit to the hosts file and people can get your info easily. Then again, it can be done to the MapleStory website.
      Don’t know yet, it would help if someone who got hacked actually checked their hosts file (C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts or something like that, open it with Notepad).

  3. Apparently, I was hacked, robbed my dagger, thirty million mesos, all my potions, and a collection of Valentine Roses.

    Funny thing though, I DID NOT give my info out, and that includes going on Facebook to play MS Adventures…

    • nvm ,i checkied and im fine (not that i had any great stuff.)…. anyways, the only problem currently is that im getting the exp/mesos on the wrong character =.=

      • You get exp and cash on your GMS maplestory character for getting 5 levels on maplestory adventures? Is it a certain % or a set amount? It’s probably not worth the risk for me in anyway.

  4. did it b4 the warning T.T anyways i linked it in Sunday and, it takes a day to link succesfully so you recieve the meso and exp the next day

  5. There’s a reason I’ve been calling it Facefuck. This is why. Using Facebook practically hands your privacy over to crooks, be it the corporate kind or merely a bunch of trolls, on a golden goose shaped platter.

  6. Wow I feel bad for those people who got hacked. They would’nt have gotten hacked if they just said: Fuck MS adventures, lets play MS thief edition on the ipod! LoL

  7. LOL.. that is ridiculous. Both my husband and I did the link accounts thing when it first became available, 5 or 6 days ago, and both our accounts are fine. No one’s going to be hacked unless they are able to ALSO find out a person’s 6 character security PIC.

    Quit freaking people out.

  8. A lot of people have been saying they linked their accounts and haven’t been hacked.. but.. think of how MANY MapleStory Adventures players there are now, and figure the hackers can’t get to everyone right away (assuming there really IS a hack). If you haven’t been hit yet, you may just be lucky, but not safe.

    Change your password and PIC … NOW..!

  9. Lol fail my password cant be changed for me cuz i did some random age i forgot i tihnk i made it so i said i was 91 idk anyways, i reached lvl 14 but i never got the thing that says like the lin account thing, or i got it at the beginning, cuz i did maplestory advtures right after it came out

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  11. My bros account got hacked.. his password was somehow changed… And the worse part is he can’t remember the email he used for his account

  12. NO. This is a lie. Maple adventures is not the hacking thing. I
    tried putting in my user and a wrong password and it denied it. if it KNOWS that the password is wrong, why would it want me to type in the right one?

    • you don’t get it, the facebook app is legit, but the hackers hack the app to get ur info, not that the app is a scam..

  13. Lol they’re obviously lying.
    I entered my account name and password straight away and I’m still not hacked. As if Nexon would be that stupid to let you get hacked that easily.

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  15. I tried a couple of times to link it but I still get nothing on my main character. How do you know if you linked it successfully?

    • did you maybe choose a main character on the nexon website? there is some detailed information on the page about how to do that.

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