KMST v.1.2.398 ~ New ToT Areas, GMS Exclusive Content, and more!

[Credits to Fiel of Southperry for all the images in this post]

Still got no WZ… Tried installing KMST today but this computer doesn’t have enough space for it -_-“. Still, if anyone can please upload Map.wz/Mob.wz/String.wz it’ll be very helpful!

I’ll refer you to Fiel’s extraction if you want details till I get the WZ files I need. For now, I’ll translate the patch notes for you.

  • The GMS exclusive content excluding Capture the Flag was added to KMS! Seems like KMS will copy Silent Crusade and Monster Book from JMS as well :O
  • Evan’s and Aran’s skills have been adjusted. Free SP reset scrolls for Evans/Arans~ Also, Mercedes’/Demon Slayers’ skills have been fixed.
  • New Boss was added – Akyrum:

Level 170
2,100,000,000 HP
50,000,000 EXP

  • Mushroom Kingdom, Kerning Square, and Chryse were reorganized. Same thing as the quest revamp I talked a while ago, they were modified them to make it easier on you to complete them. That also includes changes to monsters in those areas.
  • During PQ’s, you can no longer expel people from your party.
  • Something new called ‘United Maple’ (the picture at the top).
  • 3 new maps added to Victoria Island – Cave’s End, Tranquil, and Tranquil 2.
  • New Mini Dungeons – One at Omega Sector for Barnard Grays, one for Scorpions, and 2 other ones.
  • Three new areas added to Temple of Time – Crack of Time, Past Leafre, and Crack of Dimmension.
  • Level 75 quests were added to all classes, and more quests of the Resistance’s storyline were added.

There were events too but don’t worry about it for now. I just need that WZ…


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39 comments on “KMST v.1.2.398 ~ New ToT Areas, GMS Exclusive Content, and more!

  1. Interesting. I realy like the idea behind this. I hope the updated content come to GMS. And the images are great.

  2. Hi Shakar,

    Thank you very much for the following information. The content in that KMST patch is amazingly awesome and I can’t wait for it to be released in the official KMS server.

    About the free space on Netbook problem:

    Have you tried deleting unnecessary softwares & files to ensure you can have enough free disk space to install KMST? The Game Folder is 3GB approx., and the installation is 2.5GB approx.,

    Try to delete unused things or files, that’s my suggestion.

    If you still don’t have enough free space, you may also ask for WZ files at the extremely popular KMS English community forums, (Oh lol, I made it sound like you don’t know these forums xD).

    I’m sure many in there were chosen for KMST and will be happy to share the WZ files with you. You may ask Spadow (the Admin) or other users personally or in a thread.

    Hope I somewhat helped you.

    Enjoy your vacation! Thanks for keeping hard work up!

    • I tried deleting a lot of stuff but no luck. Many things I want to delete are my dad’s so I can’t touch them.
      Although I’m IP banned from EF, I can still access it. I’m banned back at home but m IP is different here so I’m fine. However, I don’t believe they have clean WZ files (do they?).

      • 1. Why were you banned from EllinForest? I can ask Spadow to unban you.

        2. Just try to ask them. What can you lose trying? You may succeed getting the files.
        You can ask the managers or users, probably many will upload them for you.

      • 1. No need. I don’t think he’s in charge since he’s not the owner. And besides, he was the one who banned me in the first place for Necroposting I believe.
        2. I wouldn’t go down right to ‘many people will upload them for me’ but you’re right about me not trying. Thing is, who should I ask?

      • ** Sorry for responding that comment instead of the newer one. The reply button doesn’t appear there for some reason.

        Spadow is the administrator there. He can do almost whatever he wants on the website. He is Co-Owner I believe. I can talk to him to convince him to unban you if you really want to be back at EllinForest.

        And I’m quite sure you should ask the staff members (Max, Spadow) for the files.
        Except of laziness, I can’t see a reason that they won’t let you have the WZ files. Uploading to a hosting server is quick, and if you ask for it gently, I’m sure you can get the files. But you need patience – ask the staff with Private Messaging.

        Good luck.

  3. So… GMS gets “exclusive” content and just less than a day later, KMST reveals that KMS is getting it… That isn’t that exclusive for GMS.

  4. I agree. Btw did you know there’s a GMS build called tranquil? They could have named it something that ISIN’T a GMS guild name…

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  6. Everyone!!

    Going around the whole WZ files of KMST latest patch, some Korean Testers revealed the next KMS big update: MapleStory Mystic!

    The update will balance Thieves and Pirates (continuing from Jump!) to be much stronger and better.

    According to the code in the WZ files, the Pirates will be balanced in September and the Thieves will be balanced at October.

    The news will be soon extracted to Southperry and widely announced in a Nexon Press Conference.


  7. Haha, that was just a prank, bud. It isn’t real and won’t be.
    Mission accomplished! Caused someone to believe. XD

    Though Pirates and Thieves should be balanced real soon, and I’m not joking. Nexon shouldn’t leave them out after balancing other Adventurers. Nexon won’t let the Pirates and Thieves down.

    I guess that the real balancing update will be somewhere at Autumn.

    Sorry if I got you excited, it’s not personal but, I personally enjoy to do pranks to people, hehe.

    No details currently about the Thieves & Pirates restructuring. Sorry!

    • LOL, I knew it was fake. That kind of info would not be in the WZ >_>. Not to mention that ‘Korean testers’ wouldn’t look in the WZ… You did get me excited and made me look around for no reason.

  8. Due to chaos patch, next time dual blades’s katara and dagger can add up to 60% boss damage, Anyone of you know whether after chaos patch, does ‘Total Damage’ stacks?

  9. Are the AP Resets and SP Resets from Legend Shop bought with coins
    Account transferable?
    I’m thinking of getting lots so I can AP Reset all my characters to be 2ndary stat less
    Since it seems Legend chars are the easiest to get Legend Coins.
    If GMS gets same events

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