Blog Updates (Part I of Part II) & News

Cannon Shooter Guide

Mercedes Guide

Demon Slayer Guide

All updated with skill builds! Yep that’s all for blog updates, now for news.

I’ll start out by saying that I’m on vacation. I’ll be back a couple of days before the month ends. Yeah, all you other MapleStory bloggers may celebrate.

Good News: I have a laptop!

Bad News: The internet connection here is bad. Also, the laptop is an annoying NetBook.

Worse News: I don’t have MapleStory or any program.

Worst News: The flight was 10 hours 😦

Best News: I got this cool app on my iPod Touch called Autodesk Sketchbook. It’s sick! I can draw like a maniac 🙂

MapleStory news now… First off, the last part of Chaos:

Age of Triumph! I updated my previous post with all the info from GMST, and it will be out in GMS on August 10th!

KMS now, a lot of interesting stuff actually.

First off, Legends are like Dual Blades in KMS they’re temporary. You will not be able to create a character of a job added after September 28th.

And there’s a new event! It’s actually the second time this event is happening.

Level up your Legend character and you will get 3 x 1.5X EXP cards at level 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, and 100. That’s a total of 33 x 1.5X EXP cards!

And now for the really interesting thing, a new map will be added to Temple of Time!


The portal for this map was added to the WZ (sadly, I can’t view it since I don’t have KMST)! It will be similar to Gateway to the Future, you enter through Temple of Time and the door looks the same as the one that leads to Henesys in Ruins.

The new map seems the be Past Temple of Time, Temple of Time hundreds of years ago that we saw in the Demon Slayer storyline. I’m guessing it will be for high leveled players again…

That’s all for now! When Past Temple of Time is released, can someone please upload String.wz, Map.wz, and Mob.wz for me?

Thank you very much, much appreciated!


21 comments on “Blog Updates (Part I of Part II) & News

  1. Hey shakar I would really love to get that app but I need v4.0 and I have 3.something so it won’t work :c so do you know about any other good painting app for iPhone?

  2. Wait… I don’t understand.

    You said that the Legend characters creation in KMS is temporary, and that the character creation will be restriced on September 28th, right?

    By saying Legend classes, do you mean to the Heroes (Aran, Evan, Mercedes) OR the classes that were added in the Legend update (Cannon Shooter, Mercedes, Demon Slayer)?

    I’m really not sure, but it’s important for me to know since I made a KMS account…

  3. Aw, that sucks.
    Hopefully they won’t be temporary in GMS…

    They are the 3 greatest classes in Maple in my opinion, and now they limit them so badly. No reason to wait any longer for Legend in GMS -_-

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