KMST v.1.2.397 ~ Demon Slayer Storyline & Item Potential Changes

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Another patch today! I got my Demon Slayer to 107 before this patch and just noticed there was a patch. Before I get into the storyline, I’ll talk about the item potential changes.

As you probably know, there are 3 different types of potential items; Rare, Unique, and Epic. Well, a new one was added! Must suck for all of you cube addicts out there, because this one is much better! There are new potential buffs from that type, here are some:

  • Decrease in cooldown.
  • 40% Bossing damage!
  • Damage Reflect.
  • Resistance to states.
  • 12% stats.
  • Minimum/Maximum Critical Damage increase.
  • Mesos & Item Drop Rate increase (20%)!
  • New Decent Skills:

Decent Combat Orders

MP Cost: 64, +1 SP on all skills for 240 seconds.

Decent Advanced Bless

MP Cost: 120, Duration: 240 seconds. +20 Weapon ATT, +20 Magic ATT, +425 Weapon DEF, +425 Magic DEF, +260 Accuracy, +260 Avoidability, +475 MaxHP, +475 MaxMP, MP Consumption Reduction: 12%.

Decent Speed Infusion

HP Cost: 80, MP Cost: 80, Speeds up your attacks for 240 seconds.

You get those skills for items 120+, not sure which is glove/hat/whatever yet. Prepare for a massive NX:Meso ratio!

Alright now for the storyline!


Demon Slayer starts at Temple of Time 100 years ago. He has served the Black Magician for many years. However, he suddenly notices that the Black Mage is an absolute ruler and he can no longer serve him. He sees Masetuma, who is also a henchman of the Black Mage. He tells her about what happened that made him think that way (which we learn about later) and goes to face Akylum, one of the Black Mage’s generals.

Just a few days ago, he met with the other generals of the Black Mage. From left to right – Orca (from Mercedes storyline, I didn’t get that far though), Von Leon, Akylum. They were planning to burn his town…

He storms out of there and returns to his house after hearing what they were planning to do, and guess what? It’s in flames. He quickly spots something!

See that watch on the arrow?

His family all died. His sister, his mom, all got burned by the Black Mage.

Demon Slayer returns to Temple of Time (going back to the beginning). There, he attacks Akylum but achieves nothing. Akylum summons a couple of monsters on him but Demon Slayers kill them quickly.

Akylum runs off and Demon Slayer follows him and enters the door Akylum went through. When he entered the door, the Black Mage was there and the scene from the official video is going on (Demon Slayer fights the Black Mage). However, the Black Mage created an energy ‘egg’ and locked Demon Slayer and Masetuma inside. After hundreds of years, he wakes up and easily cracks the egg. He finds himself in a lab in Edelstein surrounded by two guards, the same rabbits from the Mercedes storyline. He gets so mad at them that he kills them. J is there as well, hiding. J takes him and makes him join the Resistance.

From then on, the quests are for Demon Slayer to seek revenge. He tracks down the Black Mage for the rest of his life to avenge his family’s death. That’s why there are also quests that involve the puppeteer, Orca, and even Von Leon. All of those who betrayed him…

Cool story bro.

I would give you the quest overview and the rest of the storyline, but the 10X EXP stopped right now, LOL. I don’t really feel like playing -_-. Most of the quests are Resistance quests anyway.

By the way, the cat I told you about that gave me all the quests was a placeholder for Masetuma. I’m guessing Masetuma is the Demon Slayer instructor.

Tomorrow it’s out in KMS. Nice, thought they would have to postpone it since this patch came so late (first patch of Mercedes introduced its storyline :O).

Until then, enjoy!


By shakar96 Posted in kMST

36 comments on “KMST v.1.2.397 ~ Demon Slayer Storyline & Item Potential Changes

  1. If you read the Potential stuff on Southperry you should give credits…
    Because I don’t think you are an extractor.

  2. i really wish that demon slayer was a hero (though i don’t know what class it would fit because warrior and mage are taken)

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    • They are something like Arans… they use regular attacks to get “force” which is a replacement for MP, and they do special skills using the force and sometimes hp too.
      so demon slayers are sort of Arans from other type…
      BTW, i think demon slayer whold be EXTREMELY ANNOYING on 4th job, because they have two skills requires MAX FORCE… so you need to recover all the force to use them once…

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