Demon Slayer ~ Level 97!

Yay! I played my Demon Slayer today and got it from level 50 to 97~Why 97 and not 100? The 10x EXP stopped right now, LOL.

While leveling, I found out that a couple of more events were released. As for Demon Slayer quests, not going so well.

That cat… I got so many job quests from [her?] but I CAN’T FIND HER! Looked all over Edelstein and nothing…

Oh well, I hope the storyline will be more friendly when the rest of it is released next patch. That means that I’ll have to create another character and get it from 0 to 140 or so… 😦

Well anyway, let’s talk about events. Didn’t talk about events for a while. I’ll save the worst for last.

Event 1.

^Hold on to that for 30 minutes.

Now you’ll get one Legend Coin. You will also get a random 30-minute buff:

The one I got is level 3. The buffs vary for whatever level it is:

Level 1: +100 HP, +10 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Speed.

Level 2: +200 HP, +20 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Speed.

Level 3: +400 HP, +30 Weapon/Magic ATT, +10 Speed.

LAME, seen that event before. Actually, MANY TIMES BEFORE.

Event 2.

Get your Demon Slayer to level 70 and you’ll get a free 100% Mastery Book!

Unfortunately it expires at the end of the month. In KMST it’s no problem but it will be a challenge in KMS.

The one I chose was Metamorphosis 30. 🙂 Seen that before too.

Event 3.

^Get 50 of those from any monsters. You’ll get:

^30 coconuts that heal 2,000 HP and some EXP according to your level. The coconuts are good for my Demon Slayer in case I ever need to use pots (I don’t use any now).

Event 4.

Well, I did say I saved the worst for last.

[Credits to]

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Nexon, why do you have to do this to me?!

That’s just disgusting I don’t wanna talk about it.

You need to kill 200 monsters of your level range. That counter is so useless, I don’t get why they put it up there.


That is all for today. I’ll start editing my videos :O


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30 comments on “Demon Slayer ~ Level 97!

  1. Whats with all the Names saying they kill demons when Demon Slayers are Demons?
    I just find it weird. Its like A white/black/Asian has their nickname as I slay white/black/asian whatever race they are. No going to point a specific race.

      • I was talking about your IGN
        I don’t think Demons slay their own race.
        I think Nexon meant the Demon Slayer Class is a Demon that slays
        Not a Demon That slays other Demons
        Nexon’s meaning of Demon SLayer is a Demon that Slays

  2. Why so much hate on those atendance check events, they give you potions, coins, potential scrolls and advanced enhancement for just killing some monsters ._.

  3. Well yeah these types of events are getting “a little” old now. BUT DON’T WORRY BECAUSE NEXON WILL SOON RELEASE SOME SUPER COOL NEW EVENTS!!! Please…

    • It’s been the same thing for more than two months now (I think). They BETTER make something more awesome than holding something for 30 minutes or stupid book quests.

  4. You DO know that demon slayer doesnt slay demons right. Demon slayer is a slayer, from the demon race.. It’s like having 2 races, human and demon.
    human : hey I’m a slayer, so I’m a slayer from the human race, a human slayer
    demon : I’m a slayer, and I’m from the demon race, wich would make me a demon slayer

  5. hmmm… i just noticed something, all of these events require u to sort of get involved with the game more…
    Event 1: log in daily and stay logged in.
    Event 2:: level up as fast as u can so u can use the mastery book.
    Event 3: be logged in and actually HUNT to get the rewards.
    Event 4: Log in every day so u can get the rewards.

    Gotta hand it down, they’re really crappy with their events but they know how to advertise their game 😛

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