Blog Updates (Part I), GMS Ice Knight, and KMST Update

Didn’t talk about GMS for a while now, too many patches in KMS/KMST. A couple of days ago GMS got Ice Knight mode in PvP, what excitement.

It’s almost August and that means GMS is getting its ‘super awesome’ exclusive content.

On my guide I told you it was the rebirth system. Clearly, by this picture, it’s not. It’s probably some dumb Ice Knight-like mode added to PvP EXCEPT the computer controls it! It’s just a guess as well by the way.

I saw this picture a little after making the guide, but I didn’t update my guide. It seems kind of weird of GMS to get this new mode seeing how the next big update coming to KMS is called Super Fight, expansion to PvP. KMS would copy GMS? O_o.

Speaking of Chaos and exclusive content, JMS is getting something cool too (as usual)! Instead of having Accessory Crafting (which is not needed in JMS with all their exclusive accessories), they will have Animal Tamer!

Well, now for KMST. There was a patch but not too many changes occurred:

  • Demon Slayers got somewhat ‘nerfed.’
  • Storyline wasn’t fully added, but it seems like it will be like Mercedes’:

There are a LOT of quests for Demon Slayers… When they’re all out, I’ll give you the storyline.

  • The data for the last Hot Time event for the Legend update was added! It will take place on 8/6 at 2:30 P.M. KST.

This time, you have a chance to get a special hat for your Demon Slayer!

Same exact thing as the Mercedes Hat… Except this one also adds 5% critical rate and the bonus is for Demon Slayers of 3rd/4th job.

  • 1st job skills order was changed. All the skills require putting SP into Demon Slash so it’s more logical to put it at the top instead of at the bottom:

  • More NX equips added for free for those of you who play KMST. That includes the blue unicorn pet.

And blog updates. You may have noticed that on my recent guides (100% done with Demon Slayer, Mercedes done up to 4th job, Cannon Shooter, well, at some point I’ll do it) I added animations! My program was glitched when I extracted the 1st job Demon Slayer skills. That shouldn’t mean anything to you because the animations work just fine, it’s just that some images are bigger than they should be. Also, big animations are kind of messed up because of their size so don’t worry about it. Except that, they should be working fine!

They will work fine as long as you don’t have lulInternet Explorer. Why? Instead of storing all my images in my database, I converted them to base64 string! Sooo, if your internet loads string from the PasteHTML server faster than images from the Google Code server, they will load much faster. Oh and if you guys know any website where I can upload HTML files, please tell me! This PasteHTML is kind of annoying because I have to manually copy and paste each page…

Anyway, next update will be finishing recent post (completely, that also means that recipe database), skill builds, and videos. I might throw in some other stuff (like APNG’s since I’m forcing you guys to get anything but Internet Explorer anyway). I don’t know about the updates after that, leave some suggestions below!

That’s all for today. By the way, I wrote this post 4 times… WordPress draft saves don’t work… And lastly, I’m sick. Again.


28 comments on “Blog Updates (Part I), GMS Ice Knight, and KMST Update

  1. @greennov1, Loi Phung, TheXcited Thank you very much!
    Also, I think I’ll make a recipe database for the Animal Tamer profession skill when it’s out πŸ™‚ Just gotta download JMS…

  2. YES!!! from the ? picture what i see looks like the hounted house SO THERE (probly) FIXING NLC, HH, AND CWKPQ, AND PF, XD

    then agen maybe not….


  3. i’m quite excited for the PvP expansion! πŸ™‚ since it came out in GMS i knew it had alot of room for improvement and since they have been kinda expanding lots of the game aspects, a PvP expansion wouldn’t be that far away πŸ˜€

    as always, Thanks a Ton for the information & Hope to see a Ton TON more! πŸ˜€

    -waiting for the full recipe droplist!-

    With Love, Lzos of Scania! πŸ˜€ ❀

  4. ikr, WordPress draft dont save… i wrote my post bout PvP like 5 times b4 i could post it

    I could not get the HT rewards on friday cause i DCed (im startin to think that Nexon Aerica fails a little) all my guild got DCed, well i rlly wanted thet SP though i wanted to use it so i could put my 1st job SP on Dark Sight and i could get ADS on my Blade Lord… well I hope that you feel better,

    Sincerely,Sammy of Windia

    (i lol’ed at the last part and i wrote it!)

  5. super fight = PvP right ?? THats what the update (age of battle) was called in KMS … so why are you saying that it’s lame because kms will get SUPER FIGHT soon …. o_0

  6. “It’s probably some dumb Ice Knight-like mode added to PvP EXCEPT the computer controls it”

    ehh doubt it would be this. cant be player versus player if its player versus computer

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