KMST v.1.2.392 ~ Mercedes Improvements

[Click to enlarge and see the animation]

Didn’t really feel like logging in to GMS today, so I logged in to KMST to find that there was a patch. The patch was great for Mercedes and that’s great for me! But they added something else that I was mad at :O

My Mercedes is currently level 95, I didn’t really train today. I felt like traveling a lot and testing the new changes made in this patch!

First thing I did when I logged on was click to create a new character, a Mercedes! And guess what? The character creation screen did change.

^Gender selection. What the heck? I didn’t have that ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Obviously left is male and right is female.

^See the differences?

Yeah that was pretty disappointing. There’s no way I’m starting over and actually I don’t think I would want to make a male Mercedes, I would much rather be a girl and look like a girl than be a man and look like a girl (IN MAPLESTORY, not real life).

So yeah, I don’t really care. Also, they added more options for eyes. You can choose from a few different eyes and still 2 different hairstyles.

Oh and they also added a notice about the 1+1 event:

Anyway, first thing I saw when I logged on was my quick slot. It was all shiny! I opened my keyboard setting window and my skill window and found out that all of them are shiny!

^Click to enlarge. Also notice the skills on page up and page down, their icons changed! The one on page up is Lightning Flare, and its effect became much better!

The other skill, the one on page down didn’t have its animation changed. That skill is called Charge Drive. It was the skill that pushes monsters up and actually Lightning Flare is the skill that can be used right after it when the monsters are up. You’re probably going to hear me say this a lot of times on my Mercedes guide but Mercedes are very much like Battle Mages. This is somewhat an example, just like The Finisher.

In addition, they added delay before shooting the monsters up. Why? Beforehand, it was really hard to shoot the monster and use a skill after it. Now, you get time to actually do the skill before throwing it.

Back to what I was saying, the skill was blue in the first place and that’s why they changed the icon to blue (it was green before).

Another skill that was changed was the one on ‘C’, Water Shield.

Yay much better! The previous animation had a huge Dragon Ball Z dragon that makes the bubble, but this is just a fairy just like many other animations in MapleStory.

Then I started hunting and I found out something better! My best skill got the best feature! I’m saying this again but they are very much like Battle Mages. Every job, they get a skill that attacks multiple monsters multiple times SUPER FAST. All those skills were added stun feature! Yay, so my Strike Dual-Shot, which is my primary skill, now stuns!

Another skill that [I believe] was changed for the better is Gust Dive, the flying assaulter-like skill (which I don’t even use…):

I don’t really know what’s different about it, just seems better for some reason XD.

Alright enough with the good news for Mercedes, let’s move on to the bad news.

^NOOOOO! My pets were just as upset as I am when they saw my summon. The skill is Elemental Knights, and it’s supposed to summon 3 of those summons (1 blue, 1 purple, and 1 red). That’s why I maxed it because it was so cool! But now it only summons ONE of those. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And to make that worse, instead of being permanent, it disappears after 120 seconds! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Also in this update, Cannon Shooters got buffed. Blah, I guess I’ll have to update my guide again when Mercedes come to KMS. Anyway, I made a Cannon Shooter and saw the new monsters in the beginning!

Yellow versions of the old ones. If you want to see the old ones, you can check out my video of the Cannon Shooters’ beginning in the Video section (at the top).

That’s pretty much it for changes in skills. I can blabber about every single change but I’d rather not, that’s what extractions are for.

So let’s talk about events added in this patch. I’ll start off with something that was added into Cash Shop:

It’s only 0 NX because it’s KMST so don’t get excited. When you buy it, you have to open it.

You will then get a hat, special one especially good for summer!

I kept on getting the green and purple ones:

Aside from green and purple, there’s orange, yellow, light blue, and blue.

Also I don’t know if you’ve noticed but a new cape was added! You can check the pictures above to see it, it’s the very black and glowing half wing (specifically for Demon Slayers!).

Now real events! I got a quest for a new event and started it. I opened my quest window and was literally like this:

Credits to for the drawing.

What was there that was so BAD that I had to ‘Facepalm’? Check this out:


And the sad thing is, I’m going to have to do all of those quests again in GMS…

Err it’s just like the Saint Saver event, except here it’s a Cosmic Green. You have to train or mine/shovel to make it transforms or something and finish the quest each day.

I’m not doing it in KMST because I’m far away from the place I’m supposed to be, same place as the Saint Saver:

Complete it each day. The rewards are:

  • 3 Days – 50 Power Elixirs.
  • 4 Days – 2 Legend Coins.
  • 5 Days – 60% Eye Accessory Scroll for a specific stat (STR/DEX/INT/LUK, it adds 2 of that stat).
  • 6 Days – 3 Legend Coins.
  • 7 Days – 15% Accessory Weapon/Magic Attack scroll (not both, either one).
  • 8 Days – 5 Legend Coins.
  • 9 Days – Vicious Hammer.
  • 10 DaysElf Glasses:

2 on all stats, 20 HP/MP, 2 Weapon/Magic ATT, 30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 100 Charm.

Another event that was added was the Cooler event! Again!

Last year it actually started in August too and I got a lot of PSB’s~ This year it’s a little different.

Basically collect coolers from monsters and open them. The best rewards are listed above^.

Instead of getting a quest for the tubes, you’ll get a consumable item to get it. Double click it and Gaga will let you choose your tube:

Since I’m a Mercedes, I can only get the Dual Bow one. The stats are not that great for me:

Level 60 Dual Bow > that. I hope they change the stats when it comes to KMS. The tube lasts for 3 days by the way.

Another thing that wasn’t given last year is the bunny mount.

Which lasts for 7 days and looks like this:

Yay, another mount for my mount collection!

^The unicorn mounts have nothing to do with the fact that I’m a Mercedes. I got them because I have all 3 unicorn pets.

The one on the right can be obtained when you have 2 unicorn pets, and the one on the left is for 3 unicorn pets. The thing that sucks about that one is that it can only be used 3 times a day ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But it’s pretty (…Being feminine in MapleStory is affecting me more than I thought o_o)!

Well, back to the cooler events, you also get transformation potions.

Every single penguin transformation potion!

There’s another transformation potion, which transforms you into a crying Ice Knight:

All the other rewards are the same except the Ice Shields or whatever those were.

Back in KMS two events were released, Chicken Drumstick event and 3,000 Days Event. The Chicken Drumstick event runs for two days every 10 days till 8/14. Nothing to explain here, get them from monsters and you’ll get a 1.5x EXP buff, some lame buff, and some ‘nooby’ useless medal above your head.

The 3,000 Days event is another one which I actually tried in KMST.

It’s actually very difficult. I had 10X drop and pets that auto loot for me and I still didn’t get all the 3,000 stamps needed (not even half way).

Get 3,000 of those from monsters and you’ll get a medal:

You may also get 3,000 days boxes, from which you can get random ‘crap’ or 3,000 Days scrolls.

There are two types of scrolls:

  • Cape for attack/magic attack (+2, only come in 30% and have 100% to blow up the item if failed).
  • Cape for stat (+4 to a specific stat, 70% success rate and 70% chance of blowing up the item if failed).

There’s also a 3,000 days cape:

I believe you get it from opening the boxes, not so sure.

Well that’s everything. Turns out I didn’t get to go on GMS at all today. Oh well…



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46 comments on “KMST v.1.2.392 ~ Mercedes Improvements

  1. o.o.o.o
    so thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s what the stamps were for!
    they were popping up in spadow’s videos of his mercedes and i was like wtf are those?
    nice post as always

  2. Didn’t lightning flare get deleted?
    Also, does soul infusion drain hp again?
    I Saw serving related to hp drain from the extractions on Southperry
    Jusyvwanna confirm

    • Lightning flare didn’t get deleted, maybe you just saw a dummy skill being removed.
      Spirit Infusion still drain HP, it always did. However, it’s not as good as it was back when Mercedes were just released. Now it barely heals.

      • Lightning Flare did get removed. It got replaced with Highkick Demolition from fourth job.

        And Spirit Infusion doesn’t drain HP at all, it never did. o_O

      • Whoopsys right, I always think that Spirit Infusion is the beginner skill (even though it’s the 2nd job skill) and that Demolition = Lightning Flare.
        Errr, those names are confusing.

  3. OMG I always wanted to kill the “legendary” starfy. now I can kill it with a cannon?


  4. hmmm…. it seems like most, or almost all events that r in KMS recently r book events, i was wondering when will GMS start having them? like when was the first book event for KMS? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Much Appreciated! โค ^3^

  5. Great post! Thank you for the information.

    Male Mercedes looks awesome, actually. I like elves!

    Legend PWNS Chaos and Jump.

  6. “…I would much rather be a girl and look like a girl than be a man and look like a girl.”
    wait, what? Are you a boy or a girl?

  7. Nexon is so fucking predictable (excuse my language) but really? its always a “chance” to win something im tired of it -.- cant they come up with diffrent creative events?

  8. For the shiny icons, GMS has it kinda. If you open up the skill window and put your mouse over it it shines like how it is in KMS. They changed it so it is always shiny and no longer faded.

    • Not really, I see what you’re thinking that’s what I thought at first as well. I thought they replaced the icon with the mouse over image but they didn’t. It’s actually even shinier when yo hover your mouse over it.

  9. “I would much rather be a girl and look like a girl than be a man and look like a girl”
    I loved this line so much, I was laughing for so long XDDD.

    Anyways, thanks for another great post Shakar.
    This mercedes job is so fascinating, my friend says that the new jobs are always so repetitive but I disagree, because any RPG has base classes like warriors, archers, magicians and then its get varied just like now.

    Can’t wait to see more information about the Demon Slayer.

    • Nexon creates such beautiful TV commercials, why can’t they use these animations to create a quality anime or a cartoon TV series.
      (I know that there is an anime already but its sh~tty and stupid)

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