KMST & Profession Skills – Days 1~3

For the past 3 days, I’ve been playing KMST and GMS a lot. I wanted to get my Accessory Crafting to level 10 as fast as possible because of the event. Turned out I didn’t even need all my level 30 mules! I just used 3 characters and I was set~ I was so busy with GMS and KMS that I forgot to work on finishing that Chaos guide. 😦

Unfortunately, things didn’t really go as planned. I’ll just talk about the past 3 days now :O

Day 1

Came back from work and quickly went to start leveling my Profesion Skill! Mined with mules and crafted on my Dawn Warrior. I heard rumors about not getting the Angelic Blessing ring recipes that day so I stopped at level 3.

Then I logged on to KMST and created a Mercedes and got it to 30! 10x EXP is a wonderful thing:

Yeah, can’t be a male Mercedes… The only thing you can change about the outfit is the hair by the way.

I love the pets too! If you didn’t know that already, in KMS pets automatically loot all your items which is great for KMST where the drop rate is 10x 😛 They also have a feature that GMS doesn’t have – Auto skill cast. I can put one buff per pet and they will auto cast it automatically (and no, the effect will not be shown!)! Those things are free on Cash Shop including their equipment and food in KMST. Yay~

You also get a free mount when you have 2 unicorn pets. I was too lazy to go get it but I’m definitely getting it.

Then I went to the bathroom… Err… Well let’s continue. THE DAY IS OVER.

Day 2

Pretty busy day. Came back late from work right to the cinema to watch Transformers 3 and right after that I had a guitar lesson. I was very disappointed with Transformers 3, it was really boring and I didn’t like it.

Transformers 3 was not the only thing that I was disappointed at that day. The day beforehand, I wished that there would be a maintenance or a server check before I level my Accessory Crafting to 4 because I thought the no Angelic Blessing ring recipe was a glitch. And a maintenance came that day! I logged in right after the maintenance and leveled my Accessory Crafting to 4.

And guess what? NO ANGELIC BLESS RING RECIPE. Kind of disappointing but I kept leveling my Accessory Crafting. The recipes from the events are still obtainable and you would need to reach level 4/10 to use them anyway. Sucks that now I’ll have to either buy or hunt (<- no way that’s happening) for the Dark Angelic Bless recipe, which is dropped from Zakum and Memory Chief Guardian. Boo.

Then crashes happened, so I went to play KMST. Got my Mercedes to 70 (but actually 81)!

^There’s no 3rd job advancement for Mercedes yet, you have to talk to Mr. Goldstein to advance you.

Anyway, yes I only TRAINED till 70 then stopped for the day but I actually got to 81 because of the 1+1 capsules we discussed a little while ago.

This was especially good because as soon as I advanced and saw the skills…

I want them all… And I did, I did get them all!

And the day pretty much ended.

Oh and also I got the Legend ring when I hit 50.

Starts out like this:

But after 5 levels (6 levels including ‘MAX’ level), it became this!

I also recorded a video but, of course, right when I finished editing it Vegas stopped working on me and crashed. 😦 I forgot to save it too so I have to start all over… Why does it keep happening to me?!

Day 3




And that is today. Hit level 5 Accessory Crafting. Very annoying to level it because storage doesn’t work properly in GMS…

I played my Mercedes a little more. It’s already 9X right now and I’ll probably be 100 tomorrow. I also got to dojo with my Mercedes and that’s another video I’ll have to edit/upload.

I’ll try my best to update some more stuff with the blog. I’ll post another separate post when I update my recent posts and upload those videos of my Mercedes.

For now, just know that I updated those posts a little bit, so check them out! -> ‘KMS v.1.2.136 ~ Cannon Shooters!’, ‘Chaos Guide (page 7)‘.

That’s all for now! I’ll keep working on my recipe database as well for those of you who requested it 🙂


P.S. If your profession skill is Accessory Crafting, I especially recommend you to look for those ores:

Silver Ores (2x)
Opal Ores (2x)
Orihalcon Ores (2x)
Amethyst Ores (2x)
Steel Ores (3x)
Sapphire Ores (3x)
Adamantium Ores (3x)
Gold Ores (4x)
Topaz Ores (4x)

You only need one plate of those to make a ring~ Good luck!

32 comments on “KMST & Profession Skills – Days 1~3

  1. Lol no male mercedes yet huh?
    And btw I wish stupid gms stopped crashing… I’ll never be able to participate with all the events…
    Anyway Mercedes looks betters then I expected =p
    I’ll probably try them out too in KMS when they get released.

  2. oh, im confused
    the unicorn mount is for everyone who has 2 unicorns or just mercedes?
    i thought as dragon is to evan, unicorn is to mercedes

    • There are two unicorn mounts – one for everyone from having two pets and one for Mercedes. The one I showed is the pets one; the one for Mercedes is not out yet (I believe).

  3. i got my accessory crafting to lvl5 just yesterday and the reward is SO disappointing 😦
    i hope nexon makes it up for us… not just that, and energy drinks r glitched aswell, only the ones u get from lvling up alchemy actually have unlimited use :\ UNFAIR! >.<

  4. Shakar,there is a male Mercedes. You had to change the option at the top when you customized it,If I remember correctly.

  5. It’d be messed up if there was only a female option for the Mercedes. Maybe the male version isn’t released for some reason or something along those lines. Btw is the recipe you got from the accessory crafting a one-time-use only?

  6. hey sharkar? are you gonna give us info on the skills for cannon shooter or Mercedes?

    (i play gms and feel SOOOOOOOOO left out XC)

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