GMS 2nd Update of Chaos

I’m not going to blog about this one because I already made a guide! You can find more info about this update on the 7th page of my Chaos Guide. I still have to fix some stuff with my recipe database, and it will be posted soon! And the video I had of all the items you can craft (which I shot in GMST so it’s in English) doesn’t render so well so I’ll have to redo it. I’ll finish it as soon as possible though, I’ll remind myself tomorrow (I’ll also update this post).

But anyway, the patch will be starting today actually. It will be at:

Pacific: 10:00 PM Sunday, July 10, 2011 – 3:00 AM Monday, July 11, 2011
Eastern: 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM Monday, July 11, 2011

I prepared for it yesterday and today. How?

Well I already gave you the tip of making characters level 30 or higher on your account. Sooo, yesterday and today I made all my characters on my account to 30! Do it now!

Another thing I hope you can TRY to do is log in at 12:XX A.M. and 1:XX A.M. I personally can’t do it because of my time zone, but if you can, it’s really good! Whenever you log on, make sure you log in as early as you can to harvest/craft. Then, you can take a break till a little before the day ends or whenever you have to log off. Also, harvest/craft in between to add more fatigue.

What I’m trying to say is, get 100 fatigue in the morning, then it will drain every hour by 5. Every time it drains (doesn’t have to be every time, even if you don’t log in it will keep draining), get 100 fatigue again, and do it again till the day ends. When the day ends, it resets back to 0.


-Update Notes-

Moving on to KMS. I restarted my Cannon Shooter today because I didn’t like his DEX. I accidentally used Auto-Assign, which makes sure your DEX is twice as much as your level. That’s not good at all, your DEX has to be the same as your level. I’m also making it DEX-less because it’s so easy for Cannon Shooters πŸ˜›

Before quitting, I obviously sold all my stuff. Therefore, I got to test out the repurchasing system!

It actually makes sense! You basically NPC some item first. Let’s take this item as an example from which I earned 80 mesos from NPC’ing:

So I NPC’ed it and got the 80 mesos. Now I can buy ONLY ONE for 80 mesos. No money lost!

The max amount of items you can repurchase is 10. After that, the item you NPC’ed first (of the list) will disappear from the list and you will not be able to repurchase it again.

Oh and KMST should start today… I don’t know when but I’ll probably be sleeping :O Oh well, I’ll report back to you soon!


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39 comments on “GMS 2nd Update of Chaos

  1. What the heck is battle exp, i was looking in the stats and above everything i saw Battle Points, and Battle exp, and it go me wondering because no matter how much i was fighting it never went up

    Also i saw something else weird, I had got something where it shows you exp, or meso you gotten, that said something like.”Guts + 3″ but i could find out where this went either.

  2. if only there was the repurchasing system when i npced my big bang ring lvl 17 thinking the guy was storage *sigh*

  3. Btw shakar96, having lower fatigue is GOOD and it depletes by 5 every hour and resets to 0 at 12:00 A.M. Hope i helped πŸ˜€

  4. I don’t know how to get an item crystal.I know it has something related to “extracting” or “disassembling” and item.but I don’t know how to do it.

  5. Hey shakar.
    Maybe you already know that nexon is not giving dark angelical bless ring on the event… I was very dissapointed.
    But well what I wanted to ask you is how can I make powdera now without monsters dropping it D:?
    I didn’t see that on your guide, and if I skipped it sorry for asking.

    • Who said they’re not? πŸ˜› And powder is from either monsters or when you try to make an equipment you might get one.
      EDIT: Err I’ll have to double check that.

      • Guys!!! just look at angelic / dark angelic rings reсipe.. no +att / +matt stats.. it sux!

      • @ Corsair. It says it summons an archangel or dark angel. The angels give A stackable with everything attack buff.

  6. Hey shakar, one question do you know if our crystals and powders dissapear after the Chaos update? o_o” since I’m in EMS I’d like to know that.

  7. Nexon is not giving angelic ring recipes as part of the event. I got my crafting to level 5 just now and i got a level 110 pirate face acc. This pisses me off sooooo much.

  8. who cares about angelic ring? 5 att 1 stat and can be obtained at MDT. What i need is the dark one wich is imosible to get. If its on the craft list and nothing drops it, then it will be an event. or we get NXed

      • I think its easier to get a hidden potential czak, use a mag glass and get 15% your main stat, than geting dark angelic ring recipe from a mob/boss.

        Btw shakar will we get the recipe in an event or not?

      • We don’t get it, just checked.
        Just telling you if you’re one of those godly people who can solo Zakum in 5 minutes or less, you will get it easily (if you’re also able to enter a lot). Otherwise, well, you’ll have to buy it. Recipe and ring are both expensive, but ring is a whole lot more… So if you’re getting the recipe, you still need to get to level 10 unless you want it to fail and all the money you spent on the ingredients and recipe will be gone for no reason. Have fun πŸ˜›

    • Then buy the recipe… Or wait till the White Angelic Bless ring or some Gachapon event or something… It’s not really worth it to make the normal one if you can make a dark/white one (they don’t stack).

      • Yeah i know shakar but recipes for reg one on GMS are 400m+, Dark angelic recipe from gacha will be 1 on 100 and will cost 1000+, so i will farm for reg recipe.

        MDT= MAster Death Teddies

      • I heard that normal Angelic Blessing Recipe, not Dark, cost 600m in GMS +_+. That’s just ridiculous, and I truly don’t understand the people who make them now. If it was given from an event, yeah it’s fine if you use it but if you have to buy it or train for hours, why not just get the Dark Angelic Blessing ring recipe instead?
        Oh and if you didn’t know that already, Angelic Blessing ring + Dark Angelic Blessing ring do not stack.

  9. Shakar i know they dont stack! I get my angelic ring recipe at MDT, took me 2 hours. Since we cant get Drk angelic ring from event, people try to get regular one. There are rumours that a high lvl monster at Temple of Time drop Dark Angelic recipe (forgot name) and zak too. However, drop rate is really low and nobody smegad one yet. If u have a 100% confirmed dark angelic ring recipe drop list, please post it.

  10. No one has a posted a legit screen shot of the ring with the buffer on. Sites that are confirming recipe drops have it listed as N/A because no one actually proved they found it. Nexon screwed us over.

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