KMST 2011 3rd Term – Results!

[KMS v.1.2.136 PATCH file download]

WOOT!! I finally got accepted into KMST!!! Wow what luck this year, I got into GMST AND KMST, and beforehand I never got into Tespia 😀

For those of you that applied, I’ll guide you through to get your results.

STEP 1: Log in to the official MapleStory Website. You need Internet Explorer!

STEP 2: Go to this link:

STEP 3: Scroll down and click on the bear:

STEP 4: If what it says is 3 lines, congratulations! You got in! If not, then oh well 😦 Try again next time!

This is going to be an interesting term! I can’t wait to start playing!

This is going to be an interesting term. The term will go on from July 8th to October 31st. That includes all the summer updates, yay!

Additionally, today is KMS’s first patch of Legend! The patch didn’t start yet and there’s still a little while till it will start, but I’ll be sure to blog about it as soon as possible.

Err, just 24 more hours till I can play KMST! COME’ON TIME, MOVE FASTER 😦

Oh and also, GMS released a new iPhone app!

There was a thief addition before that, for those of you who didn’t know. Personally, I didn’t like the first app and I’m not going to get this one either. It’s basically a flash game version of MapleStory…

This app, like the other one, costs $4.99. Hooray…

Unlike the old one, it’s available in 3 languages; English, Korean, and Japanese.

Some pictures they show you of the game:

Yeah… At least it’s better than their other games… By the way, they had some cannon app but it was removed because nobody downloaded it, LOL.

Anyway, if you want to read more about the MapleStory apps:

MapleStory Thief Edition

MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition


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42 comments on “KMST 2011 3rd Term – Results!

  1. Dam I didn’t get accepted =/
    Grtz to you though!
    And I played the first maple app got bored after a a while.
    and this one is kinda same =p

  2. Gratz man (:
    I got bored of the thief app on lvl 20 lol
    Maybe I will download this one because I have jailbreak so I dont have to pay. (:

    • Nobody even cracked it yet…
      EDIT: Oh never mind, AppTrackr is really slow today. I don’t encourage app piracy, but if you’re going to download it, at least download the one cracked by most_uniQue.

  3. i can’t seem to ligin on the website…
    i think they have disabled the login for the server check.
    can you please check is it’s the same for u?
    i really wanna see f i got in?

      • I hope you know that they put a lot of stuff from other jobs on to cannon shooter.
        Laser: Mech
        Ultimate: pretty much all mages
        That third job skill that looks like blasting a screw:thunder breaker multi hit shark wave with more dmg and less range

        Oh also, mercedes copied a skill from cannon shooters too: the skill where they jump up and shoot.
        P.S i play Elsword too Chung pwns my name is named after the kind of weapon he uses P.P.S I ment some think of something original for MS not for the whole company

  4. Hey shakar its me again.
    Well I have 2 irl friends that play maple too so each of us will make a different proffesion so it willbe easier to get everything, but we wonder if the dark angelical bless ring is untradeable because we couldn’t get 1 for each of us.
    Thank you (:

  5. 😮 i bet the information that will Flow in with u in the test server will be “Splendid!” 😀
    CAN’T WAIT! ^3^

  6. so like if you get accecpted in gmst do you stay? like can you do the other terms in that? andif you don’t can you still sign up next time?
    (’cause i haven’t seen a sign-up thing whenever I would go on but I would see )”tespia is now open!”

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