Happy U.S. Independence Day!

Happy U.S. Independence day! I hope you enjoyed the fireworks and the sales! Yep Macy’s have mattress sales again (as usual) and in addition the big fireworks parade in New York! If you have never watched it before, go watch it! It’s really worth watching.

Let’s talk blog business now!

On my last blog post, I made the biggest fail ever.

AP Reset Scrolls. They are indeed a dream come true, and they do not reset HP/MP. I missed that 제외하고 in there, which means ‘except.’ I thought it said ‘resets all basic stats put in HP/MP’ or something like that… Sooo, the scrolls actually reset ALL your stats except AP you put into HP/MP. Blah I feel dumb… Thanks Wai Jie Wong for pointing that out. I know I really gotta stop rushing and not double checking stuff too much as I did lately…

Just know that they are amazing^^. You can call it a fail as much as you want, I feel the same way…

Anyway, I didn’t get to log on to GMS for a while. Evans are really boring at 5X and Scarecrows are always full… :O But hey, at least I can go around the Maple World using this new item:

Hyper Teleport Rock. Very similar to the Legend Teleport Rock I discussed in my last blog post (except the Hyper Teleport Rock is better!). Who do you think copied whom?

For the Hyper Teleport Rock, you don’t have to actually double click it. You can double click on the map you want to go to in the World Map and you’ll be teleported there!

Back to blog related stuff, I’m working on both the big update that’s coming in 3 days and fixing/finishing my Chaos guide. Two big things in 3 days; Cannon Shooters and the moment of truth. Can’t wait to try out Mercedes!

Oh and lastly, I’ve been working on improving my HTML animations. I added a person into the animations, but it’s still not complete yet. I got to go right now so I rushed. If I made another mistake, just please say so! Again, I do realize I need to spend more time on future posts to prevent another major mistake. Starting tomorrow 😛


I’m going to update this post a couple of time.

Update: Wanna hear a bigger fail? I totally forgot what I wanted to post here. I wanted to talk about an event in GMS…

The Relay Marathon. It’s an ongoing event of which you can get 10,000 Maple Points (NX). There are different requirements for each update of Chaos which you’ll need to do. We don’t know any of them except one of them for the first update:

Create an Aran/Dual Blades/Evan character in the new Chaos world and get it to at least level 30 by July 11th.

The rest will be updated here:


Good luck!

Oh and also, jumpstart characters CAN participate in the leveling event 😀 Sorry to all of you who couldn’t but now Nexon changed it.
Update 2: KMST v.1.2.391 was released today! I’m not going to blog about it for now because I’ll blog all about it if I get in KMST, but if you want to see the changes, look here:

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33 comments on “Happy U.S. Independence Day!

  1. Good luck
    Meso guide yet?
    sorry if m I am bothering u
    I Just really need money….
    Anyway, gl on the big update and are the ricksha easy to get? For the legend shop? I want that sp reset scroll

  2. People are going into vpq using that Tele rock. They use the rock to tele to someone who is inside the map already. I’d like to get in but people in my guild are being very exclusive about it.

  3. wait a minute Shakar… lvling Evan DB and Aran to 30 for 10k NX?
    am I hearing things?
    or is Maplesea just retarded?
    Another awesome post shakar!

    • Leveling an Evan, DB, OR Aran to 30 in the new Chaos world. That’s only part of it. If you get all parts (the future ones too), then you’ll get 10k NX. That’s for GMS, I don’t know about MSEA.

  4. For the marathon event in gms, you only get the 10k for doing it in the new world or is any world eligible? I’d hate to waste my time. also you mentioned jump start characters are eligible? So I just make a level 50 aran,db, or evan and I’m done right?

    • Only in the new world, and you don’t get it instantly. And for the jumpstart characters, I didn’t mean that event, I meant the leveling event.

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