KMST v.1.2.389 ~ Mercedes!

UPDATE: Updated with version 1.2.390. More pictures added! Again, thanks to Supermarioz5 of 😀

[PATCH file download, 46.37 MB]

Yesterday, I told you about the Legend update. Today the term WAS SUPPOSED TO END, but it was extended till the 7th and there was a new patch in which the new job, the dual bow-gun Mercedes, was added. Actually, the update is all over the place! Even the official website shows the Legend update!

Since I’m not in KMST in this term, I can’t really show you much. Therefore, I’ll provide you with videos that are not mine. I promise you that I will have a guide for this class by a few days after the 7th, I want to try it myself if I get in KMST (I’m staying optimistic!)! I’ll also have all the skills and stuff translated so don’t you worry!

So anyway, enjoy the following videos!

Credit to Supermarioz5 of for the images and links, Popnbake of Youtube for videos.

[Pay attention to the light bulb above her head, it’s like a cloud because it’s all a dream! Just like the other hero, Aran.]

Mercedes Intro

We’ll start with the intro. The intro is VERY similar to Aran, except there’s also the Evan’s Onyx dragon. You start out at level 200 in the burning forest and talk to the Onyx dragon who takes you to the Mercedes’ map, the Frozen Fairy Forest maps. This specific one is named something like ‘Ewoorel,’ check it out:

[Click to see the whole map!]

Kind of weird, but check it out:



The gameplay seems absolutely AMAZING! These videos will only encourage you more to make one:

[youtube: [youtube: [youtube: [youtube: [youtube: [youtube:

Profession Skill Expansion

Very sick new items!

^The ring is actually called the White Angelic Bless. It’s an improved Dark Angelic Bless Ring, it gives you 10 to all stats and in addition a 12 ATT buff!

^Legend Askaron – Level 110 2-handed sword, +5 STR/DEX, 100 HP, 113 Weapon Attack, 30 Accuracy, 8 slots, 500,000 durability. You need Platinum Scissors of Karma to trade it and in addition it also has some bonuses:

  • Has a chance to instant kill.
  • Increase damage by 20%.
  • +5% Critical Rate

Interesting Events

Legend Coins Event – The two NPC’s above, Randolph and Lucia, are the Legend Shop Keepers. You can buy some interesting stuff from the shop using what’s called Legend Coins~

^Awesome equips with 100% chance of having a hidden potential!

^EXP pendant that lasts for 30 days! Also remember that in KMS you can extend it even more!

^New Maple Bandanas! Best one that only costs 8 coins adds 6 on each stat, 60 HP/MP, 1 Weapon/Magic Attack, 40 Weapon/Magic DEF, and has 4 slots.

^A dream coming true, AP Reset Scrolls! It resets all your AP EXCEPT ones that you put into HP/MP. Also, it only lasts for 7 days.

You get those coins from participating in other events related to the arrival of the Legend update…

^Legend Construction Stone – Teleports you to any town in any continent.

^New ring! Level your new character to 50 and get it. I know it looks pretty terrible, but if you level it up (notice it’s like a timeless item!), it can become one that adds 4 on each stat and 3 attack! Screw that Chaos Leveling Event, 1-50 > 40-80/50-90/1-80. Plus the ring is better anyway.

^New FM?

^New Scroll! Innocent Scroll (70% but explodes at a 30% chance, or a 20% scroll that doesn’t explode). Innocent Scroll resets your item’s level back to what it was originally (like, timeless items which you level from level 1 till max will go back to 1) or reset the item’s potential (COMPLETELY, so if you had an item with two lines of potential, you might still get a three lined one!).

And for GMS, believe it or not but the long maintenance was actually a good thing! Jumpstart DB’s can now get the the Mastery Books! Sadly, though, jumpstart characters CANNOT participate in the leveling event. Also, everyone gets SP reset scrolls! Yay!

Oh and lastly, could it be that KMS changed their server’s location? I downloaded that 46.37 MB patch in less than a minute o_o It’s never been this fast before…

Anyway, still another job to go.

That’s for KMST, but KMS still got some time…


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103 comments on “KMST v.1.2.389 ~ Mercedes!

  1. Could you possibly explain what’s happening in the intro? All I see is the character talking to Afren (and presumably Freed beside him), frozen people, and the character shooting slimes, I don’t quite understand. :/

    • Basically same as Aran, waking up and stuff and then she shoots slime to show the 4th job skills (like Arans on their way to get the kid). I know it’s only 2:40 because of Bandicam so you can’t see the whole thing, but I’ll upload my own if I get in!

  2. I wanna play Cannon shooter soooooooooooooo bad!
    But I don’t know if I should start playing KMS… =[
    all this system locale stuff and lie detectors.
    It seems almost impossible to play…

    • Im a GMS player and i got a acc yesterday its not that hard no lie decetors or anything.

      Go to they will help you out I found out about from shakar96.

  3. Sorry i’ve been around just haven’t had much to say.

    Anyway, ugh i hate these type of players they only spam the most powerful attacks, and buffs. A little mix of weak, and strong attacks never kills any body. And the video’s look a lot better that way, but everyone want to like “Look at me!! Look how strong i am!!” LOL

    This class looks pretty kool but it looks like your stuck as a girl during the whole thing, unicorns aren’t just to lil girl you know. LOL

    • Also to me demon slayer resembles pally the most from things ive seen, just saying since you cant releate it to warrior you could releate it to Drks but Drks skills are mostly 4+hits and from the vids i saw of this it just seems like it has no main attack skills that are 3+ hits

      • lmao same here, i guess were stuck with the unicorns though lol. Im just gonna make all three of them in a new world

      • O BTW, what do the bars under the character names in char selection mean? we only have 3 in GMS

  4. I read that when Mercedes get’s released there will be a new world released too.
    And with cannon shooter the world ”Legend” will be released.
    Raising a Cannon Shooter or Mercedes to level 50 will give you the Legend Ring. This ring starts off with only 1 to all stats and 1 attack/magic attack, but level it up and it ends up with 4 to all stats and 3 attack/magic attack! It can be transferred within the account! Cannon Shooters also get a choice of 1 Special Mastery Book at level 70.

  5. I know this isn’t related to Mercedes or any of the new classes but what is the max level for Physical Training/High Wisdom?
    Considering they both have the same max level

  6. Oh god I don’t like the look of that Demon Slayer guy. Hopefully he’s not a BW user! It looks like he’s holding an Axe, which is good, BUT I PRAY TO GOD PLEASE DON’T MAKE THEM BW USERS!

  7. yo shakar! its hidanx3! again! I havent had the chance to show u m gratefulness about u contiuning spadow’s blog!
    ur awesome!
    form all regards of maplesea. Hidanx3

  8. Wow. Bravo! You make the most excellent guides/blog posts ever. Waay better then Spadow if I might say. Great job Shakar. Keep up the good work!

  9. hello.. what is the mercedes using the weapon? isit bow? 😦 and i oso would like to noe tat demon slayer using wad weapon too :D.. and the cannon master is gun isit?? demon slayer is warrior or magician of LEGEND? any idea?

  10. It will be cool if
    The 3 old Legends ( if u consider the dual blade a legend)
    The new legends
    Pratically the old legends needs buffs or the new legends get nerfed.

    • Actually, Evan and DB’s are not legends. Also, I don’t think either will get buffed and nerf’ed. In the last patch of KMST Mercedes got buffed…

      • Evan as a class is a legend. At level 200, he/she becomes the “Hero’s Successor”, but they didn’t label the class “not really a legend, just on the way to being one”.

        On topic though – Mercedes is a ranged DB quite literally, and its more OP than I would’ve thought. I mean, they balance Cannon Shooters, then they bring out a OP, ksing machine. Lovely….

  11. Sou jogador de BMS (MapleStory Brasil) e vim aqui para pedir para a sua equipe relatar um pouco sobre a situação do nosso maple, que não está nada boa. Como vocês devem saber não temos a classe pirata, Cavaleiros de Cygnus e entre outros conteúdos básicos de MapleStory, não temos nenhuma atualização a seis meses e nosso aniversario de três anos não vai acontecer nenhum evento nossa economia e totalmente fora de ordem tantos que as coisas chegam a custar bilhões de mesos como mostra o vídeo abaixo então penso que você assista e veja a realidade do MapleStory Brasil. então penso faça uma noticia sobre o nosso maple e a situação caótica

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  12. Hmm … Interesting. Mercedes seems to be a bit like a DB, actually (I’m sure people has said that already, haha;;;).

    I was wondering, how do you level an item? Just using it? I think I have a pair of Bpq shoes that can also level.

  13. It says on the patch notes that Mercedes will be available in Male and female Genders.

    Source:KMS Website Translated through the Google Translator

  14. I like to ask a question.
    DBs have a little bit higher dmg than Mercedes,

  15. Hey shakar, im just asking you this as a favor because it would be better when reading your blog, could you please make a new post when you are going to post new informationa and not edit you older posts please? D: its because I think people cant guess that you edited your post and just get in your blog and say: “oh well, no new post so no new information” and continue doing what they were doing.
    Again, this is justa suggestion, im not telling you how you have to do your blog.
    Btw nice blog (: yours and that orangemushroom one i saw on a post are some nice blogs o:

  16. Texto no idioma Português

    Me desculpe está aqui denovo para falar do BMS, mas não posso ficar calado perante essa situação. O nosso server brasileiro de MapleStory está passando por uma crise que pode causar o fechamento do mesmo estão precisamos da ajuda de todas as pessoas possíveis porque muitos jogadores do Brasil MapleStory não querem que ocorra o fim do seu server, mas nossa distribuidora (Level Up! Games) não se importa com o nosso server, tanto que nosso server fez 3 anos de existência e mesmo assim não ouve eventos de aniversario como nos outros servers e não há atualizações no Brasil MapleStory a mais de meio ano (isso mesmo meio ano sem atualizações) por isso estou em nome de todos os jogadores do Brasil Maple Story para pedir que faça uma noticia e que o mundo saiba o que está ocorrendo no nosso server.

    Text in English language

    Excuse me here again to talk about the BMS, but can not remain silent before this. Our server Brazilian MapleStory is going through a crisis which could cause the closure are the same we need help from all possible because many people in Brazil MapleStory players do not want to occur the end of your server, but our distributor (Level Up! Games) does not care about our server, so that our server did three years of existence and still do not hear as birthday events in other servers and no updates in Brazil MapleStory year more than half (yes half a year without updates ) so I’m all in the name of Maple Story players from Brazil to ask him to do a news and let the world know what is happening on our server.

  17. Shakar do you think there will be a pirate revamp anytime soon? im tired of everyone else but us getting a revamp T.T

  18. Btw, thanks agian Shakar for providing the link to the KMS english site! Now ill be able to play kms since gms has so many many maitnences now aday -_-

  19. shakar from what you have seen what you think about mercedes, OP or not?

    i think not

    i’ve been told i’m wrong, she does have a lot of multi damage attacks but compared to aran after chaos i don’t see it.

    i even compared damage rates from what i can see from different tespia from gms, and kms that both aran and mercedes are pretty even aran might even have a edge over her.

    She just seems to be a pretty fast character with a lot more freedom.

  20. Hey shakar! I have a question about chaos.
    Evans still have to do the quests for the skill points? because I made a jumpstart evan and I would have to do all the quest from lvl 10 to 50.

  21. ^A dream coming true, AP Reset Scrolls! Unfortunately, it’s not as exciting as you think; it’s only for AP you put in HP/MP. Also, it only lasts for 7 days.”

    Reading from the description on the AP reset scroll capture pic……
    It actually says except AP in HP/MP, AP in basic stats will all be resetted….
    It’s actually good you know.

    • I honestly don’t know how they did it. I mean, I know exactly how to make the hack but that requires finishing the quest first and then again to test it. That’s 80 levels! And they did it in a day… That’s why I’m impressed.

  22. Starting to hate mercedes…
    She so flashy and and has this weird buff that heals like 300 hp every 0.1 sec =,=
    Everyone’s gonna make one of these…
    I guess I’ll stick with the Cannon Shooter ❤

  23. MERCEDES IS FUCKING INSANE. I kind of wanna make one now. They look like they’re gonna be nerfed sometime soon, though. Either way, they are fast as shet and look like a good class for me.

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