Chaos Guide

Cygnus Knights

Dawn Warrior (1st)

Attacks 1 monster instead of 3.

Dawn Warrior (2nd)

Sword Mastery
Accuracy Bonus Doubled (+60 accuracy at max level -> +120 accuracy at max level).

Dawn Warrior (3rd)

Brandish is now given in 3rd job at level 70 and Soul Driver is given at level 100.

Soul Driver
Damage Decreased (250% damage at max level -> 180% damage at max level).
Range Decreased (250% -> 200%).

Blaze Wizard (1st)

Attacks 1 monster instead of 3.

Blaze Wizard (2nd)

Fire Arrow
Damage Increased (440% damage at max level -> 450% damage at max level).

Fire Pillar
Damage Increased (300% damage at max level -> 325% damage at max level).

Blaze Wizard (3rd)

Meteor Shower
Damage Increased (1300% damage at max level -> 1400% damage at max level).

Flame Gear
Damage Increased (240% damage at max level -> 280% damage at max level).

Fire Strike
Damage Increased (430% damage at max level -> 550% damage at max level).

Wind Archer (1st)

Attacks 1 monster instead of 3.

Accuracy/Avoidability Bonus Increased (+80 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level -> +225 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level).

Wind Archer (2nd)

Bow Mastery
Accuracy Bonus Doubled (+60 accuracy at max level -> +120 accuracy at max level).

Wind Archer (3rd)

Arrow Rain
Damage Increased (400% damage at max level -> 500% damage at max level).
Effects Changed:

Range unchanged, effect/hit animation time increased (effect = 780 ms -> 1470 ms, hit = 360 ms -> 600 ms).

-> Strafe
Damage Increased (150% damage at max level -> 180% damage at max level).

Damage Increased (175% damage at max level -> 190% damage at max level).

Bow Expert
Mastery Increased (+57% bow mastery at max level -> +65% bow mastery at max level).
Weapon Attack Bonus Increased (+20 weapon attack at max level -> +25 weapon attack at max level).
Minimum Critcal Damage Increased (+10% minimum critcal damage at max level -> +15% minimum critcal damage at max level).

Wind Piercing
Damage Increased (700% damage at max level -> 750% damage at max level).

Wind Shot
Damage Increased (320% damage at max level -> 380% damage at max level).

Night Walker (1st)

Attacks 1 monster instead of 3.

Nimble Body
Accuracy/Avoidability Bonus Increased (+60 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level -> +160 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level).

Night Walker (2nd)

Claw Mastery
Accuracy Bonus Doubled (+60 accuracy at max level -> +120 accuracy at max level).

Night Walker (3rd)

Shadow Partner
Attack Increased (40% attack at max level -> 50% attack).

Damage Increased (350% damage at max level -> 400% damage at max level).

Triple Throw
Damage Increased (185% damage at max level -> 251% damage at max level).

Thunder Breaker (1st)

Quick Motion
Accuracy/Avoidability Bonus Increased (+120 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level -> +160 Accuracy/Avoidability at max level).

Somersault Kick
Amount of Enemies Hit changed from 3~6 to 6.

Attacks 1 monster instead of 3.

Thunder Breaker (2nd)

Knuckle Mastery
Accuracy Bonus Doubled (+60 accuracy at max level -> +120 accuracy at max level).

Energy Charge
Avoidability/Accuracy Bonus Increased (+80 Accuracy & Avoidability at max level -> +300 Accuracy & Avoidability at max level).

Energy Blast
Damage Increased (380% damage at max level -> 580% damage at max level).
Range Increased (105% -> 155%):

Thunder Breaker (3rd)

Weapon/Magic DEF Bonus Increased (+60 Weapon & Magic DEF at max level -> +200 Weapon & Magic DEF at max level).

Damage Increased (600% damage at max level -> 750% damage at max level).

Damage Increased (316% damage at max level -> 360% damage at max level).

Shark Wave
Amount of Enemies Hit Decreased (7 monsters at max level -> 6 monsters at max level).
Range Decreased (600 range -> 500 range):

<img src=”;

Videos coming soon!

174 comments on “Chaos Guide

  1. just wanted to mention that for evan, magic shield always had a cool down on it (60 sec I believe), so the coold down chaos brings shortens the cool down.

  2. Guys sorry I REALLY messed up on this one. I spy a lot of errors too, but I’ll fix them tomorrow (with a computer and not a freaking iPod Touch!).
    First time I had to use more than 1 page. And it’s 10 pages now. O_o

  3. Okay so in GMST, I PVPed to try and get a “Battle Pouch: Pouch available for purchase with a Gallant Emblem. No one knows whatโ€™s inside.” It gave 3 yellow magic powders (those maker things for yellow equips, useless). So I would imagine it just gives you random useless crap, but it isn’t worthwhile. Also, I was wondering if you could tell me when we would get the pocket slot, since in GMST if you bought items for the pocket slot, they couldn’t be equipped. Thanks!

  4. The Rebirth system was trashed awhile ago. There were too many problems so I highly doubt it’ll be the GMS exclusive…but hey, GMS is so broken currently, I don’t think that the rebirth would have much effect =P

  5. Just read through it obviously gms has alot ahead of them. Thanks for keeping us informed and clearing up any confusion people have about up coming patches >.<

    • I don’t know about that. I didn’t write that because yes it happened in KMS but people told me we’re not getting it in GMS. We’ll have to wait till Chaos! I really hope there will be that event, though.


    Quick question though, do heroes also get the rush upgrade? I’m assuming you just forgot to add it under hero, but it would break my heart if Nexon improved only Drk and Pally =)

  7. i’ve stalked ur blog for so long waiting for this… u have no idea! :O

    1 Thing
    2 Say
    3 Words
    4 You:

    I Love You! ๐Ÿ™‚

    and I Love Your Guide ^_^
    Rock on Bro, Best Blogger Ever โค

  8. I HIGHLY doubt GMS will get the ” rebirth system”, If they scraped it then; there is No reason why any other Version would get it.
    I just see no reason for it, More logical “exclusive content” would be something tailored for the GMS players.

    As for the NLC Content, yes that wasn’t “exclusive” just for GMS, But hey at lest we got it first xD
    (to my knowledge )

    Good guide dude
    keep it up


  9. Nice guide man. imo the profession event 2 is awesome lol. Any tips on how to get a secondary stat lved up faster (for a jewel crafter)? I know you mentioned making lv 40-60 items for it, but any idea which one would be best?

    Also, about the androids that come if you pick Blacksmithing, can they wear potential items which add on to your own stats?

  10. Excellent read ๐Ÿ˜€ I just have 1 little question, did you ever get your secondary profession in KMS? If so how long did it take you? If not, what strategy would you recommend to get to lvl 10 during the event time?

    • I never got it to level 10, but that’s because I had school and other stuff to do during that time period. I also found a very good place and gathered some tips which you can see under ‘Any tips?’ section or something like that on the second part of this guide.

  11. Oh dear, if we got Rebirth, I might actually have a real purpose for wearing my Gellerhead Shield. I’m definitely interested to see any alternate ways of obtaining the level 140 equips. I think we all know that Cygnus is not going to be legitimately killed for a good long time.

      • Well, I don’t know a whole lot about Dual Blades, but from my experience, they can’t take too much damage (unlike, say, a Hero). So that leads me to believe that the lack of defensive measures would lead to an expedition’s downfall. But that’s just my live of thought processing, though in theory, an offense faster than the opposition’s could be victorious if it were fast enough. Ooooh, thank you very much! I will definitely be forging them.

      • Are there Wheels of Destiny in GMS? If there are, then they’ll easily defeat it. Wheels work in that map~ Again, that DB who solo’ed PB always had tons of wheels when she fought bosses.
        It will be kind of a challenge. If SHE needed a huge group to defeat Cygnus, well what about us? I mean, look at her, she solo’ed PB in 20 minutes what the hell:

  12. It’s a nice guide but yes Masteria IS GMS exclusive. It was made in GMS just like Neo Tokyo is JMS exclusive. Just because other versions have it doesn’t mean it’s any less exclusive. If it is a Masteria update then Masteria will be GMS exclusive in the traditional way meaning no one else has it like we do and that’s actually true now. MSEA and EMS Masteria is a little different then ours and if anyone’s hoping for the rebirth system don’t get your hopes up..

  13. I really hope we don’t get the rebirth system… If we do the GMS is just going to be a PS and I don’t want that happening… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  14. Hey,
    Someone has pointed out that Wild-Hunters get a level 1 (1st job i assume) skill called “Nature’s Balance” which may heal 10% of the hp/mp at a 20% chance. the PVP skill has 5% healign capacity.

    True? False? Seen anything like it? :3

    and THANK YOU for this entry.
    I want to have a baby from you now โค

  15. Really great job on this post, a few mistakes but other then that really good and extreamly informative, i look forward to reading about more of the kmst events, i really want to learn about this new dual bow Legend, and the new warrior Resistance, looks forward.

  16. Have u realized the Mechanics and Dual Blade r hugely reduced in this update? Now I’m in a good frame of mind to delete my Mechanic and b a Wild Hunter…..

  17. You mentioned that’d you tell of another way to recieve the 140 equipment “in the next part of Chaos” other than fighting the new Cygnus boss. Were you planning on adding how to obtain the equipment in another guide or did you accidently forget to put the onformation in? =O Would really appreciate it to find out how else to recieve the equipment….cause I don’t plan on fighing the Cygnus boos anytime soon. xD haha Thanks again for the guide. The read was well worth it. =]

  18. OH MY FUCKING GOD I LOVE YOU SHAKAR. This is so useful, and we all new the nerfing of Mechanics would come eventually. ๐Ÿ˜› Thank you so much. โ™ฅ

  19. Also, about the Boom Up event; when the new character gets to level 30, what type of hairstyle and face coupon do they get? VIP or REG/EXP?

  20. Hey shakar96 ๐Ÿ™‚ here i got a question kinda confusing me
    u said : the Adventurer Rings (which you may only choose one of) are the same exact rings as the ones from the older event. That means, if you got one from the level 50 event thing in the past, it will stack with everything you get here!

    does that mean i can have 2 aventurer rings?

  21. i mean i already have an OLD aventurer critical ring, and do they stack if i get a NEW aventurer critical ring?
    OLD critical ring + NEW critical ring = ???

  22. Hmmmmmm……can the jumpstart dual blades in GMS (the ones that start at level 50 that you can create when you have a level 70+ character) get the free mastery books when they start? Sorry if you were asked this question already, but I’m too lazy to look through all the comments lol.

      • ive been told that it has been confirmed by nexon that jumpstart dual blades do NOT receive the free mastery books. however i have not found any proof of this yet in my search. but i guess we will in fact have to wait till it actually happens

  23. I have a dire question: If I have 6 points in Chains of Hell before Chaos patch, will I automatically get 6 points in Phantom Blow?

    • Good question. KMS doesnt have Mastery Books for Evans so I didn’t even check. I need to double check the WZ first and then tell you (got to go now, I’ll check in about an hour).

      • Will Evans get free mastery books too? I’ve always wanted to play an Evan. I’ll be depressed if Nexon’s giving free mastery books to DBs only. :c

        Ah, I see. Thanks in advance. I’ll be refreshing the page in an hour. c:

  24. How difficult is it to get to level 10 jewel crafting during the event, without any preparation? Is this something the common player could pull off?

  25. Is it more beneficial to get a character to lvl 40 pre-chaos or a character from lvl 1-80 post-chaos for the perks as a newly created character? In simpler terms, are the benefits of a newly created character worth it?
    Also, with the blacksmith profession, since you can forge shields, is it possible to make thief shields, such as the khanjar and dragon khanjar? As of now, these shields can only be obtained through gacha.
    Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into this guide. I feel more prepared than ever. ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Hey Mr. Shakar,
    Would you mind checking the Aran’s changes again?
    I find it’s hard to believe that Arans get 20 wa boost every 10 combo instead of 2.
    I also heard that the 35% damage boost for snow charge is still there(but it went passive, not when you active the skill).

  27. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuude i wanna know the story of the bm and db what happen do they fight each other to the death in the end? I hope the db dies ๐Ÿ˜›
    annnnnd this seems so overwhelming all this stuff, but it seems to me like this event gives unfunded people a chance at making nice equips am i right?

  28. Hey! Great Blog I read it almost everyday to see if there’s something new XP

    but i have a little question….
    if i chose blacksmithing how would i get the recipie to make those lvl140 equips you talked about earlier

    And which profession did you choose for your maine?

    And srry last question.. what calss did you lvl 40+ to get those special equips and why ๐Ÿ˜€

    Sorry biut all those question XP

    • You can get those recipes from monsters. Actually, the 140 equips are sold by Larson in PvP (a few patches after the Ice Knight patch).
      I chose Mining + Accessory Crafting, the classic. Lastly, I level’ed up my Thunder Breaker from 47-87 for the earrings and Dual Blader from 1-80 and attempted to level an Aran. I made a mistake though, I was overexcited about Arans. I should have leveled up an Evan instead, much more useful reward.

  29. Hey Shakar, nice guide but would u mind telling me if when u create a character from the jumpstart event will u still be able to get the rewards from the boom up event? Oh and do u need any free character slots to make a jumpstart character becuz u get one for free or is the free slot after u create ur character?

  30. Heya, just had a brief flick through (mainly events) but just wanted to say thanks. It looks like it took a long time, keep it up!

  31. hey Shakar this is kinda cool cause I didnt knew where to start in an hour (the patch is supposed to finish in an hour) and i read your guide, its very good though well i gtg and GL with your blog

  32. I was like planning to come back to maplestory when Cannon shooters are released.
    But are there things I should do in Chaos before having my long ”brake”?

  33. postin bout Chaos on my blog right now idk how to manage it jst i know i can post on it if i use anythin of this it will say “CREDITS TO shakar96 (and a link of your blog))

  34. You kinda skipped Aran/Evan ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I was looking for Aran and I cursed out loud and my gf yelled at me cuz her little sister was near. In conclusion: Add Arans!

  35. For the lvl 140 weapons, when they are made do they need the platinum sok? Or is it only when equipped they need it?

  36. sigh, mechs really take a hard hit with tank mode using mp to attack and bots n tots losing so much power.

    only good thing is laser’s range

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  38. What if I want Dark Angelic Blessing(Which gives the effect with the 2 girls holding somehting right?) and Deluxe Android (M/F) Recipe & Iron Heart Recipe/ Android (M/F) Recipe & Silver Heart Recipe, what do I need to do to get those?

  39. why did they r@pe blaze? They made it only 260% on 1 mob… It’s basicly a 1 hit magic missle 0.o did you typo or did they seriously do this, and would u know why?

  40. I have heard that high level accessories require SoK or PSoK to trade, do the level 140 and 130 gear have that restriction as well? If that is true, I wonder what profession would be more beneficial to my main… So Shakar, is this true?

  41. Pingback: Chaos Has Arrived In GMS! « Gamer Island

    So , there won’t be dragon khanjar recipes?
    By the way, thank you for the freakin’ thorough guide !!!!!!<3
    I'm glad I was able to find it!(all thanks to google :p)

  43. why didnt i find you when i was wasting my time reading spadows blogs? these are way better and in much more detail. just your lay out needs some work and youll be awesome!!!

  44. can you explain more when you said : “Yay! Well anyway, once you learned a recipe itโ€™s yours forever and you can make it as many times as you want (with some exceptions! Read on!)”. What are the exceptions? If I find an android or shoulder pad recipe, I can make it more than once? I was under the impression you need another recipe each time.

    • Some recipes say ‘one time use’ on it. Those are the exceptions. Others will say multiple use, so you can use them as many times as you want. Most shoulder pad recipes are multiple use, Android are not though. The one you get at level 4 is 1 time use, and then one you get at 10 can be used 10 times.

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  46. nice, i loved it all the information i needed, im a DB 155btw ๐Ÿ™‚ and you know i was especially excited to see all the GREEN!!! THORNS IS ALL MINES +30 WEPP ATT FTW : GRIND โค

  47. Just so you guys know. At lv4 of jewel making, you don’t get Angelic Bless ring recipe. :[ I’m lv4 for my jewel crafting and yet nothing!

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  49. WTF Imps arent useless….. It’s called feed it ETC items. -.- They give you better pickaxes/shovels, special lvl 90 weapons and also mineral/herb bags that holds up to 8 slots. This is so useful in saving etc room.

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  51. Hi Shakar, Could you post up the required materials for dark angelic ring? I’m on TWMS and I just got the angelic ring at lv4, I’d love to know what you need at lv 10 so that I can start preparing ^^ thanks!!!!

  52. Actually u should mine heartstones. The ore fragments they give is nearly thrice as much as the ordinary vein. The ore fragments can be traded in for a pouch or sold off at quite a sum to others who desperately need a few more. Same applies for herbalism

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