KMS v.1.2.135 ~ New Cannon Shooter Events!

The patch yesterday was pretty long and big, but Cannon Shooters were not released. However, events relating to Cannon Shooters were added and the date of their release, July 7th!

Honestly, I did not even notice there was a new event. Luckily, I got redirected to Max’s blog while surfing and also andΒ  found out about it! So I quickly logged in~

First off, there’s a new window for events:

That’s good because there are so many events going on at the same time in KMS, now I’m not going to be confused. Also, if you click on the little calendar, you can see a calendar of the event!

And the bottom above it let’s you participate in that event, much better than figuring out which quests to start or not.

It can be accessed through either the Menu button or your keyboard (default is ‘V’):

It gives me a general idea of future events too, so I’ll discuss present events along with future ones!

Archeologist Event – June 16th~ June 29th

I’m not going to even bother explaining this one. Same exact thing as always, you can always check my previous blog posts for explanation.

Watermelon Event – June 16th~June 29th

Explained here.

Pre-Cannon Shooter Event – June 23rd~ July 6th

Okay now we’re getting interesting. New event to help you prepare for Cannon Shooters!

So I click on the first button to participate in it, and what do you know?

Cassandra gave me a book. And guess what?

WOW! Never seen that concept before! How original~

Anyway, each day you have to get 6 pieces from monsters your level or higher.

Should be very easy. No joke but it took me longer to get to Captains than to get all the pieces.

Then Cassandra will give you one Cannon Shooter Mimi’s Spring:

Those are like EXP capsules for Cannon Shooters. If you use it on your Cannon Shooter, you’ll get 10% if you’re under level 50, 5% if you’re between 50 and 99, and nothing if you’re above level 99.

Now do this every day. You will get a reward when you finish:

  • 1 Day – 20 Power Elixirs.
  • 3 Days – 30 more useless untradeable Power Elixirs and 3 Continental Scrolls (described here).
  • 5 Days – 3 Scrolls for Cannons for ATT 65%.
  • 7 Days. It’s a different version from the original Dragon Hertz, and it’s good for DEX-les!!!! (thanks GentleFlow, I didn’t even notice it was different from Dragon Hertz):

Level: 100
Req STR: 270
+107 Weapon Attack
+62 Weapon DEF
Number of upgrades available: 7
Speed: Slow
Tradeable between your account ONCE.

Sorry, same stats except Level/STR/DEX requirement as Dragon Hertz one got me confused :O… Anyway this one is way better and it’s only obtainable through this quest!

Bummer. I’m not making a Cannon Shooter on my Thunder Breaker’s account, so I guess I’ll have have to level a character on my other account to level 13 and participate in this event.

Let’s go on to the next event, shall we?

Pirate Barbosa Event – June 23rd ~ July 6th

Another handy feature is the little clock thing. For this event, it tells you when the Pirate Barbosa spawns.

It will spawn in every map between 10 A.M. and 11:59 P.M. KST.

The stats vary as the levels vary as the training areas vary (what).

It’s really the same thing as Ergoth from the Saint Saver event. It spawns, you kill it, and you get Pirate’s Treasure Box. When you open that, you might get the rewards they show in the Events window…

  • [Untradeable] Chaos Scroll.
  • Random coin. They only show one that gives 100,000 mesos and one that gives 50,000 mesos, but there seem to be other coins that may also give 10,000 mesos, 1,000,000 mesos, or even 10,000,000 mesos!
  • [Untradeable] Clean Slate Scroll 5%.

Wow… Every single event in KMS gives you untradeable rewards 😦

Hakuna Matata Events [Weeks 1 & 2] – June 25th & July 2nd

Hakuna Matata? What?

So random… On those two days, you’ll receive a Safety Charm (that only lasts for a day) and two of these boxes:

One box can only be opened on Saturday and the other one can only be opened on Sunday. From those boxes you will get 3 1.5X EXP coupons for that day that last for one hour.

Monkey Doll Event, Find the Dolls! – June 30th ~ July 17th

It’s going to be another book called Returned Monkey Dolls Log. I think you get Monkey Dolls from monsters and then you get the rewards. The rewards from left to right:

  • Monkey Banana – Gives any character EXP (not just Cannon Shooters). Can be used on July 17th and you cannot use more than 100.
  • Cannon Shooter Minimal Spring – Described above.
  • Special Potential Scroll – Untradeable, potential scroll that works at a 100% rate.
  • Monkey Bling Bling – Another one of those useless medals above your head.

Oh and a new feature actually is bonus EXP for party quests.

A random PQ that’s recommended to you will be highlighted and if you do it, you will have 20% more EXP than normal! You can’t gain the bonus EXP if you do the PQ more than 3 times on that day. Oh and you can’t do the same PQ more than 10 times a day 😦

Well that’s it for today. By the way, I’ve been sick for the past few days and today it only got worse, my neck hurts and I can barely move it 😦 Hopefully I’ll get better very soon…


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49 comments on “KMS v.1.2.135 ~ New Cannon Shooter Events!

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  2. Awesome info, but as Sukau said… they usually don’t come to GMS x.x
    Well I guess a suckish version does but, well its a suckish version xD
    Funny how its a big things to post only “First” if your comment is first….

  3. The Cannon Req. lvl is 100 and the bonus exp from PQ is added in KMST a few patches ago. Also, I don’t see how you can get your information on KMST events in this patch from and you credited them.

    • No I said I didn’t notice there was a patch. I would probably never notice because I was doing other stuff but all of a sudden I went there and ‘Dang, there was a patch yesterday!’

  4. i hope you get well shakar (:
    and these events are awesome in front of gms ones that you get absolutely nothing ._.

    • Thank you, I’m recovering pretty quickly (I hope).
      To be honest, I actually think those events will come to GMS. All the events during Chaos in KMS will come to GMS so I think they’ll keep copying those.

  5. Hakuna matata means “no worries” in swahili. I guess that’s referring to the safety charms and you not hving to worry about losing xp

  6. as always, amazingly detailed, nicely placed and very well made post, thanks for the info on the events! and looking forward to see the cannon shooter release events and what they have in store πŸ™‚

    and amm, Please Get Well Soon!! ^3^

  7. Woah~
    Thats a ton of events! :O Well, I hope you get better soon Shakar! D:

    …Sick on the first week of Summer Break. Must suck!

  8. ”And the bottom above it let’s you participate in that event, much better than figuring out which quests to start or whatnot.”

    Should be:

    And the button above it let’s you participate in that event, much better than figuring out which quests to start or which not.

  9. get well soon! KMS sure does have a LOT of events going on at once…
    btw i still think that the sidebar should be put back in for easier navigation.

    • Thing is, for my Chaos guide for example, the images are kind of large and they won’t fit. Most of the images I put up will be shrunk and since I’m using Google Code, you wouldn’t be able to enlarge them.

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