Theme Change, etc.

This is what it was supposed to look like^^. I take absolutely no credit for this, it was designed entirely by Vores of Broa. Looks amazing in my opinion! Sad thing is, I can’t make the whole design due to WordPress’s restrictions.

The logo is still very nice though! And I probably said it a million times already, but I’ll say it again, thank you!

Also, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I also removed the sidebars. Tell me what you think, hopefully it’ll make things a bit easier to read.

Now, Chaos is REALLY soon and I pretty much have my whole guide set, only thing left to do is translate everything to GMST’s words (which is no problem).

I’ve noticed how eager you guys are for continuous updates, so I was thinking, instead of making a huge guide, why not release each part at a time? I mean, besides Chaos there won’t be anything except maybe Cannon Shooters…

Vote at the bottom!

Oh and I have something very IMPORTANT to tell you. Make your level 40 characters NOW. Don’t make that level 50 character Nexon is offering you during Chaos, because you’ll just have to level it to 90 instead of 80 like us. I suggest you start right now till Chaos to make level 40 characters and after Chaos level them as fast as possible (except Dual Blades). Trust me, you’ll be busy enough after the second update of Chaos.

Here’s a list of the characters you should create (most useful to most useless):

  1. Evan – I made a mistake in KMS for not doing so, but the Dragon Glasses are really important.
  2. Cygnus – Those earrings or any better ones are not coming back.
  3. Dual Blade – The mask is very useful. Listen, though, you’ll have to start from scratch here because you won’t be able to do anything without the Mastery Books. I suggest using the level 50 thing on a Dual Blader, that is if they give you the free Mastery Books.
  4. Adventurers, Arans, Resistance – Pretty useless, the rewards are rings. Don’t even bother making ones, you’ll be able to get much better rings anyway.

Level those as much as possible till the second update of Chaos. Why the second update of Chaos? I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake as I did, the Dark Angelic Ring recipe and any other pro recipe can only be acquired through the event, so you’ll need as much time as possible to level up your primary/secondary profession skills. And trust me, you will need a lot of time.

You guys are lucky. I’m already warning you ahead of time, and also you have Summer Vacation! Should be pretty easy, so start now.

Just because I’m bored,

Fun Fact: Did you know that after Chaos you don’t need a Dark Crystal anymore? That’s right! Because Maker was removed, Arans cannot make that item they need to advance to 3rd job. Therefore, the whole advancement process for every job doesn’t require Dark Crystals! There’s no replacement except for Cygnus Knights, who need 20 [Can’t spoil! On my guide anyway].


100 comments on “Theme Change, etc.

  1. nice… thanks for the warns up but for some reason mz MS wont load… anyway, the new design is great! πŸ™‚
    P.S. FIRST!!!!!

  2. About the poll, I think you should do one big guide, but, you don’t release it all at once, y’know? Like, when you finish the first update, you post that, then when the second update is done, you edit the first update post to include the second update.

    If that’s possible. πŸ˜›

  3. I don’t get what you mean with “Make your level 40 characters NOW” Why should I make a level 40 account?
    The theme looks great though! πŸ˜€

      • yeah i remember spadow and me had a long ride to do in KMST to do this when chaos came out T_T such a pain ….

      • I know right? When I advanced my Thunder Breaker, oh my gosh it was terrible. Going all the way from Ereve to Omega Sector… For 20 ETC. items!!!
        And then I was stuck in Omega Sector because I had no Eos Scrolls and was too lazy to go up that whole thing πŸ˜€

  4. Actually, ALL quests requiring ores have that requirement removed.
    And cygnus need 20(?) Mateon Tentacles instead

    • Yeah, SPOILED!
      By the way, I don’t remember if the ore requirement was removed for every quest in the first or second update. Do you know? I know that the 3rd job advancement was changed in the first update, but I don’t know about the quests.

  5. Sorry if this is a dumb question but if I want the dragon glasses and already have a 115 Evan does that mean I need to level it to 155 to get them?

  6. i strongly think u should release the guide in one go, because it would help us prepare for the parts of chaos that r still to come in GMS πŸ™‚
    but either way, im totally excited and freaking out about it, I WANNA SEE NAW XD

  7. Why do you say that the Adventurer Rings are useless? 3 att, some HP, and 5% crit rate. Is this seriously not better than the Angelic Bless Ring? Cause I was plannin on equiping 2 lvl 17 Rings, an Adventurer Crit ring, and the Dark Angelic Bless Ring.

      • I think the crit ring would help more on certain classes or all of them unless you need more stats to go without your secondary stat honestly, but crit isn’t as important as it once was a long time ago. Anyhow Shakar are you talking about the Dark Angelic Bless Ring or is there another ring with almost equal stats?

      • Dark Angelic ring is 5 on all stats and 10 attack. There’s another one that’s 5 on all stats and 5 attack. Critical rings don’t add too much critical rate, but some might find it useful. Look, I’m just saying that the items I listed under most useful don’t come back and neither do an improved version of them (and no the grape earrings from the Saint Saver quest do not add attack). Rings will come back again with new and better versions. I bet the GMS-exclusive update will have to do with a new Chaos Ring or something…
        All I’m saying is that you should aim for the most rare ones first, and only then go to the less rare ones. Hey, you got summer vacation so you might be able to get them all. I would only get the ring for the instant kill effect, that is if I get it. It’s not my character though, you’re free to do whatever you want. Just a tip. Oh and also don’t forget that you have TWO Big Bang rings, where KMS has none.

  8. can you pot the db mask and the dragon glasses because i have planned to get the mask but i have no intention of getting the glasses because i already have very good ones and 3 att wont beat that xD so can u pot the glasses

  9. I’m guessing that this isn’t possible, but can you wear dark angelic ring and the angelic ring at the same time?

  10. Just a question, if I may. Can you wear both the regular angellic ring and the dark angellic ring at the same time?

    If not, I’d envision that the best “ring combination” would be Evolving Ring 1, Evolving Ring 2, Critical Ring (generally) and then a dark angellic ring. Just like some clarification, thanks. πŸ™‚

  11. i think the sidebar should go back in. without it, navigation to different pages is more difficult, and it doesnt really feel like a blog without it…

  12. for profession skills, how many times do you think I can level a profession skill before fatigue reaches max? I have to go to camp when profession starts, but I’ll have the weekends. However, that’s only 3 days a week. Also, how many days did you get to get the dark angelic bless ring recipe? (the one that you need to get to lvl 1 jewel crafting for)

    • Remember that each time you mine you get 1 fatigue and when you make something you get 5. If you have a couple of mules, then you’ll be able to get the ring easily (if you work efficiently on those weekends). If not, then sorry but you might not be able to.

      • I have PLENTY of ores. I’ve been hoarding them for the past 3 months. But I’m afraid I won’t be able to craft enough stuff to level my jewel crafting skill to 10 before the event ends. BTW, when did the event end in kms?

      • so is that like a month after profession skills were released? Also, I heard that if you reach level 10 jewel crafting, you can get 10 recipes for the ring, not just one.

  13. I don’t see your logic in saying dragon glasses and cygnus earring are any good. Sure, they have good starting stats, but are they scrollable? (and, in turn, pottable?) If the answer is no then they should be below the dual blade mask item in ranking.

    Also, do you know how much exp you get for mining and making respectively?

  14. Hey, first of all, since spadow quit his blog, u are my favorite blog, actually i like it more than the spadow blog πŸ˜€

    Now, i have a question. Is Dark angelic ring better than the 3 att 3 all stat lilin aura / res lux ring from chaos event? I think it has a watt bonus buff, how much att does the bonus add? Is the buff stackable with potions/att skills like rage? Does the buff have a CD? Is the buff dispelable by monsters?

    If the answers are: yes, 5+, yes, no, no; i think ill do: DB mask + evo ring I + evo ring II + Adv crit ring (it stills add crit% right?) + dark angelic ring.

    OMG, im annoying i know. Sorry for all these questions but i need to know. I dont want to lvl an aran up to 40 and then to 80 or a resistance member for nothing.

    thanks and good luck with your blog πŸ™‚

    • Dark Angelic Ring adds 10 Weapon attack. The buff is stackable with other buffs UNLESS there’s a true overflow (as in, all the buffing skills, buffing potion, AND Energy Charge LOL). It doesn’t have a cooldown and yes it can be dispelled by monsters, but your little fairies will quickly rebuff you.
      And you’re not annoying πŸ˜€

  15. GMST is closed by the way.
    And the poll is actually really close now! I’ll look at the results one second before I post my Chaos guide so keep voting.

  16. I think you should have posted the whole guide earlier so we could have an advantage over those who don’t read your blog πŸ˜› and i have thousands of ores i saved up for the dark angelic ring. Is getting ores the hard part or is it something else?

    • Oh, getting the ores are extremely easy! You will get it very quickly. The ores are no problem at all. The hard part is getting Jewel Crafting to level 10 to get the recipe. Then, once you have the recipe, you can take as much time as you want to get the ores and craft it. By the time you get to level 10 Jewel Crafting, though, you’ve already mined tons of ores.
      And oh my gosh, the poll is EXACTLY tied!

      • Whats the hard about getting to level 10 jewel carfting then? Is it the time required to be spent on it or something else?

        p.s. I don’t see why people would want to recieve the guide in parts and not whole so you can get a sneak peak at whats to come >:O

        and oops i meant to reply to this not comment at the bottom :3

  17. LOL i was about to lvl a db to lvl 40, so i deleted my bam, now i realise u cant create one until chaos xD.
    If new chaos face accessories have no slots i think db mask will be worth it.

    btw, if u are lvl 120, is it going to be easy to reach lvl 10 jewel crafting to lvl 10 than if u are lvl 70? Also, wich will be the special equips that people who choose smithing or herbalism wil get?

    thanks πŸ˜€

  18. I hope i am destroying your self esteem by comparing this steam pile of crap to spadows…. to be truthful i hate the both of you, i jsut came on here today because a guildy told me to waste 3 minutes of my life, all i really want to know is why you waste your life making guides for things that are coming in the future. If i was a time traveler and told you, that you would be butt raped in a gas station will going on a nx run, would you rather i blog about it, and let him know who you are so it would be easier for him to rape you, or let things fall as they may letting you live your life tangentially to everyone elses. Im not ever coming back on here, but i should let you all know, idc if you hate me its actually me who hates you. If my grammer is bad bear through it because my eyes are burning from all this rubbish they have to sift through.

    • Hmm what? Fake wannabe Spadow I see?
      I don’t understand anything you said about being raped in a gas station or why I shouldn’t write guides. By the way, for your information (well, I guess you’re not gonna see it because you’re ‘never coming here again’), I never bought NX in my life~
      Oh and guys, the poll is tied again! Oh my gosh, this thing is killing me. SOMEONE WIN ALREADY!!!

      • people dont know how to deal with rage i guess. I admire u cos u never bought NX πŸ˜€

        I really love ur blog, dont pay atention to this no-life noobs that just want to piss u off

  19. Whats the hard about getting to level 10 jewel carfting then? Is it the time required to be spent on it or something else?

    p.s. I don’t see why people would want to recieve the guide in parts and not whole so you can get a sneak peak at whats to come >:O

  20. Sorry if this has been asked before, or these questions are stupid and obvious, but I was wondering: You have to get the recipes for the ring before the event ends (or else you’ll never be able to make them)? And to get to level 10 Jewel Crafting, you would have to make a whole bunch of other things which might be useless?

    So, what I mean is, to level up, you’d have to make other items lower level/with simple recipes to gain exp (for the level) and use your ores and such for them(?).

    And in the end waste all your ores, haha;;;

    • I wouldn’t say ‘never,’ but yeah that’s pretty much it. You have to get them before the event ends.
      If you’re really trying to level up your Jewel Crafting and not just mess around, you’ll only make level 40 rings and drop them afterwards. Why? Easiest to make and give 100 EXP (and the max for any item is 150, and those require lots and lots of ores). All your ores will be used on those.

      • LF>all in one chaos guild NOW i still dont get how to rise jewel crafting that fast! Will u have to get lvl 40 ring recipe from (i have no idea from where), farm ores with mining and create tons of lvl 40 rings? Thats the best way?

      • Not ALL items need recipes. In fact, a majority of the items you can create don’t need one. The simple rings included.
        And yes it’s the best way. Just a tip, mine with your mules and craft with your main character so you don’t waste fatigue on your character. Oh and you’re going to need to mine a lot every single day.
        I can’t exactly release a guide right now because I’m on my iPod Touch and I’ve got to go sleep LOL.

      • I see, thanks very much! Hope the event for the recipes are easy, haha … Thanks for writing this blog; it’s very helpful!

  21. Wow wow wow old crit ring has a 10% crit ( , does this new version have only 5%? Cos for example for archers 10% crit 2watt is better than 3watt 5 allstat ring (lvl 140 one), but i think 5%crit 2 watt isnt. And if u stack Jump event ring + crit ring (10%)+SE+archer mastery = 80% crit πŸ˜€

    Im talking to much again.
    To sum up, 10% crit or 5% crit on this version of critical ring?

  22. Yeah shakar release only 1 guide…Less work and more profit XD…Besides I have somewaht of a question (Actually a Opinion) Which Profesion skill combo is the best for every type mapler????

    • I’m guessing Accessory Crafting is the way to go. Androids are pretty useless and people will just buy them ‘for the heckz’ and the Alchemy’s Giant Potion is even more useless so it seems like the Dark Angelic Bless ring will be most useful (think about it; recipe = 10 rings, 1 ring = 500m AT LEAST, even more, profit?).

  23. I saw on Ellin forest that you’ve been a bit…..less than kind to Basilmarket people.

    I’m not going to judge or yell at you, but if people are going to be visiting your blog or relying on you, it’s better not to be an ass to the audience.

    • I’m an ‘ass’ to people in EllinForest because they’re ‘asses’ to me. People I don’t even know just randomly curse at me in EllinForest. Now be real here, would you or would you not be an ‘ass’ back to people like them?

      • Being honest, I wouldn’t be an ass back. Be the bigger/better person, or discuss things reasonably.

        Most of the time though, it’s better to ignore blatant abuse.

  24. A questien.
    Can i wear blood mask, dragon glasses, the earrings, evo ring 1&2 resistance ring (event when resistance came out) and the aran ring from this event?

  25. Hi Shakar! I just wanted to say that I am very impressed by your blog and I’ve sort of made it my personal mission to read all your posts beginning from January 1st hehe just to be totally familiarized with all that’s to come =)

    Regarding guide posting style: I think an “all-in-one” post for the guide would ultimately be more helpful because people often get lost amidst the multiple update posts and also it’s much easier to see comparisons of changes if everything is in one guide only.

    Regarding db masks: Can you provide insight as to whether existing db masks currently in-game (pre-Chaos) would also become tradable within the account? Or if they would remain untradable and only the new db masks (post-Chaos) would be account-tradable?

    Thanks so much and I’m really looking forward to your future posts.

    • Unfortunately, none of the existing event equipment changed so the DB masks will not become tradeable within the account. Only the new one will be account-tradeable.

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