MapleStory Adventures!

[Sorry the music is messed up, my recorder didn’t work properly.]

FULL credit to Tony (ResistBattie of Khaini) for providing me with a key and making this possible!!! I would also like to thank Hyun for offering me one as well!!!

The new game I told you about, MapleStory Adventures, has its closed beta open right now. It will soon be open for everyone, so I’ll guide you through the whole game~!

NOTE: The game is a single-player game unless you invite people from your Facebook. Also, everything will be done using the mouse.

The game starts by telling you the overall storyline of MapleStory (the Black Mage, the Empress, etc.). Then, you get to choose your job. There are only two jobs you can choose from, Warriors and Mages.

The game is VERY simple and very similar to MapleStory. All you have to do in this game is quests and level up.

There’s only one continent in this game, Victoria Island. And out of that, there’s only Perion, Ellinia, Henesys, and Kerning City (aside from the beginner maps).

Each map can be unlocked as you level up; they require to be a specific level.


Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.




Kerning City:

The maps can be found in the ‘Map’ button of the UI. Speaking of UI, I’ll describe it.

Arrow: Shows you the next/previous map(s).

NPC’s: You should know those from GMS, they carry out quests.

Quests: Shows either available or quests in progress. The button is made up of the NPC involved in that quest and the number is how many quests you finished for that NPC.

EXP: The bar is the EXP bar with the amount of EXP you have/amount required on it. The number on the star is your level.

Power: Just what it sounds like… Just like Weapon Attack (or Magic Attack) in the real MapleStory.

Energy: Similar to HP AND MP in the real MapleStory. Your energy recovers every 5 minutes, and you can have more than your max. Each attack you take will consume energy and every time a monster hits you your energy will decrease.

Gold: Mesos~

Add your friends: Right, like that will happen… I’m sure all of you will add people from your Facebook to play MapleStory with you.

Summon a friend: Summon one of the friends you invited OR the built-in computer friend (your instructor). The computer should have the same level as you (it says it on the star), and when you summon a friend they can help you. For this computer one, it will automatically help you attack monsters and also tells you tips about the game when you click on it.

Button Specific:


Equipment, Consume (potions, ‘Use’ tab), and Misc (ETC., your quests items as well). When you hover over a specific item (or actually look next to the symbol), you can see how much power (or energy) it adds.

You can’t really see it, but under the herding stick (which is unequipped) there’s a little red X at the bottom (). When you click that X, you have the option of selling it for gold for the amount it’s worth. So for example, that stick is worth 200 gold~


Contains all the ‘Style’ equipment purchased from the Shop (described later), organized by type~


Unsurprisingly, you get skills to use at this game. You can only use one skill at a time, and you need to purchase upgrades using gold and Skill Permits (, you get them from completing quests). There are several skills you can learn~

As you can see, my Power Strike is level 5. That’s because, if you pay a certain amount of gold/Skill Permits, you can level it up. Your character comes with a level 1 Power Strike when you begin, but there are level requirements to even get each skill.

Mages also have some skills:

Credit to Hollie.

Map – Already described


The shop sells in-game items for Gold. There are 3 types of items it sells, gear, style, and special.

Gear is the usual equipment that we use to increase our stats. Here, EVERY equipment gives power and ONLY power. You need to be a specific level to purchase/wear an equipment. The ‘Gear’ equipment available are:

Aside from ‘Gear,’ there’s also ‘Style.’ Style equipment are like Cash Shop equipment.

As you can see, I’m still wearing that shirt but it’s not visible; the mushroom shirt is a ‘Style’ item so it’s the one that’s seen.

Here are the ones available for you to buy (you can purchase them using gold):

Last thing in the Shop is ‘Special’ items. Those are other items that can be bought in that shop. Right now, there’s only one item:

It’s one of those ‘Mystery Boxes.’ It gives you something random. I’m guessing this one gives you something random from the Shop, but I don’t know that for a fact.

All I know is, it’s something like the Henesys Mystery Box, which is like this once opened:

[Click to view the animation]


When you kill monsters, they may drop a special item that’s a part of a collection. When you have all the items of a collection, you’ll get a reward (all the rewards are energy but the amount varies). The collections are:

It also gives you a background on what monsters are in that game…

Oh and this button – -> The left makes it full screen and the right mutes the volume.



As I said previously, everything in this game is being done with a mouse.

Everything is clicking. When you want to move, just click on the spot you want to go to and this shoe will appear:

It points out the location it’s going to. When you want to attack, just click on the monster and it will automatically go and attack it.

Once clicked, the big fight has begun!

Same thing with portals/NPC’s, just click on them.

When you kill monsters, they will drop Gold/XP stars at a 100% rate.

They might also drop collection items or quest items, but I don’t know about equipment.

XP stars will automatically go to your XP, but you may physically click on gold/items to pick them up. If you don’t, you will receive the gold anyway but any items will disappear.

Note that when you’re attacking, that’s the only time you’re vulnerable. Monsters CANNOT damage you except when you’re attacking them. That’s because, if you ever run out of energy, you will just stop and won’t be harmed in any way till you recover. That’s why you cannot die in this game.

When you attack/move, you can always stop by clicking the red ‘Stop’ button:


Quests are probably the only things you’ll do in this game. The quests are given from NPC’s just like in MapleStory. In the beginning, your job instructor (which is Emily for warriors) will carry out your quests.

Then there won’t be too many notices, you’ll have to find the NPC’s that have quests for you on your own.

The quests are very straight forward so I can’t really spend too much time on them.

That’s pretty much it… I can definitely see why they made this game. If you haven’t noticed already, every single part of this game is in the real MapleStory. They already had everything so they just had to put it together.

And for other news, GMST is glitched for me so I can’t log in (MapleStoryT.exe stops responding when I try to enter my character). And KMST nerf’ed Cannon Shooters even more, and in addition added a few hints of the maps where the Cannon Shooter starts. I don’t think I’ll report Cannon Shooter nerf’s till it comes out to KMS, so I’ll just have to link you to Fiel’s extraction.

Oh and for GMS, only one thing really caught my attention.


^That package is 49,990 NX. If I’m not mistaken, that’s $49.99.

^That package is 99,990 NX. Hmm… $99.99?


Oh and just remembered that there’s another ‘lol2xevent’ in KMS and GMS. Nice for KMS, but BOO for GMS. 2X events are getting old and boring in GMS…

Anyway, the GMS 2X EXP/Drop will be at:

Friday, June 17th from 2PM – 4PM Pacific (5 PM – 7PM Eastern)
Saturday, June 18th from 2PM – 4PM Pacific (5 PM – 7PM Eastern)

Get as many Crystal Chests as you can!

As for KMS, the 2X EXP/Battle Points (for PVP) event will happen at:

2X EXP – June 18th, 1 PM – 4 PM KST
2x BP – June 18th, 5 PM – 7 PM KST

Thank you very much for this info^

Thank you for reading!


49 comments on “MapleStory Adventures!

  1. i think the boxes for maplestory advantures hate me….
    it always stop at the golds, sometimes i will see it slow down but other times it just stop at random and its always on the gold -_-

    • Oh hi! Thanks again for offering me the key and I don’t think too many people made a Mage… It would be kind of interesting since Mages would require different equipment and skill. And hey, you can always make another Facebook account and try it out with your spare key (if you didn’t use it already) :D.

  2. Hmm, I dont much like the battle system. My idea that i think would be a bit better would be… So your first attack that you ever get is a regular attack where you hit with your weapon. So you click a monster and start whacking with ur weapon AND if you want to use skills that you unlock there is a skill bar, you click a skill and bam it activates and then you have to wait to use it agian for a next battle. Each skill would take a certian amount of energy because right now i think we have enough energy o.o. Also if something were added if you could “suprise attack a monster? Meaning you click a skill, THEN click a monster, activete and then have a reg battle.

    Any thoughts?

  3. GMST Glitched on me as well like that bummer was about to test arans skills and quests if there were any, wasn’t going to use the instant level up much at all on it everyone else has..might impede testing ability of the skills and such.

  4. Your power strike in your picture is actually level 5. It shows the next level available for you to buy, which is 6.

  5. Why would someone play this when you can play the real maplestory? I think i would only play it when im downloading the real one lol.

  6. The mystery box has a chance of 4 style items or a lemon (kinda obvious which is the most common item)
    Also, there are boss set collections that give you style items, but they’d be really hard to get.

  7. So you can only get skill permits from other people sending them to you? =( None of my friends play ms sadly -_- and i dont feel like adding some other people from across the world just for this game.

  8. Thanks for the credit Shakar! Have a great time blogging! Lol, I’m so late! Oh well, I was on vacation and I had a blast! Love the new style btw πŸ˜€

  9. Hey Shakar, just letting you know that Emily is the job instructors for Mages too πŸ™‚ and I don’t know if your already aware but you only have to click the monster once to kill it, its just in the video you seemed to be clicking each monster 3/4 times πŸ˜›

      • Haha ok, also you may wanna add to the guide that energy pots can’t be brought and only obtained by friends/waiting 5 mins… so if you dont have friends playing and u run out of energy… your stuffed πŸ˜›

  10. In Maplestory Adventures, if you just let the gold sit there, it disappears and automatically adds into your gold amount. The only things you have to physically pick up are the quest items and the collection drops.

  11. Maplestory Adventures is somehow really fun for me, and is the only thing that makes me use facebook. I wish CBT would end already. I’m level 30, with highest possible attack, all quests done, and I have panic. I need more content!

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