GMST v.06 ~ Chaos & KMS New Event

Tespians! Get back there and test the next big update, Chaos! And if you’re not a Tespian, go to, log in, and you might become one! And then download the client which will take you HOURS…. That’s why I’m so late 😦

Surprisingly, I got accepted into GMST for once! Yay~, even though I got to test every aspect of it in KMS, I got in for once!

I’m not gonna spend too much time on this because I got a whole guide on Chaos. I didn’t want to release it because I wanted the English translations and such (wasted my time translating…), but now it’s here! Expect it to come really soon~

Plus, my guide contains the changes from KMS before Jump! (ver. 1.2.128) to present day GMS (v.98). And guess what? There were absolutely NO CHANGES whatsoever, just to show you that it was copy-pasted.

Anyway, in GMST everything was added at once. They made the skill changes, added profession skills, PVP, future henesys, new equips, 4th tier ‘nerf’ (more like 3rd tier expand, 3rd tier is now 70-200),maker being removed, etc.  In addition, the 5th part everyone was wondering about (that’s exclusive for GMS) is not out yet, but people suspect it might be the return of the Visitor PQ, since Nexon said that the Cake vs. Pie NPC’s are still there due to a glitch. If you’re really excited about GMST, you can see some pictures here till I upload my own~

And guess what? Looking at the data, they will have the SAME EXACT events as in KMS… BLAH, good thing I made that ‘Events’ section on my guide.

Aside from Chaos being released, remember that today is June 15th so MapleStory Adventures Closed Beta will be open! It’s not open right now so I’ll report back to you when it is 😛

Also, KMS got a new event now that the Saint Saver event is over. I was very upset with the past few events…

Saint Saver, reward:

No attack!

Gaga’s Watermelon Dream, reward:

Temporary (1 month)! And looks ugly~

I also got a plant to grow from Gaga to cheer me up…

Raising this one is EXTREMELY EASY! I literally fed it 10 ETC. items and it grew into a watermelon (after sleeping for about an hour).

From that I got Gaga’s First Watermelon Dream.

You have 7 months to use this, oh boy. All you have to do is double click it and you’ll get an Alarm Clock (Right Angle), which I will describe in my Chaos guide so don’t worry about it, and a buff that lasts for 1 hour.

Depending on your level, the buff gives:

Level 30 or less:
+20 Weapon/Magic Attack
+200 Weapon/Magic DEF
+500 HP

Level 31-70:
+30 Weapon/Magic Attack
+300 Weapon/Magic DEF
+1000 HP

Level 71+:
+40 Weapon/Magic Attack
+400 Weapon/Magic DEF
+1500 HP

Pretty disappointing… I’m ready to be disappointed with this one also. Why? Because it’s the same exact concept.

A book, which opens up to:

Oh how original… More disappointment!

This quest is tougher than the other ones, it actually requires a good hour each day to participate. It’s basically the archaeologist event except without the competition.

Kill monsters, get rocks, and get 5/10/20 points. You need 1,000, which actually takes a pretty long time.

Once you get that, you finished your job for the day. Rewards~

  • 1 DayAgricultural Successor, a very useless thing:

  • 3 Days – 100 Power Elixirs
  • 5 Days – 1 Continental Movement Form: Takes you to your desired town in any continent.
  • 7 Days Watermelon Dream Necklace:

[Time Limited, Cannot be Extended]
Level: 50
+10 Speed
+8 Jump
+5 Weapon Attack
+5 Magic Attack
+50 Weapon DEF
+50 Magic DEF

Yep, time limited as well. Not participating in this one…

You also get the same medal from the last archaeologist event when you get 1,000:

And the 8 Mystical Artifacts quest is available to those who don’t have the medal.

-Moving to GMS- New event that made some happy and some sad. Crystal Chests were added (same event that happened in KMS before Chaos! And by same, I mean EXACTLY the same) when the 6th Anniversary events ended. What can you get from them? Purple Surfboards, or PSB’s (and mushroom mounts, which I have 60 of on my battle mage, but who cares). Those were worth millions when they were rare (fast polearm!), but their price is now slowly decreasing.

Sell your Crimson Arcglaives NOW, they will only decrease in price. And if you’re a buyer, don’t buy them. The level 130 polearm that’s coming really soon is fast as well (requires 160 DEX, though) 😛

Oh and a tip to those who are hunting for them, the best place to hunt for those coolers in my opinion is at Kerning Square, specifically Yeti Doll Claw Machines. In KMS, I hunted there with my old brawler (which I deleted :D) and got thousands of coolers and many purple surfboards, I really recommend it.

Getting off topic here but, wow, Chaos is not too far away, exactly [click here]. It seems like they got everything set-up in GMST, so I don’t think there will even be any mess-ups.

I’ll also keep you updated with GMST and MapleStory Adventures (<-already out!) tomorrow.


56 comments on “GMST v.06 ~ Chaos & KMS New Event

  1. THANKS FOR THE INFO SHAKAR. Oh and btw when’s the resistance warrior and the legendary archer coming out?

  2. Sweet, Can’t wait o:<
    Eh, kinda disappointed I wasn't able to test Maple Facebook game.
    didn't get in Tespia, But eh I knew I wouldn't lol

    Looking forward to more updates.

  3. Hi Shakar96, I see that you’re going a good job. Keep it up man!
    Nice Blog BTW, I like the background 🙂

  4. I Have hope that Global Nexon is slacking oof cuz of 5 part. I mean maybe they are making something new and awesome witch would be very cool. Anyway thanks for ur info.Btw i cant wait for your chaos guide.

  5. I was looking through your blogs that mentioned chaos, and many of the them refered to a chaos event guide that you were about to make or already made. I have looked around your blog trying to find it and i could not. Did you ever make it, if so could you please leave a link?

    Another thing, in one of your posts you mentioned that the rings that you recieve from leveling up 40 levels stack with each other. Does this mean with 4 critical rings I can have + 40% crit rate from the rings?

    • I didn’t post my Chaos guide yet, I was waiting till it comes to GMST and it did! So it’ll coke soon~ And the rings, that’s not exactly what I meant. You cannot have more than 1 of the same ring at a time because they’re one-of-a-kind, and in addition Adventurer’s Rings don’t stack with each other.

    • Okay, personally I’m used to CTRL+clicking anyway, but if you’re not then I’ll do it. Won’t affect me in any way, I can still CTRL+click them.

  6. I knew i was in tespia but i wasnt to keen on the download today i have a layover in california… The download is projected to take 1 hr =D Whoot

    Ill see you in game!

    • I don’t have the Dark Angelic Ring, I have the normal one. The event lasts till the Ice Knight patch, and to get it to level 4 I made lots of useless rings.

  7. Just a question you might know the answer to. 🙂

    If you have left over coins from 6h anniversary, will they turn into 7th anniversary coins next year, or are they eternally useless?

  8. I have a question about the lvl up 40 times event.
    Since any of those items stack each other, if i have the previous resistance ring i cant wear the db mask?

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