Need to settle some stuff…

The school year basically ends tomorrow for me (last final) and I can spend more time on my blog. Before I can precede, I need to plan the future!

First off, I’d like to start by saying that I removed the animations from my Cannon Shooter guide temporarily. I made them using my temporary program, so they’re no good (That’s how it went – first one was good, which I destroyed, temporary to keep you guys from being angry, and new which works as well as the old one).

As you have probably guessed by the image above, I’ve been thinking a lot about animations lately. There are 3 ways I came up with to display animations:

Animated GIF’s

Pros: Work on almost every browser.

Cons: Low quality, no transparency, cannot link to (that means you’ll have to load all of them at once, just like you would if you read my Resistance Guide).

Animated PNG

Pros: High quality, transparency.

Cons: Doesn’t work on most browsers (the ball is supposed to be bouncing), cannot link to (that means you’ll have to load all of them at once, just like you would if you read my Resistance Guide).

Animated HTML Pages



Pros: Works on most browsers (computers with JavaScript), high quality, transparency, can link you to it (actually, can ONLY link you to it).

Cons: Who cares? It’s the best idea in my opinion 😀

Still gotta keep it fair and balanced^^, vote below:



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23 comments on “Need to settle some stuff…

  1. l’m fine with PNG’s or HTML’s, but please, no GIF’s. l’d rather have high quality over low quality any day. l’m sure many will agree. lf someone isn’t upgraded enough to load a PNG or HTML on your screen, l’m guessing they might be part of the minority. Everything is switching to higher quality, so let’s keep it that way. 🙂

    • Haha, I just thought of that because I’m currently using my iPod Touch 😀
      That got me thinking again, perhaps I could display GIF’s and link them to animated HTML? Then again, you’d have to load lots of animations…
      By the way, I must have been too biased towards animated HTML pages, because more than 50% voted for it 😛

  2. I always view your blog through my android phone. And animated PNG doesn’t work so please not that. As for the html….i don’t see an animation

    • Yeah I still need to find a website to host my HTML’s, since WordPress doesn’t let me do that. But I think it might work on a mobile device, can’t tell you for sure though.

    • Alright, I’ll add that! For this specific animation, the delay is 120 milliseconds on each frame and there are 15, so a total of 1800 milliseconds.

  3. people with phones check up on your site and my cruddy kin one can handle gifs so regardless of the pollxD use gifs please? if my kin one can handle all the gifs at once, im pretty sure all computers can handle them too 🙂 the kin one is not a smart phone and works pretty much like a flip phone would… so yea keep the gifs! i cant make tabs on my phone! so i have to click links and then go back and scroll down every time TT.TT

  4. Off topic
    I like your blog
    I miss spadow’s tho….

    Any way….
    Do you know if when a kmst term ends, they get new players or do they use the old ones once again? Just wondering

  5. Honestly it’ll be difficult trying to cater to so many different needs so I say just go with what majority voted on poll. Then you can go from there. ^_^

  6. I don’t like html because then i’ll have to open a tab every time there is supposed to be an animation and sometimes like new jobs that will become tedious

  7. u should make the link go to another page because i sometimes forget that the pick is the page and close it by accident

  8. i like the png to be honest. You people who can’t see it: DOWNLOAD FIREFOX!!!

    It’s seriously the best browser anyway.

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