MapleStory Adventures?

MapleStory Adventures [Closed Beta]

I didn’t notice the announcement made nor have I heard anybody freaking out about it. I just figured it out last night, so I’m sorry if I’m late. The registrations for the closed beta are closed for now, but I’ll keep you updated in case they open them again~ Oh and don’t worry, there’s another way you can play it (just read on).

So what is it?

It’s a version of MapleStory for Facebook. This version is a flash game with a much simpler interface and lets you connect with other players on Facebook. Instead of playing FarmVille on Facebook all day, you’ll be playing MapleStory! So I’m guessing it’s like the MapleStory Thief Edition iPhone app, except this one allows you to connect with other players instead of being all by yourself.

“Expanding our global IPs into the social and mobile gaming space is a watershed moment in Nexon’s global expansion efforts, not only will this move provide new ways for hundreds of millions of fans worldwide to experience Nexon’s games, it allows Nexon the opportunity to prove the robustness of its business model on new platforms.” -Daniel Kim, Nexon America CEO

How do I play it?

It is currently in the beta phases and the closed beta is about to launch on June 16th. You cannot register anymore, but just to upset you even more, I’ll tell you how simple the registration was; take a survey and get the keys. Each person will get 5 keys so he can recruit his friends also. You will need those keys to access the closed beta.

The Facebook page is not up anymore and it will only be up on June 16th. On that day, click on the “Go To App” button next to the “Like” button on that page and enter your key. You will then register your Facebook account to the Open Beta.

For now, just worry about getting your key. Remember that each person gets 4 extra ones that they don’t need anyway so it shouldn’t be too hard. REMEMBER, ask NICELY. Don’t annoy the heck out of them because they won’t give it to you. Be nice and they will be happy to give it to you.

What about the real version?

We don’t know yet. The only information out is about the Open Beta. I can’t tell you much aside from that.

If I get a key and I start playing, I’ll definitely make a video about it. If not, well, I’ll find one.

Off-topic but I remade my animation program. It’s still ‘beta,’ the animations are still kind of off so I’m not making the animations yet. I’ll be sure to have them when the class is released in KMS…

Well, this is it for today. Wow, I blogged for 4 days consecutively… I’ll start taking little breaks in between posts from now on.

And hey, who knows? Maybe this game might actually be more fun than the actual MapleStory? We shall find out in five days…


UPDATE: The website is back on! Instructions~

1. Go to:

2. Sign in to your Facebook account and click on the “Go To App” button:

3. Click Allow:

4. Enter your key and press “Continue”

I don’t have a key yet, so that’s it for now.

37 comments on “MapleStory Adventures?

  1. I signed up, I haven’t gotten an email with the keys yet, but it may be because I’m not eligible.
    But when I get them, I’ll post the other 4 up here so if anyone wants them they can take them. (:

  2. Well u know, u can always have one of the closed beta keys im getting since i don’t really know anyone who would wanna try this out with me ^_^

  3. Thanks for all the updates man. Your really stepping up to the plate as the main blogger now. *puts hipster glasses on “i read your blog before spadow quit”* =p

    But really man your doing a great job

  4. I doubt it’ll be better than the real thing but I do admit maplestory is boring right now. Don’t like canon shooter so waiting on dual bows. They shall make or break me.

  5. I have 4 spare keys to give away. Message me in game though because I won’t be checking the comments here.

    xHollie – Windia

  6. ohi The only reason I haven”t posted here is because I didn’t want your fans to see you get criticized.
    But since you want it so badly, here goes.
    So, I haven’t logged onto my gms account for the past year or so,
    I don’t know what the point of saying “GG I HAVENT LOGGED ONTO GMS IN 6 MONTHS” is supposed to do.
    Also I never did make a thread, neither has my friend.
    Yes we posted a lot of hate comments, but I don’t know anything about this “deleting thread” business.
    Before you start accusing people, at least know who to accuse please, there’s more people who dislikes you besides me and my friend πŸ™‚
    (btw, If you’ve actually read I dislike making threads because they always get side-tracked lol.)

    I don’t think you know what trolling is.
    I’ve made a thread about how you’re a bad blogger.
    That is flaming, yes. But 100% troll free. Learn to interwebz.

    I also never called the entire basil community mentally challenged. I said people who says your blog is better than Kyo’s is.

    More importantly, I don’t hate you because I’m jealous. Actually I never hated you much except for the times you were a fucking faggot on basil screens. (Don’t even try denying this, you and I both know that you were a faggot on basil before your blog started getting viewers and you started acting all nice.) I just disliked that your blog was claimed to be better than Kyo’s, and Kyo was one of the greatest blogs I’ve read, and inspired me to start my own. I guess I was a bit hot-wired about it, and didn’t give you much of a chance, and for that, I’d like to say I’m sorry.

    But right now, your blog isn’t at Spadow’s level. Neither is mine, and I’m not sure if anyone will ever surpass him. I guess I was just pissed as fuck when people started claiming that this nobody blogger was already better than Spadow. Before you start claiming yours as the best, why don’t you post some original content?
    Or get your own pictures? And actually make the blog YOURS instead of scrapping stuff together from elsewhere.

    I don’t want people getting the wrong information about KMS, considering that
    a lot of people referred to Spadow’s blog.
    If you want to be the best, you’d better step up your game.
    And as long as you keep posting half assed posts, with somewhat inaccurate details here and there,
    I won’t accept you proclaiming that you’re the best, and I feel that many others would feel the same.
    Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I should’ve criticized your blog, not you.
    Good luck on your blog, and stop being a faggot on basil. πŸ™‚
    Oh, and if you’re really a man, don’t delete this comment πŸ™‚

    p.s. if you”re going to say I’m hating on you to get more views on MY blog (like many others already have), my blog’s domain is a korean one called naver, which most of you people don’t even know about. And it’s in korean, so I doubt most of you can read it either.

    • Alright, I’m glad this is settled. Yes it’s true that I’ve been a ‘faggot’ on Basil, nothing to hide (with nowhere to be a faggot, the screen section was the best place). I also agree that I’m not better than Kyo, I NEVER in my life said I’m better. He gets 4 million views while I barely get 1/400 of it. He was actually my inspiration to open this blog. It’s not me who said I’m better (I hate bragging), it’s the other people. And I’m familiar with Naver and your blog (silentalarm), but you can’t say I stole anything from you because I started before you, and you only have 9 posts so far (of which non of the information I talked about). As for my content, it’s all original. I don’t see where you’re going with this because I self extracted/translated all by myself. Never did I once copy from other sources, that includes pictures and info. You keep on saying that, yet you never showed me one example. Show me just ONE picture that I copied.

  7. If you could read or bothered to read, my first post said that my blog was formatted on 2011-6-9.
    I’ve had one~two post everyday for the past few months.
    I’ve never said you stole anything from me. My blog isn’t a purely informational blog at all.
    It’s basically a diary of what happens throughout a mapler’s day, sometimes events, sometimes bossing tips.
    Maybe you’ve done your work, but always a day later than Insoya, Inven’s extractors. And your files look exactly the same as theirs. Which led me to think you plagiarized off of them.
    Sorry If I’ve denounced your honest work.
    And as in original content, I didn’t limit it to pictures/extractions.
    If you’ve been reading Spadow, I bet you’d know what I’m talking about.
    Anyways, good luck with your blog.

    • Yeah, and I blogged since January 1st. As for Maple Inven, I NEVER went to that website aside from looking at monster’s drops. Their extractions are the same because we both extract from the WZ. And I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say ‘original content,’ not at all.

    • You act as if Spadow never did his blogging a day late. Southperry would extract the WZ data and a day later (or hours), so will Spadow.

      What I’m trying to say is, it just looks like you’re trying to make shakar look bad when hes doing the exact same thing.

      • Damn. what’s with this bad blood? Did spadows absence create this much chaos. I don’t know who kyo is but shakar is cool. Least he replies to ppls comments and I like his information. Of course, everyone has room to grow. that’s what made spadow so great. He knew he wasn’t perfect and gradually grew as a person and a blogger. No need for this. Lets give constructive criticism instead. ^_^

      • Oh. Cool. Thanks for letting me know who kyo was. I kept hearing his blog was awesome so I wanted to check it out. But it turns out I did use his blog unknowingly. Haha I feel dumb

  8. So… How do I give it to you without anyone else seeing πŸ˜€

    Sorry, I’m a day late, my internet crashed for all of yesturday

  9. Thank you so much for the information. I appreciate your hard work!

    Sadly I didn’t get a key. I hope to get one in the next batch.

  10. yo anyone have a spare beta key cause i thought i signed up for one pretty early on but i didn’t seem to get one there might be a possibility that i signed up and made a mistake on my email address lol *face palm*
    but yeah if anyone has a spare that would be nice. ty

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