KMS v.1.2.134 ~ Cannon Shooter [Data]!

[PATCH file download]

The patch was a total of 8 hours. Unfortunately, the new job was not added. However, its data WAS indeed added, so it will come really soon! My new guess is June 30th. It’s when GMS gets Chaos, the end of the KMST term, and also the end of the event described below.

Not too many changes but 3 new events.

Adventurers’ Leveling Event

I told you about this one already:

It says you have to level your Adventurer to 70 between that time period. If you do, you’ll get this ring:

Adventurer’s Craft Test Ring
Level: 30
+3 STR
+3 DEX
+3 INT
+3 LUK
+20 Accuracy
+20 Avoidability
+3 Weapon Attack
+3 Magic Attack
+100 Charisma EXP
+5% Critical Rate

NOTE: You only have 1 week to transfer it via storage, if you don’t, you can never trade it again…

I thought it would be the date in which the class will be released because Cannon Shooters ARE adventurers, but they’re not here. Boo-hoo.

Heat Hunting Event

Very similar to the Saint Saver quest. Basically, Gaga is trying to make an ice cream to fight the heat:

To make it, he needs some ingredients:

You can get them from monsters 11 levels within your level. Shouldn’t take too long.

Gaga will give you the ice cream he made!

And, exactly like the Saint Saver event, Gaga also gives you a book to show you the rewards of doing this quests for a number of days:

  • 1 Day – 100 Red Bean Sundaes.
  • 3 Days – 100 Power Elixirs.
  • 5 DaysAdvanced Enhancement Scroll.
  • 7 Days – New face accessory!

Ice Crystal Face Painting
Level: 13
+5 STR
+5 DEX
+5 INT
+5 LUK
+30 Accuracy
+30 Avoidability
+10 Weapon DEF
+10 Magic DEF
+100 Charm EXP

Surfboard Season Event

Basically, different monsters drop different surfboards. Red/Normal/Green/Sky/Purple Surfboards drop from monsters, depending on the monster’s level. Might want to stack those up because they will be worth something soon ^^


As you may already know, a new pet came with the second update of Jump!:

Unicorn Ethel

Now another one from his family came!

Unicorn Thiel

What they did now is a new feature when you have both! You will get this mount:

That’s it for this patch. What I don’t understand is why the patch was 8 hours… I mean, THEY DIDN’T EVEN RELEASE THE NE JOB!!!

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what I changed so far. I added animations to my Cannon Shooter guide. However, I’m not done yet. Sorry they’re not so great, I had to do them by hand -_-” (my program got messed up as I played with APNG and stuff)… There are still more to do…

In addition, I finally made the images of Nautilus Harbor. My Photoshop was using 1 GB of RAM at the time, LOL. But here they are~

Click on the mini-maps to see the full map!

Before Jump! [3rd]

After Jump! [3rd]


Changes made to the job~

Cannon Shooter (1st)

Monkey’s Hit animation’s location changed (y value = 32 -> 94). Don’t even worry about it…

Cannon Shooter (2nd)

Booster and Mastery require you to equip a cannon now (obviously).

Booster requires Mastery to be level 5.

Cannon Shooter (3rd)

There was a hidden skill for a heal-like skill. The affected animation, which was this:

was removed.

Cannon Shooter (4th)

Double Lucky Dice was added probability of getting two of the same dice. There’s a ’50’ probability (don’t know if that’s percent) that you’ll get both.

Effect was changed^ It looks much cooler and has a spot for 2 dice (posting animations soon!).

Pirate Spirit‘s animation when hit was changed, it’s now purple!

Supporting Monkey Twin‘s dummy skill was changed, required MP was changed to 0, duration changed from 180 seconds at max level to 210 seconds at max level.

Stay tuned…


P.S. – To all Jews out there, happy Shavuot! Have a good one~

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61 comments on “KMS v.1.2.134 ~ Cannon Shooter [Data]!

  1. you gonna have to step it up a bit, cuz everyone who read spadow needs a new blog to read… 🙂
    good luck

  2. Hello shakar96. As you may know Spadow is going to close his blag which almost everyone in GMS read, and it is a really big loss to all of us.
    They good part is that, since you have been on basil lot of times, you have been kind of famous and since now spadow closed his blog, everyone will read your blog so keep doing this excellent job


    lol I was bored but man really you’ll get really famous now and everyone will read your blog.
    And you did an amazing job with your themes and everything look amazing. Good luck being the new information sourse of GMS.

    • Almost got a heart attack while reading that, LOL. Anyway, thank you~
      EDIT: Oh shoot, you’re right, just checked Kyo’s. Thought you were joking but, OMG…

      • yeah basil said ur the new spadow i already added your site to favorites keep on with the good work 😀

  3. im 1 of those people who went from Spadow to you shakar96 you seem to have the most up to date kms information now so i will come and check from time to time =D theme is looking good but a little bit empty

  4. LUCKY!


    Anyway, wow shakar96 don’t break under the pressure i been with you from day one, you can do it!!

    I think…


  5. Hey shakar, i’ve been part of the kMS community since around the time you joined ellinforest, but I started playing GMS and removed KMS from my computer recently, how would I download and patch it without the downloads taking literally 2 weeks?

  6. Hello I’m part of the bandwagon of people that are going to be storming here, Just saying hello and I like the formatting of your blog it looks nice.

  7. oh by the way i final made it to lvl80, i know its not a big deal, but this is the farthest i’ve ever come. XD

  8. Hello, I’m one of the hoards of people flocking to your blog due to the end of spadow’s 😀

    Don’t disappoint me e.e

  9. c’mon man stop teling shakar to do a nice job or post depth information because nobody told him to be the one with the blog everyone would read if spadow stop doing hims.
    he does an amazing job and he is doing it because he want so dont tell him how to do his stuff!!!

    you do an amazing job on your blog i hope you keep doing this blog! 😀

    • I was just asking him if he could post with more depth so i can actually understand because im just starting to read and understand english. Anyways you are doing a good job i just think you could add a little bit more 🙂

      • Well, I suppose reading a higher level of English would improve it. You may have to use a dictionary, but it will definitely become better.

  10. You have more Info then Spadow does. =0
    I’m happy to call you my new number one source of up to date Maple info =]

  11. People have to start somewhere. Some may get a faster start than others, hahaha.

    Best of luck to you, shakar. As a Spadow blog migrant that some people here may already recognize, I’ll try to help out as much as I can. Buisness as usual for me, just on a different blog, I suppose. (What’s with the Maple community and the letter S? Hidden-Street, Sleepywood, SouthPerry, Spadow… You.)

    Huh, I never knew about that heal thing. Heh, what the hell was it doing there? Like we’ll ever know…

  12. Keep up the good work man. Really appreciate this. As everyone else said, Spadow will be leaving his blog. He will continue to post videos but the blogs give lots of information to us. Now your taking his place as probably most read Maple blog. Wish you the best of luck.

  13. Thank you VERY much for all the information! I appreciate the hard work!

    I am looking forward to the Cannon Shooters on KMS. It’s very nice to see that Nautilius is changing together with the job.

    Thanks, and I’m looking forward for more blog posts! Your blog is great! 😉

  14. Shakar, we are all depending on you now that spadow is gone though i don’t mind getting the info freshly when the patcher comes out. Anyway , good luck.

  15. This post is actually very good and informative good job and I will come to this blog more in the future. Spadow’s blog is apparently going to be useless else than the archived data which is helpful but yours should be great for the newest things to be released.

  16. Shakar hopefully you will be comparable to Spadow, because if you are then most of GMS will come here to YOUR blog =D. Good luck doing thus blog, and I think, because of the depth in this post, people will keep reading if this stays constant :3!

  17. Yo another person transferring from Spadow!
    Saw some of ur earlier posts and liking it so far…
    Keep up the good work!

  18. hi I have the most importent question ever — will the Cannon Shooter have any nx skill books like DB and Evan ??

  19. ~_~



    DID I JUST READ THAT!! If you want something better go make your own BLOG!!


    (Reads more)

    Well, i guess that’s fine….


    I really wish these guy’s stop calling you that….


    Shakar is better, your just late…..


    sigh….Shakar make’m go away…

    • LOL.
      I don’t really like that ‘Spadow’s Successor’ nonsense I’ve been hearing all over. I’m not his successor and he’s not mine… Hopefully people will stop before I ‘explode’ LOL.

      • The successor stuff would be annoying…would of actually read this more often than spadows blog if I knew about it, somewhat more detailed and you talk about GMS often.

        Found this blog from southperry where you posted this in a link didn’t really know about spadow then. Well good luck you’ll need it. lol

  20. hey Shakar96. im one of those spadow migrant people. but it looks like this was a quiet kms info blog. I hope you dont quit it cuz of all the shit your about to get within the next couple of days but don’t let it get to you too much. and defferently dont feel obligated to post if you dont want to.

    Best of luck

    • Thanks, don’t worry I won’t let it get to me. In fact, it motivates me even more (except the ‘Spadow’s Successor’ thing which is truly annoying).

  21. Hmm if GMS ever gets these events if they have chaos scrolls they will be removed they seem to like to make a worthless item rare for some reason..its like 10 mil or 15 mil mesos, blaming the hackers and everyone training on captains from lv 100 to lv 110. Though those events are sweet wish we got them faster.

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  23. Hey Shakar96,
    This is brandon from the old GetReborn Forum.I see you’ve been Doing well these past few months.
    Hope the best for your Future .
    -Keep it Fit

  24. new spadow? xD

    I only found out about your blog cuz spadow stoped bloging and this is an excelent blog keep up the good work
    id like to know your though’s on what ppl are saying is a resistance warrior?
    id love to see a dual blade kind of warrior with like 2 1 handed swords

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