New Theme + other updates

This was my idea of a logo, it’s a part of the animation of the Nautilus Battleship skill from the new job. So far, I didn’t find any nice theme with a logo, so I just put it on the background on the right ->>…

Still pretty nice though, in my opinion.

Anyway, I only added a little bit today, Mastery Books and the ring from the event…

I’m still working on the animations, I’m almost near being close to done 😛

I’ll update this post as I update my guide~ Until then, tell me what you think of this new theme:

EDIT: Since 53% of you told me to replace it, I did. This time, the whale is in the logo! Personally, I like this one more but let’s take a vote!Please vote again (previous results were erased)~


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19 comments on “New Theme + other updates

  1. to be honest, i like your old theme better 😛
    i voted for the second one, but it doesnt seem to be showing up.
    and you cant see the background thing until you scroll to the very bottom, and you can only see part of it…
    so my advice is just photoshop your old title text onto the belly of the ship thing 🙂

  2. I think it would look nicer on the top, because when its vertical its hard to see what it is. (at my resolution I only really see the cloud)

  3. Ah, I like the new one much better now.
    The Nautilus on the right side of the screen just wasn’t right lol

  4. this new one is much better than the other. and btw. everybody is pretty much naming you spadow’s successor because he had decided to close his blog… youre gonna get lots more visitors lol.

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