KMS Website Update & GMS Server Maintenance

I kind of got used to being without a computer… Only bad thing aside from being unable to blog is school projects. Schools shouldn’t give more than 1 project at a time (I have 7 projects so far, and each is on-going, so basically this whole month I have to do projects)…
Well anyway, I managed to sneak into my brother’s computer and look into KMS’s website, and I found a couple of interesting things.

My problem with the KMS website is that it requires Internet Explorer, which I don’t have on my iPod… Sorry this is late 😦
But anyway, throughout the Jump! update there has been a window with tabs on the website.
Each tab is each different update, the March, April, and May updates. Until now it was ‘locked’ so-to-speak, but now you can learn a little bit about the next patch.
As you can see from the picture posted at the real top (click it to enlarge), the next update consists of two parts:
Wind Race – Archer revamp.
Adventures Age – PQ revamp.
I didn’t have time to translate everything but that’s basically what’s happening. Archers are revamped, PQ’s are completely renewed.
Until now whatever was on the website wasn’t so important. Everything already came out to KMST beforehand, until now. Now there’s absolutely nothing new in KMST. Therefore, I think Nexon is doing something big, making the new job.
Nothing new on KMST, but there seem to be something new on KMS. First thing I noticed when I went to the website:

I can’t read Korean so I got excited there for a second! But I clicked on it, and just saw this:

8th Anniversary Peanut Machine. 1,400 NX and can only be purchased till June 9th.
The rewards are:

I can’t exactly translate them right now, but don’t worry I will! Specifically the ones marked as “New.”
And more rewards…

Now for GMS, there’s a server maintenance going on today to ban all the exploiters. Some already got banned, and some will be banned today. I can’t really tell you much since it’s not over. I wanna see all the whining (or perhaps joy?) after this maintenance, and I’ll tell you who banned whom. The following will also happen:

* Chaos scrolls will be tradeable and usable again
* Items obtained through Anniversary Coins will be usable again and also have their trade status restored
* Anniversary Coins will not be redeemable for Chaos scrolls
* Items obtained through Anniversary Coins will continue to sell for 0 mesos to NPCs

Until then, enjoy!

One comment on “KMS Website Update & GMS Server Maintenance

  1. I really want that pole-arm when it comes to GMS, i missed out the first time, retraining an Aran is going to be harsh on my mechanic.

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