GMS 2X Events

Still didn’t get my computer back, and it’s SOOO BORING. I am limited from going to the Korean MapleStory website because you can only go there on Internet Explorer, and I can only use Safari from this iPod Touch…
So just to bore you a little more, I’m just here to warn you about another 2X EXP/Drop event blah blah blah IT’S ALWAYS 2X EVENTS!!! Really, make something new this is way cliché.

Personally, I never participate in 2X events so my inability to participate in this event due to my computer’s absence is not affecting me.
Anyway, the dates are below:

Saturday, May 14th

Pacific: 2 PM to 4 PM AND 7 PM to 9 PM
Eastern: 5 PM to 7 PM AND 10 PM to 12 AM

Sunday, May 15th

Pacific: 2PM to 4PM AND 7PM to 9PM
Eastern: 5PM to 7PM AND 10PM to 12AM

The reason why we have it is because of the maintenance blah blah blah…
Note that it’s a total of 4 hours each day.
There are 2 sets of 2 hours each day…
In addition, every account got 1,000 useless Maple Points. Hooray~
Sigh… Nexon thinks they can just ruin their players’ game careers and make them happy again with the good old 2x events.
Hopefully, not this time.
I know Nexon’s actions against the coin exploit were terrible, but gotta let it go. Forget about everything, enjoy the events, and try to get back.
Good luck!

4 comments on “GMS 2X Events

  1. Hang in there!! and yes it true we need a new legend soon, i want to know the whole story about the black mage

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