Today’s server maintenance

Not having a computer must be as boring as MapleStory nowadays, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO UPDATES!
So, I decided to blog more about the exploit.

As expected, there was a server maintenance to fix it. No there was no rollback, but the people who abused it got punished. They got banned.
However, they’re not the only ones. Anyone who got an ‘illegit’ Chaos Scroll must NPC it by May 15th.
Remember that they can’t tell which is legit and which is not, so basically any person who owns a Chaos Scroll should NPC it.
Sucks… Now there are no Chaos Scrolls at all. To make it worse, they:

  • Made Chaos Scrolls unusable and untradeable. Plus you can’t buy them from Inkie. EVER.
  • 6th Anniversary Scrolls became unusable.
  • Everything sold by Inkwell or Inkie is unusable and NPC’ed for 0 mesos.

EVERY RESTRICTION, except the ability to buy Chaos Scrolls from Inkie, IS ONLY TEMPORARY UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!

BYE BYE EXPLOIT! Now just wait for a new one…
That cat & mouse game just never ends…

Off-topic: Today is Israeli Memorial Day. Last Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. Tomorrow is Israel’s Independence Day. Before the happiness of Independence Day kicks in, I’d like to say a big ‘sorry :(‘ to everyone who lost a loved one in the Holocaust or at any war in Israel’s history. We all stand sad for that hero on this day in particular, and thank him/her with all our hearts for what they’ve done. Personally, I’m even more sad that you get to mourn them today, and all of a sudden tomorrow happiness will be all over the place. Must be terrible 😦 We honor them as heroes, and those heroes will never be forgotten and will stay in our hearts forever. Only because of them, Medinat Israel is what it is today.
I know I’m not so good with expressing my feelings, but I’m just trying to get the message that we’re all very sorry.
Thank you.

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