Anniversary Coin Exploit

Well I don’t have a computer so I figured I’ll just blog from my iPod Touch via WordPress app (it will be worse than normal, though).

You might have heard or seen already that there’s a new exploit, the 6th Anniversary Coin Exploit.
I suspected it when the 6th anniversary contents first came out to Tespia… I wanted to do it myself, but I needed to get the packets. To do that, I needed a Maple weapon or Maple Leaves to exploit Cassandra’s coin trade, and silver coins to exploit the rewards that you can buy using them. But I didn’t have all of that (and wouldn’t get all of that either), so I waited for some other sucker to do the dirty work for me.
And he did, and there came an exploit. Sucks that I don’t have a computer, or else I’d enjoy it…
There was a misconception, though. There are 2 exploits (as far as I know):

1 – Cassandra’s coin trade exploit :
This is what hackers basically did. They got a maple weapon, traded it to Cassandra for coins, and sniffed the packets. All they did then is changed the item ID to anything else (the item ID can be easily found out by sniffing the packet when dropping it). Wallah! Now you just send those packets instead and you’ll use a different equip.

Here’s a video where they used the Maple Sword packet and changed it to sandals:

2 – Inkwell/Inkie coin trade exploit :
I haven’t seen this around too much but I’m pretty sure this is another exploit very similar to the old Perfect Pitch egg exploit.
Basically, you get the amount of coins needed to buy the desired item (in this case, pyropes or pink/chaos scrolls), buy it and sniff the packet. Then, get that amount of coins again, open the store, spam the packet, click on the item and you’ll D/C. when you log back on, you have a max slot of it! Yay!
HOWEVER, I’m not sure this is an exploit. This method only works if Inkwell’s/Inkie’s stores are client-sided. If they’re server-sided, oh well.
Again, not sure if it’s real or not because then you’d see tons of pink scrolls also.

What happened because of those exploits?
The prices of Chaos Scrolls completely dropped. So terrible that it made some cry..
Here are the prices right now (credits to BasilMarket):

Scania – 200k
Bera – 400k
Broa – 50k-100k/People drop them
Windia – 100k-350k
Khaini – 300k
Bellocan – 250k/People drop them
Mardia – 600k
Kradia – 500k
Yellonde – People drop them
Dementhos – 300k/People drop them
Galacia – 100k-200k/People drop them
Zenith – 100k-250k
El Nido – 200k
Arcania – 100k

Actually, I heard from some people that they’re even 1k/FREE!

Oh my… Will there be a rollback?
Don’t fear! There won’t be a rollback! It’s not possible to determine whether some coins/Chaos Scrolls were obtained using hacks or not. Therefore, a rollback shouldn’t happen and hacked Chaos Scrolls will not disappear or get you banned, so no need to fear. Just enjoy the low-priced Chaos Scrolls~
What GM Hime announced.

Enjoy it as much as possible!
P.S. – Happy Mother’s Day!

4 comments on “Anniversary Coin Exploit

  1. man f-u to the volunteers on the forum i swear actually didn’t cheat to get the chaos scroll i got them the fair way i had been collecting up to 10 of them or more which i did the normal way of getting the scrolls and now they patch this stupid thing where you have to throw away all your chaos scrolls because they think all chaos scrolls are the hack im like wtf? i had spent millions of mesos to buy maple leaves and spent hours and weeks to get the chaos scrolls and now i have to throw them all a away and they could have just fix the bug instead and just leave everyones scrolls because not everyone wanted to get them for free anyway just for the stupid patch im through with the event i only wanted to work for the scrolls which seems now my effort goes to nothing but thanks for the blog info i am a fan of spadow’s blog!

    • Wow, must suck 😦 I heard stories similar to this from many other people as well, why couldn’t they have come up with a better solution?
      There’s also no way around it… Either you NPC it or you get banned. And we don’t quite know what happens when you get banned, if your Chaos Scrolls will be removed or not, so better safe than sorry.
      Nexon made a really bad move… Watch them be like “Greeting Maplers! Unfortunately, we couldn’t distinguish between a hacked and a normal Chaos Scroll. Since it would be unfair to all owners of non-hacked to be punished, we will not ban anyone that owns a Chaos Scroll. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you, -The MapleStory Team-. Wanna get yourself some extra cash? Buy some NX today!”

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