My computer is gone :(

Well, my dad got mad at me yesterday and took away my computer and gave it away ๐Ÿ˜ฆ No worries though, I back-up’ed all my MapleStory-related stuff to an external drive and there are no updates as of now on G/KMS/T.
Why would you care? Well you shouldn’t, I just felt like telling you this because I won’t have a computer for a while and the Chaos guide and guide on any future updates will be delayed till I get another computer. Until then, I advise you to follow other leading MapleStory-related websites, BasilMarket for GMS and Spadow’s for KMS/T. I’ll try to find a way to keep blogging, but for now I’ll be blogging from my iPod Touch.

10 comments on “My computer is gone :(

  1. Why the Laptop!?, Doesn’t he know the Cyber-world is the only world!? lol

    Well Good Luck, I perfer your blog to the other because he more detailed, and give us link’s and guide to get done what we want.

    I hope you get another one soon, or get yours back. (Get a small job and buy your own, a parent always respects they’re child stuff when they bought it with they’re own money.)

    • Gah, only got a summer job, but I can’t wait that long! Hopefully my dad will give it soon because my computer is still in my house (lol, when he took it, he put it in a box and then put it in his car and said he gave it away, but he faked it and only put the box in)… Anyway, when I can reach a computer I’ll speed-blog.

  2. Better then nothing, and i’m not surprised he did that, just work your way back onto his good side again, and you’ll have it back sooner or later.

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