EllinForest.com – Hacked?

KMS and GMS have been really quiet… I didn’t touch KMS for a while now, but of course there was a patch while I was away (nothing important though, otherwise I would see it in the website/extractions). I went to EllinForest to get the patch file (since I’m far away from Korean and downloading it takes forever), and BAM, this is what I saw:

Hacked by Team Animus. Sigh… I’m pretty sure they have nothing against EllinForest, but they just hacked it for no reason. They hacked loads of websites, specifically forums which, I suppose, are the easiest targets for them.

I’ll look around a little more and find out what exactly happened. On the bright side, though, none of the files were deleted.

I hope the owners to get EllinForest back very soon and wish them best of luck.


One comment on “EllinForest.com – Hacked?

  1. This happened to a few website, “smashboards” was one of them, it’s nothing to really to be alarmed about

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