KMS’s Latest Patch: New Archer Hero?

As I told you briefly on my last post, I updated my 2nd Jump! guide with a new video, the official video for the 8th Anniversary. The official date for KMS’s Anniversary is April 29th, which was yesterday.

The one I updated though was a bad one because I got it from my MapleStory folder, but I deleted it and replaced it with the one which I got from the website…. This one is the right size for YouTube and you can watch it in HD!

It’s really Japanese-like and unique for MapleStory. I find it kind of cute, but not anything more.

The song sang in this video is specific to Korean MapleStory’s 8th Anniversary. The song is called Smile. If you want to listen to it, just go to the Korean MapleStory website (only on Internet Explorer) and click on the second-to-last button, the one with the music note on it.

In the video, you see the 3 people of the Rising Stars on there. Valerie, Lilin, and Cygnus.

BUT WHAT’S THIS? THERE’S ANOTHER ONE?! I mean, just look at the thumbnail, there’s an ELF?!

At first, I just thought it was an anime version of Athena. However, I found an article on Maple Inven that made me think otherwise.

It says in one of Nexon’s news articles, they wrote:

The 8th Anniversary Video featured in-game characters:

A group of 5, ‘Cygnus’, ‘Lilin’, ‘Valerie’, ‘Aran’, and a new character, appeared on the video….

A new character? I examined the whole video, and the only thing that’s new is the Elf. She also appeared multiple times:

So a new Elf archer hero? Sweet!

I’m guessing we are getting it next update! Especially since the next part of Jump! is called The Arrow of Speed. If not, we’ll get it sometime this year, since it was on the 8th anniversary video~

Are you excited? I know I am! I never played an archer past 50 except my wild hunter (which I got to 70), and hopefully this new job will be awesome enough to keep me playing!

Oh and I almost forgot about the monster changes. You can check them out here thanks to Fiel of Southperry.

Also, vote on the poll at the bottom of this post if you’re excited about the new Elf hero or not 😛

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5 comments on “KMS’s Latest Patch: New Archer Hero?

  1. Oh cool, looks exciting! I’m sad though that Nexon NA hasn’t give us extra character slots post big bang, meaning I dont have any room D:<.

    Also, I have a little request, you could cover what those "Andriod" things that follow you around are?

    • Unfortunately, Nexon Korea didn’t give any slots in Big Bang either 😦
      And the Androids, no worries, I’m making a Big Bang guide anyway~

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